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Kindness Activities For Kindergarten – Free Random Acts of Kindness Printable Roll the Dice Game

Kindness activities for kindergarten and preschoolers are such an important thing to have them participate in.

Kindness is an important thing to teach children of all ages. It is something you can teach starting at an early age.

When my children were younger, I always wanted to teach them to be kind and help others, without expecting anything. So, I printed out some free printable kindness worksheets and we worked on completing those for a while.

Then, I started incorporating random acts of kindness games as they got older. Now that they are in upper elementary school, those kindness activity games helped shape them into being kind and helpful to others.

This roll the dice kindness activity game is great for getting kids interested in being kind to others. It also helps them want to do something nice for others. Because it’s a game, kids will be having fun while they are being kind to others.

Kindness Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Roll the Dice Printabe Act of Kindness Activities Game

This game is a fun kindness game where children can roll the dice and then do something nice for someone. It can be played as many times as you want. You can even have more than one child use the same roll the dice printable.

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One of my favorite Kindness Activities for Kindergarten is to Collect rocks and paint them with encouraging messages. One painted, you can place around the neighborhood for others to find. This would also be great as one of your kindness activities for preschool-aged children.

Download the Act of Kindness Dice Game

Roll the Dice Kindness Activities for Kids Printable

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