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Are you having trouble writing a romantic short story or novel? Perhaps, you have thought of plot ideas but to no avail. Fortunately, this article will highlight some romance writing prompts to get you started. When you pick your preferred writing prompt, ensure your story is not distasteful. An example of a distasteful story would be a love story between a 13-year-old girl and a 40-year-old man. Also, you can minimize clichés like love at first sight. With that out of the way, here are 50 romance writing prompts below.

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50. Write a Story About a Man Who Saves a Woman From Fire

For this writing prompt, you can decide who the man will be. He could be a firefighter, stranger, or an old friend to the woman. In such a situation, the woman may be reluctant to fall in love with the man despite saving her life. Or maybe she falls in love with him, it is up to you to decide.

49. Write a Story About a Woman Living With her Husband Battling Drug Addiction

There are many ways drug addictions affect relationships. According to MedMark, drug addictions cause loss of trust, deception, and violence. In your story, your man could demonstrate deception by hiding his drugs from his wife.

48. A Man Walks Along a Corridor and Meets a Woman. However, the Woman Quickly Ignores Him

There are several ways you can explain why the woman would ignore him. Perhaps, the woman went to the same high school as the man, who happened to be her bully. Perhaps, she has a social anxiety disorder. According to Mayo Clinic, people with the disorder avoid strangers due to intense fear of talking to people.

47. A Woman Lives in a Land That Forbids Interaction With Men. One Day, She Travels Out of the Land and Meets a Man Who She Likes

If the two characters fall in love, you should explain how the woman handles her dilemma. She could abandon their relationship so that she is not chided by the people she lives with. Or, she could fall in love with the man and get banished from her land.

46. At a Party, a Man Finds His Ex-Girlfriend There. He Decides to Ask a Random Woman in the Party to Act as His Girlfriend to Make His Ex-Girlfriend Envious

In such a scenario, the random woman would be puzzled. She can attack him and call him a creep. Or she could go along with the plan provided the man pays her. Still, you can write about her falling in love with him; the possibilities are endless.

45. You Meet a Person Who Seems Perfect For You. However, you realize they are Drug Traffickers

For this story, the person could decide to become a drug trafficker to please their significant other. Or, the illegal lifestyle can cause a rift in their relationship.

44. Twenty Minutes Before a Woman Marries, She Finds Her Mother Passionately Kissing Her Fiancé

How would the woman respond in this instance? Some women are non-confrontational and would get married anyway. On the other hand, some women would have confronted and attacked their mother and fiancé. You can decide whether or not the woman and the fiancé will end up together or not.

43. Write a Story About a Man Seeking the Perfect Gift For His Partner

There are many gifts the man could get, e.g., cologne, clothes, a car, etc. In your story, the man could get her woman a bad gift. For instance, the man could buy clothes that do not fit her. You can generate conflict in the story by making the woman confront the man about it.

42. A Woman’s Husband Goes to the Army to Fight. While She Is Alone at Home, Her Immediate Neighbor Seduces Her

It is rather common for adultery to happen after the partner goes to war. According to Military, reasons for cheating after a spouse leaves include revenge, the thrill, or someone else showing that they care. If the woman cheats on her husband, you can pick from these reasons to develop a plot. On the other hand, if she doesn’t cheat, the neighbor could become violently aggressive with her.

41. A Woman is Kidnapped, and It Is Up to the Man to Rescue Her

It is upon you to decide on the identity of the woman’s kidnappers. Are they strangers or people known to her? As for the man, how does he rescue her? Does he call the police or take matters into his hands?

40. Write a Love Story Between an Adventurous Man and an Anxious Woman

The adventurous man could invite his woman for a skydiving adventure. You can write a story where the woman grows to be daring like him. Or, the woman could be so anxious that she faints at the thought of going skydiving.

39. An American Woman Goes to Volunteer in Kenya. However, She Falls in Love With a Kenyan

This situation is complicated, so there are endless plot ideas from this writing prompt. Could the woman convince the man to go to the United States with her? Also, the man could convince the woman to stay in Kenya. Further confusion occurs when the relatives of both partners are involved.

38. A Woman is Fed up with Living with Her Poor Husband and Leaves. Suddenly, He Wins the Lottery, and the Wife Comes Back

In this story, the woman could discover that the man has already moved on. Does she confront him about it or not, you decide? Or, the woman could find the man severely depressed and alone. Ensure your story explains where she has been.

37. A 28-Year-Old Man is Balding and Worries Whether He Will Find Love

Balding is associated with old age, so the woman can easily assume he is old. In your story, the man could go on a series of dates. Some women could overlook his hair or mock him for it. Does he embrace his hair or undergo a hair transplant to attract women?

36. A Woman is Trapped in an Elevator of Her Office With a Handsome Man. What Do They Do?

Since they are strangers, they will not be comfortable around each other at first. Later, they can talk and realize they have much in common. With their new-found bond, they can rescue themselves.

35. A Man Discovers a Lost Wallet in the Parking Lot. After Analyzing It, He Discovers It Belongs to a Woman Whom She Finds Pretty. He Looks for Her and They Finally Meet

In your story, the woman can be skeptical. What if he stole and returned the wallet so that she loves him? On the other hand, the woman can be so grateful that she gives him his number.

34. Two Detective Partners Have to Apprehend a Criminal. To Do That, They Must Go Undercover as a Married Couple

As a married couple, they could meet people commenting on how cute they are. As a result, they will be forced to correct them that they are not couples. Later, one of them could be in love while the other is not. Feel free to determine how this story ends.

33. Write About a Person Who Looks for Love On a Reality Show

There are several reality shows that help a contestant find love. In your story, you can base it on “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” or “Love Island.” As you describe the contestant’s love journey, you can talk about the conduct of the producers of the reality show.

32. A Woman and Man Love Each Other. The Only Problem is That He Likes to Flirt With Other Women

Usually, such a man will convince the woman that she has nothing to worry about. Should the woman believe him or confront him about his flirting ways?

31. A Couple Gets Stranded on an Island After an Airplane Crash. What Do They Do?

There are many challenges the couple will have to tackle. First, they are victims of an accident; how do they nurse their injuries? Also, the island could be hostile due to lack of food or the community living there. How do the couples survive?

30. Write a Love Story of Two Single Parents Who Drop Off Their Kids at the Daycare Every Morning

There are challenges that single parents face when they date each other. First, the children of either parent may not approve. Additionally, an ex-partner of one of the parents may still be active in their life. How do the two parents overcome these obstacles?

29. Write a Love Story of a Person Who Falls in Love With Someone Living With a Disability

It is up to you to decide the nature of the disability, e.g., deafness, blindness, etc. In this story, conflict will arise when a parent feels their child can find someone better. Does the child confront their parents about their thinking, you decide?

28. Two Characters are Driving but Unfortunately Crash Their Cars Into Each Other. They Then End Up In the Same Hospital

After the characters recover, they could take part in blame games. As they blame each other, they could realize they are at fault. Soon after, their relationship grows.

27. An Overweight Man Hires a Female Fitness Coach. The Healthier He Becomes, the More the Woman is Attracted to Him

A coach is expected to be professional, but they also deserve love. The coach then gets conflicted over the matter. It gets worse when the man lets her go. What next?

26. Write a Story About a Princess Who Falls in Love With a Peasant

In such a scenario, the king will likely reject her princess’ choice of partner. There are many things he could do. For instance, he could plot his death or bribe him. The princess must therefore convince the father to be open-minded about her choice.

25. A Woman is Waiting to Get Married at the Altar. Sadly, the Man Does Not Show up. She Becomes Devastated and Goes to the Beach to De-stress

At the beach, she can meet someone that loves her. She could accept him right away. Or, she may not accept him immediately due to her bad experience at the altar.

24. A Young Couple is Expecting a Child. After a Prenatal Scan, They Realize Their Child Will Be Born With Down Syndrome

A child born with this condition can either make or break a marriage. So, decide whether or not they will support each other through this challenge.

23. Write a Story About a Man Who Has Taken Three Years to Propose to His Girlfriend

In this story, we expect the woman to complain to the man about the delayed marriage proposal. There are several reasons the man may not be ready. Perhaps, he is not financially stable or does not love her enough to marry her.

22. Two High School Sweethearts Meet During a Reunion. After Interacting With Each Other, They Discover They are Unhappy in Their Relationships

There are several reasons why people may be unhappy in a relationship. Is the person they are with abusive, boring or possessive? Also, do the sweethearts walk away from their relationships or stay in them?

21. A Famous Actor and Actress are Filming a Romantic Movie. Things Change When They Passionately Kiss

This writing prompt is an opportunity to write about unrequited love. The actress could insist on remaining professional despite the actor pursuing a romantic relationship. Find a way to get them to fall in love.

20. A Matchmaker is Always Helping People Find Love. However, Some People Decide It Is Time the Matchmaker Gets a Date Too

In this story, the people likely helping the matchmaker are the ones the matchmaker helped. This is a chance to write a story about people returning the favor after being helped.

19. A Woman Has Had a Crush on a Man For a Long Time But Doesn’t Get Noticed

The woman could approach the man and tell him how she feels. Or, she could sweat profusely and continue to wait to get noticed.

18. Write a Story About a Person Who Believes Romance Does Not Work

Such a person has likely been hurt in previous relationships. In such a scenario, friends and family members will try to convince him that love works.

17. Two People Meet After Discovering They Were Dumped By Their Exes. They Decide to Plot Revenge Against Them

As the people plot revenge, they can grow to love each other. Once they like each other, they can abandon their plan for revenge.

16. A Woman Gets a Dog. Unfortunately, It Tears Up Her Neighbor’s Flower Bed

The woman could apologize and offer to fix the neighbor’s flower bed. However, this accident could set up the beginning of a love story.

15. A Teacher Gets a Chance to Tutor a Girl. After Visiting Her, She Realizes the Girl’s Father is a Widower

The teacher is eventually expected to form a strong bond with the girl. That means it can transition to her becoming tight with the father too.

14. During a Zombie Apocalypse, Two Characters are on the Run. Once They are Safe, They Seek Ways of Surviving

After the characters successfully fight off the zombies, they can strengthen their relationship.

13. Write About a Man Who Accidentally Sends an Email to a Stranger

After sending the wrong email, the characters could become online pen pals. So, will they remain online friends or meet up?

12. Two Con Artists Fall in Love, But Will They Trust Each Other?

At first, they could team up to make a lot of money. However, love requires trust, yet a con artist’s job is deceptive. How can they address that?

11. A Couple is in Love. However, One Partner Gets Offered a Well-Paying Job Far From Her Partner

This is a chance to address whether long-distance relationships work. A possible plot point is a partner getting tired of the long-distance relationship and moving to where they are.

10. A Young Girl Falls in Love With a Married Man With Children

In this story, the man could advise the girl against such a relationship. He could try to set her up with people, but she is determined to date him.

9. Write About a Superhero Who Moves to Another Dimension, But Suddenly Finds Love

When he finds love, does he remain there or convince the woman to move in with him at his place? Also, how will the superhero balance his love life and work?

8. Write a Story About a Love That Blossoms Between Bookworms

Bookworms who fall in love likely love the same genre. You can decide whether they like fictional or non-fictional works.

7. Write About a Character Who Falls in Love for the First Time

Being their first time, they will likely approach relationships the wrong way. Does the character end up with a patient person or not?

6. Write a Story About a Blind Date That Goes Horribly Wrong

A lot of things can go wrong on blind dates. Someone could be several hours late for the date. Or the person could turn out to be abusive.

5. A Woman Sits on Grass Weeping. Suddenly, a Man Approaches Her and Asks Why She is Crying

There are several reasons the woman could be crying, so you will decide why. As the man talks to the woman, their relationship can gradually grow.

4. A Man Has a Time Machine That He Uses to Visit Different Historical Periods. He Ends Up Falling in Love With Someone From the 1970s

In this story, one person will have to compromise. Should the man stay in the 1970s with her or the woman with the man in the 2020s?

3. Write a Story About Co-Workers Falling in Love

Can such a relationship work? Yes, it can, but there will be some challenges. For instance, they could become unproductive.

2. A Woman is On Her Way for a Date but Gets Runs over a Car and is Rushed to Hospital. Meanwhile, Her Date Wonders Why the Woman is Not Showing up

In such a case, the man can cut off ties with the woman assuming she is not interested. You can creatively set up a storyline where the man soon discovers what has happened to her.

1. Write a Story About a Woman Who Wants to go for Couple’s Therapy, While the Man Shuns the Idea

Your story should capture the reasons for their different feelings about the therapy. Who will blink first, you decide?


Hopefully, these writing prompts will help you write a captivating story. There are hundreds more online, but we think these are enough to get you started.

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