50 Awesome Poetry Writing Prompts that Aren’t Boring

Nearly every poet understands the basic elements of poems like stanzas, rhymes, and verses. However, a challenge some poets face is wondering what to write about. Some end up quitting writing poems after failing to find some ideas. If you are on the verge of giving up, we have a solution. We have some poetry writing prompts you can use for inspiration. Without further ado, here are 50 awesome poetry writing prompts to consider.


Writing Prompts

50. Write a poem about the time you lost someone dear to you. According to HelpGuide, people experience emotions like shock, anger, guilt, and disbelief. Highlight the emotions you felt in your poem.

49. A mother who holds her child for the first time experiences extreme joy. During this time, the child may reach out for the mother’s hand. In your poem, explore the deep connection between them. Also, write about how the mother decides to love their child unconditionally.

48. Write about your favorite color. In your poem, identify objects with that color. Next, write about the feelings the color invokes. For instance, blue invokes feelings of aloofness and serenity.

47. Write a poem giving life advice to your younger self. What are some of the things your past self should do? Should they stay in school? Avoid drugs? Or pursue their preferred career? The life advice lessons are limitless.

46. If you were an animal, which one would you be? Give reasons why you would want to be that animal. Do not forget to identify problems you would face as that animal. For instance, the greatest threat to elephants is poaching. However, the focus should be more on the positive experiences the animal usually experiences.

45. Write a poem about your favorite book. What themes does it explore? Who is your favorite character? You can also use a few lines to describe the author of the book.

44. Write a poem about a cliché that annoys you. You can use clichés from novels or films. Explain how you would subvert the cliché.

43. Who is your role model? Your role model could be a relative, friend, or celebrity. Explain why the person is your role model and indicate lines to show you intend to be like them. Lastly, you can explain the importance of having a role model to those who do not have one.

42. Write about traveling; it does not matter whether it is by train, car, or air. Indicate the feelings you experience while being en route to your destination. Also, describe a little bit about the destination.

41. Are you on social media websites like Instagram or Facebook? If so, log in to any of the websites and write a poem based on the first picture you see.

40. Identify a disease and write about it. After identifying the disease, explain what causes it. After that, explain how lethal it is and mention its symptoms. Lastly, explain how you can avoid contracting it.

39. Think back to a time when you had to stand in line for something. Perhaps you were lining up to vote or enter a music concert. Explain any challenges you faced while standing in the queue. Maybe, you stood for several hours. Or, people in the queue did not seem to know how to make a proper line.

38. Of the four seasons, which is your favorite? After identifying the season, explain why it is your favorite. For instance, some people prefer winter so that they can go skiing.

37. Write a poem about love at first sight. Focus on how a relationship develops between a man and a woman. Indicate the time and setting of your poem. If your characters converse, use different stanzas to represent each of their dialogues.

36. Write a poem to someone addressing the things you regret not telling them. Explain why it took you long to tell them those things. Lastly, you can use a stanza to ask for the person’s forgiveness.

35. Write a poem about how it felt to own your first car. How does the old car compare to your current car? At the time, what did you like about the car? Is it one you would still recommend today?

34. At some point, some people will grow to be senior citizens. Those who attain old age may hold themselves back from enjoying life. Others will use their old age as a chance to educate youths. In your poem, highlight other behavioral traits that the elderly exhibit.

33. Write a poem about a phobia you have. When did you realize you have that phobia? Have you tried overcoming your phobia? If yes, explain how you have tried overcoming your fear of it.

32. Have you ever worked in a toxic work environment that made you finally quit? If that has been your experience, write about it. Highlight the people who made your time difficult and how they did that.

31. Write a poem based on the proverb, “What goes around, comes around.” You can write a poem based on your experience or create a narrative that coincides with the saying.

30. Write about your favorite historical figure. Examples of historical figures include Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and Albert Einstein. Explain why you like that historical figure and explain their achievements.

29. What body part can you do without? Could you explain how you can survive without it? If possible, mention people who lived normal lives without the body part.

28. Try writing a poem without using the letter “u.” The poem can be about any topic and any length.

27. Some people have different feelings towards silence. Others associate it with eeriness, while others consider it peaceful. Take a stance on how you feel about silence.

26. Write a poem about a parent who engages in crime so that they feed their families. When you pick this writing prompt, try not to seem like you are endorsing the parent’s choice.

More Writing Prompts

25. You are celebrating Christmas by having dinner with your extended families. Write about the conversations that can occur in such a setting.

24. Write a poem about your experience in high school. Did you get along with your teachers and classmates? Were you active in any sport? Is there a subject you detested? There is a lot you can write about high school.

23. You are stuck in an elevator with your sibling. It so happens that you both do not get along. Write a poem about the dialogue that ensues.

22. Write a poem about a character who overcomes drug addiction. What symptoms does the character experience? Also, explain the moment the character decided to stop the habit.

21. Write a poem about a friend who constantly lies to you. Describe how the lies are affecting the friendship. Also, indicate whether or not you are willing to continue with the friendship.

20. What would you do if you were to be president of your country for one year? Write a poem describing what you would do differently compared to your president.

19. Imagine you are granted the power to speak to any animal you want. Describe what you would do with this gift.

18. Do you recall any strange dreams you had? How did you feel after the dream ended? Choose a dream that you can remember vividly.

17. Write about a time when your relationship ended. Explain who ended the relationship and why. Also, explain how you have changed since the relationship ended.

16. Imagine that you are climbing Mount Everest; describe your feelings about the experience. Also, explain some of the challenges one faces as one climbs it. According to Peak Climbing Nepal, you can experience problems like altitude sickness, summit fever, or oxygen deprivation. End your poem by describing how you have overcome the challenges.

15. Think of an example of a form of injustice that is ravaging your country. Craft a poem explaining why the injustice is harmful. Also, mention the benefits of people rallying together to combat the vice.

14. You get up from bed and look into the mirror. To your shock, you realize you woke up with a different gender. Write a poem about the feelings that would ensue from this confusion. Also, does the person grow to like their new gender, or do they long to go back to their gender?

13. Write a poem about a character who migrates to the city from the countryside. Indicate how the person is reacting to this new change. Does the person grow to like the city, or do they long to go back to their rural home?

12. Imagine that you have a relative who has been admitted to the hospital. Write a poem reassuring them that they will be better. If the disease is permanent, reassure them it is not the end of the world. Begin by reminding them that other people live their lives with the disease.

11. In nearly every superhero movie, the superhero usually defeats the villains. Choose a superhero movie and craft a poem where this time, the villain wins. What do you think the villains do to the rest of the population after defeating the superheroes?

10. What if nobody could see or hear you? Some people may take it as a chance to steal. Others may gradually become insane since they cannot interact with anyone. How do you think you would have behaved? Write a poem about it.

9. Imagine that your behavior lands you in solitary confinement. What do you think happens during your time there? After explaining the ordeal of this experience, describe the importance of being disciplined in jail.

8. Unfortunately, love is not always reciprocated. Have you ever been a victim of unrequited love? Explain how you discovered that the person did not love you back. How did you feel after that? Use your poem to explain how you can cope in case you experience unrequited love. Also, remind people of the importance of not forcing a relationship to work.

7. Do you remember the first time you graduated from university? How excited were you? Also, explain how you celebrated this special day. Lastly, write about what you have been up to since completing school.

6. Write a poem about a woman who hoards too many cats. How beneficial are the cats to her? At the same time, highlight the problems of having too many cats in one house. Cats are at risk of certain problems when mixed with other cats. They are at great risk of getting respiratory infections, parasites, and gastrointestinal diseases.

5. Write a poem about good deeds. You can even mention some of the good deeds you have done. Lastly, explain the importance of doing good deeds.

4. You are happily married to your spouse. Write a poem listing all the qualities you admire in your spouse. Indicate whether the spouse’s admirable qualities have changed you in any way. Also, explain in a few lines how couples can stay happily married.

3. Imagine you are watching an interesting film with your family. Unfortunately, you experience a power blackout which means you cannot watch the television. Write a poem describing the possible activities you can do as a family while waiting for electricity to be restored.

2. Write about a time you found it hard to say goodbye to someone. Perhaps, you were escorting your child to the airport who was leaving the country. Or it could be a phone call conversation with your friends.

1. Kevin’s mother asks him to do some chores as she leaves for the mall. Kevin agrees, but he decides first to play video games. His mother returns and finds the chores not done. Write a poem about the aftermath of this scenario.


Hopefully, these writing prompts should help you create your poem. There is something unique about each writing prompt. Reading one writing prompt makes you realize that you can draw many ideas from it. Soon, you will be coming up with poem writing prompts by yourself without searching them online.

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