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Free At Home Activity Pack for Kids To Work On While They Are Home

A fun 3 page printable at home activity pack for kids to work on while they are home.

This COVID-19 virus (aka Coronavirus) has shut down schools, outdoor gatherings, and sports activities to help fight the virus and to keep everyone safe.


My family and I have already started doing an early spring cleaning since we are all home for the next few weeks. We’ve also started working on our summer bucket list for this year.

We have also tweaked our Earn Your Screen Time rules a bit so that the kids are still doing their part when it comes to chores.

With the schools being out for two weeks with the possibility of being closed even longer, I thought it might be a good time to share a small fun activity pack that I put together.

If you are looking for crafts that the kiddos can do, these are some of our favorites:

This mini activity pack will be helpful when it comes to busting any boredom that may arise and keep their hands busy while working on some educational aspects as well.

At Home Activity Pack

Free Printable At Home Activity Pack for Kids

The activity pack includes 3 pages of activities and is themed around donuts. It’s full of sprinkles and fun as I like to say!

  1. Word Search Activity – Kids will have fun searching to find donut themed words.
  2. Tic Tac Toe – Kids love playing tic-tac-toe and it is such an easy game for everyone to play so there are tic tac toe cards included.
  3. I Spy – This I Spy activity can double as two activities for kids. Kids can find the different images as they play I Spy and they can use it as a coloring page to color the different images.

If you are looking for more free printables and activities for kids. You can find them in our free printable library! All you need to do is sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get immediate access so you can print when you want.

If you are homeschooling while everyone is out of school, these are a few resources that might come in handy or can give you some fun ideas while educating at home.


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