Alphabet Popsicle Stick Craft for Kids Back to School Alphabet Craft Alien

Kids will love this letter A alphabet popsicle stick craft! It is in the shape of the letter A and you can use some fun googly eyes to create a letter alien craft.

It’s also a great back to school craft or can be used as a fun green alien craft that kids will love putting together.

While I looked at it more as an alphabet letter craft, the kids thought it would be more fun to call it an alien craft. Whichever way you look at it, it’s still super cute and fun!

It’s almost as fun as our seashell monster craft!

Letter A Popsicle Stick Back to School Craft

Had it not been so late in the day, I think it would have been so much fun to serve the samoa parfaits with the craft. The pudding in the recipe could be colored with green food coloring for extra alien craft fun!

Alien Alphabet Popsicle Stick Craft for Kids

These instructions make 2 aliens. If you want to make more, increase the number of popsicle sticks and googly eyes!

Alphabet Popsicle Stick Supplies:

  • 5 green craft sticks (you can really choose any color but since we did an alien we went with green)
  • 6 googly eyes
  • Green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Cut one of the green craft sticks in half.
  2. Create a letter A by gluing two full-size craft sticks together at the top to form an upside-down V shape.
  3. Glue one of the stick halves in the center of the V to form a capital A.
  4. Glue three googly eyes along the center of each A.
  5. Cut two antennae shapes out of the green construction paper. Attach the antennae to the top of each letter A.

A few notes and ideas on ways to change this alien craft up a little:

If you can’t find green popsicle sticks, you can always use regular ones and then paint them. You can pretty much use any color. I normally buy popsicle sticks in a variety of color packs just for crafts.

Instead of using green construction paper for the antennae, you can also use a green pipe cleaner. We have even tried it with a piece of printer paper that the kids designed/colored their favorite color.

At one point we had an idea to glue one of those little mini pom poms to the top of the construction paper.

Just about anything will work as the antennae so the kids can get as creative as they want!

Back to School Alphabet Craft for Kids


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Letter Popsicle Stick Craft for Kids Back to School Alphabet Craft

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