50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts that Aren’t Boring


In kindergarten, the children are just learning how to string words and letters together. However, it does not mean that they cannot write. The issue they face is not knowing what to write about, and that is where the writing prompts come in. You can either think of writing prompts or google them.

When you introduce writing prompts, ensure they are intriguing. If the child finds your writing prompt boring, they may divert their attention elsewhere. Remember, according to CNLD, their attention span is about 12-18 minutes, which is low. Fortunately, here are 50 kindergarten writing prompts you can consider.

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50. Write About the People in Your Family

If the child is from a large family, they will have a lot to write. That is because they will have to write about each member. The child may describe the physical attributes of the family members. Besides talking about physical attributes, the child will describe the personalities of each member.

49. If You Had One Wish, What Would It Be?

This question is open-ended, which means the child has a lot of topics they could write about. Kindergarteners will usually wish for peace, friendship, food, or time to play. Since the focus is on one wish, you will understand what your child values the most out of other wishes.

48. What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Quite a number of people resent their jobs. According to Staff Squared, 85% of people hate their jobs. This normally occurs when people do not think about a job they would want to do in their childhood. The beauty of this writing prompt is that children get to think of what they want to do. Once they know what they want to do, they will not choose a job they resent. Also, it is a chance for the parents to support their career choices.

47. Which is Your Favorite Animal and Why?

This writing prompt is a good way to test the child’s knowledge of animals. The child will identify a wild or a domestic animal as their favorite. After identifying the animal, they will mention its behavioral traits. With this question, you will understand the values they admire the most.

46. Which Three Places Would You Like to Visit Someday?

The word “places” is ambiguous since it can refer to countries, cities, or institutions. Some kindergarteners may not know enough about countries. So, asking them to identify the countries they want to visit may be challenging. However, this question is open-ended, which allows them a lot of options to pick from.

45. What Would You Buy If You Had $1,000?

This writing prompt helps a parent or teacher understand a child’s relationship with money. Some may decide to use it all on candies. That is not prudent, but it is understandable for a child. After the child has written on the topic, you can challenge them to think of other things besides candy. However, others may buy candy and other things like clothes and toys.

44. Write a Story Using These Words: Orange, Girl, Car, and Elephant

This assignment challenges the child to pay attention to detail. There is a possibility that a child may miss a word. That means you have to read the story to confirm that all words have been used. Also, you must confirm that the story makes some sense. The child could decide to stuff the story with the words.

43. If You Were to Choose a Superpower, Which One Would It Be?

The child will likely choose a superpower based on their favorite superhero. If a child identifies Superman as their favorite superhero, they may want the ability to fly. With flying as the preferred superpower, the child may choose to fly to another country for pleasure or fighting crime.

42. Do You Prefer to Play Inside or Outside?

This question can help a parent understand their child better. If the child prefers playing inside rather than outside, you may want to strike that balance as a parent. There are drawbacks of a child spending too much time playing inside rather than outside. According to Playground Centre, playing inside limits the child from socializing and connecting with nature.

41. Open up a Page of a Random Book, and Then Write About the First Word You Read for 5 Minutes

This activity makes writing fun. Before the child writes, they have to play a game, in this case, opening up a random page. If you must use a book for this activity, it would be best to use a children’s storybook. Children’s story books do not use jargon as newspapers do.

40. What is the Most Exciting Thing That Has Happened to You?

The child will have plenty of exciting experiences to draw from. Your child could describe an exciting event that occurred to them while at home, at school, or in hospital.

39. Who Is Your Best Friend and Why?

Kindergarten children tend to play with many friends. This writing prompt challenges them to pick one friend they like from thirty of their friends. By identifying their best friend, the child learns to identify the qualities of a good friend. Therefore this assignment will help the child seek friends with qualities they like in a friend.

38. What are You Good At?

Some adults are yet to discover what they are good at. Normally, they would be asked this in a job interview. The adult ends up sweating profusely. The beauty of this question is that the child will identify early enough what they are good at. Thereafter, the parents can nurture their talent.

37. When I am 100 Years Old, I Will…

The child may answer this question in different ways. Some will describe the effects of aging, e.g., walking with a cane. Others will mention what they would have achieved by that age.

36. What Would You Do If You Found a Sleeping Lion at Your Doorstep?

This writing prompt requires the child to think of a solution quickly. Also, the decision they make must not further endanger their lives.

35. What is Your Favorite TV Show?

This question allows the child to describe why they like a certain show. Does the child like the TV show for its humor or moral lessons?

34. How Do You Take Care of a Baby?

There are instances when an older sibling may have to babysit their young sibling for a while. This question thus prepares the child subconsciously on how to care for a baby. Based on the child’s response, you will know whether or not they can care for babies.

33. What Do You Find Scary?

This question helps a parent understand phobias a child may have. Some children may write about things that you do not deem scary. However, do not be tempted to make them feel bad for it.

32. What is Your Favorite Holiday and Why?

The question challenges the child to celebrate a holiday while knowing its purpose. It isn’t enough for a child to say Christmas is fun. Ensure the child defines what they mean by fun.

31. Tell Me a Time When You Were a Good Helper

If your child hasn’t helped anyone before, they may find this question difficult. However, it may challenge them to help others. As for those who usually help people, they will have something to write about. Also, the writing activity will indirectly inspire the child to continue helping others.

30. What Food Do You Like and Dislike?

Based on the writing activity, a child may indicate they like junk food and dislike vegetables. This is a chance to tell them about the merits and demerits of certain dishes.

29. What Did You Learn Today?

Parents normally ask this question to children only on school matters. However, the school is not the only place they can learn lessons. They can pick lessons from the television or from church. That explains why this writing prompt is open-ended.

28. Write a Story About a Boy Who is Always Angry

This writing prompt allows the child to identify reasons people get angry. Once they identify a reason, they will cleverly insert it into the story.

27. What is Your Favorite Color? List 5 Objects of That Color

It is quite easy for children to identify their favorite color. However, the second part of the question tests how observant the child is.

26. What are You Grateful for Today and Why?

This writing prompt will help you know whether or not the child appreciates the little things in life. If they are grateful for life, you can tell they do not need much to be happy.

25. What Would You Do If You Became President?

Some people see the position as an opportunity to enrich themselves. Others as an opportunity to help others. The child’s essay will help you know where they fall.

24. Imagine You Walk Through a Forest and a Tree Starts Talking to You. What Will You Do?

This question helps identify what kind of person the child is. If the child talks to the tree, it means they are brave since trees do not talk.

23. What Makes You Laugh?

Many things make children laugh. However, the child will determine the one thing that really makes them laugh.

22. Have You Ever Lost Something? Did You Find It?

This question indirectly challenges the children to be careful with what they have. That is because the question forces the child to think back to the day they lost something dear to them.

21. Rewrite the Ending of Your Favorite Story

Some children hate how a certain fairy tale ends. As a result, they are likely to use that fairy tale to rewrite their preferred ending.

20. What is Your Favorite Song?

If a child identifies a certain song as their favorite, you can infer their favorite genres.

19. Is It Okay to Keep All Secrets a Secret?

Secrets are not to be shared with anybody. However, there are some secrets that you must share for the sake of safety. The child will identify which secrets are fine to keep and reveal.

18. How Would You Plan Your Birthday Party?

Planning for birthdays can be difficult since you can run out of ideas. Therefore, you can learn ideas for planning one by giving a child this assignment.

17. What Do You Like About Kindergarten?

Some children do not like going to school. This writing prompt can challenge a child to see the positive side of kindergarten.

16. Write Five Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy

It is important to teach your child the importance of keeping healthy. This assignment will help a parent understand what it entails to be fit.

15. If You Were a Reporter For a Day, Which Celebrity Would You Interview?

Children usually look up to celebrities as their role models. Based on their response, you will help the child determine whether the celebrity is a good or bad role model.

14. What Sounds Do You Find Annoying?

You could be making annoying sounds in front of your child unknowingly. This writing assignment will reveal to you whether or not you are doing that to your child.

13. Would You Rather Be Very Tall or Very Short?

This question allows the child to identify the pros and cons of either height. After that, the child should explain their preference.

12. Do You Think Grown-Ups are Boring? Explain Your Position

Children are likely to perceive adults as boring since they hardly play outside. This question is an opportunity for the child to propose ways adults could have fun.

11. If You Met Santa, What Would You Ask From Him?

Typically, children will ask for particular gifts from Santa. As a parent, you can use what they have written as an idea for their next birthday gift.

10. What is One Thing You Would Change About Your School?

Certain reasons make children loathe school. The child has to identify one reason they hate it and then say how they would change it.

9. You are Told to Drop an Egg Without Breaking It. How Would You Do It?

The child is expected to identify hard and soft surfaces. An egg will not crack on soft surfaces. If the child identifies soft surfaces as the answer, we expect them to mention them.

8. What are Your Hobbies?

Some people do not have hobbies, yet they are a welcome break from work or school. Asking this question challenges the child to identify a hobby if they lack one.

7. You are Designing the Cover of a Magazine. What Headlines Would You Include?

This writing prompt helps you determine whether a child has a reading culture. If a child reads magazines, they should be able to craft creative headlines.

6. How Would You Feel If Your Parents Told You That You Are Getting A New Baby Brother or Sister?

Children usually have mixed feelings towards this news. Some will be excited to have someone to play with. Others will feel that the attention will shift to the sibling. This writing assignment should reveal how your child would react to the revelation.

5. Imagine You Are a Teacher For a Day. What Activities Would You Make Your Students Do?

Some children long for teachers to do certain activities. This writing prompt is a chance for the child to explain what activities they would introduce.

4. Describe a Time When Someone Helped You

It is possible that your child has been helped a lot of times. The child will have to identify the help they feel is the most significant.

3. What Kind of Car Do You Want to Drive When You Become Older?

There are things we should value in cars, like fuel economy or acceleration. When your child completes this assignment, you will understand what they value most in cars.

2. What Do You Like to Do on a Rainy Day?

Rains prevent children from playing, meaning they must think of ways to entertain themselves. Your child will use their creativity to come up with other activities besides playing soccer all the time.

1. If You Could Breathe Underwater, What Would You Do?

There are a lot of reasons a child could list. Some would swim deeper to interact with fishes. Others may float for fun. This writing prompt will reveal what your child may do in such a situation.


Interestingly, there are countless kindergarten prompts you can find online. However, this article is a good place to start for people who cannot think of any prompt. Sometimes, your child may not write much on the topic. In such a case, resist the urge to yell at them. It does not matter whether they write a sentence or paragraph.

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