20 Awesome November Activities for Kids

November is the perfect month for fun autumn activities for your kids. There are plenty of November activities you could enjoy with your kids, including; decorating for Thanksgiving, watching holiday movies, going glamping in your backyard, or even starting a journal. Since it usually gets dark much earlier in November, there is even more reason to include one or two fall activities before the winter season when there is the holiday rush. In this post, we have listed 20 awesome November activities for kids.


20. Visit an orphanage

According to Thespruce, November is National Adoption Month presenting a perfect opportunity to encourage your kids to learn more about adoption and celebrate the families who have grown through adoption. You can also use this month to discuss with your kids the different types of families beyond adoptive and biological relatives. Every year, more and more children need to find safe and secure families. National Adoption Month helps highlight the needs of thousands of children and the positive impacts of adoption. When your children learn to embrace all different types of family dynamics, it encourages them to grow into empathetic, well-rounded, and tolerant adults.

19. Celebrate Hug-A-Bear Day

The 7th of November marks Hug-A-Bear Day, which is an obscure and amazing holiday. To make this day more interesting you can break the tradition of allowing your kids to bring teddy bears to class and instead make cool bear paws from construction paper and paper plates. For this activity you will need:


  • Cardstock paper
  • Cardboard
  • Marker
  • Forks
  • Paint

Trace a circle shape on the cardboard and draw semi-circles on both sides of the circle. To create the bear’s nose, draw a circle out of cardstock paper. Have your kid dip the forks into the color paint and show them to make prints with the fork around the bear’s face.

18. Clean out the closet

If your kid’s wardrobe is full of old, clunky sweaters and coats that end up taking too much space in their closets, you can help them set these clothes aside and donate them. Today, many organizations really appreciate clothing donations throughout the year. You can also decide to sell them, re-purpose them or even throw them out if they are in poor condition. Moreover, this is the perfect way of teaching your kid the importance of sharing with others and living an orderly life.

17. Take a Cold-Weather Walk or Hike

If your kids love fun outdoor activities, you can consider enjoying a scenic hike on a local trail. According to Andnextcomesl, hiking is a fun and relaxing way of experiencing the outdoors with your kids. This is because you get to explore places and reawaken your sense of wonder. If it is your first time hiking with your kids, make sure to carry; navigation tools, adequate water, safety items, adequate food, multi-purpose tools, a backpack, sun protection, a trash bag, toiletries, warm clothings, and rain protection. Hiking is also accompanied by several health benefits such as stress reduction, weight management, and reducing the risk of hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.

16. Visit a sunflower field

If your kids love nature, it would be best if you considered visiting a sunflower field. This is the perfect place to have a magical experience and bond with the surrounding nature. You and your little ones can enjoy a stroll through these golden sceneries and marvel at the incredible height of sunflowers that can reach 15 feet tall. Fortunately, there are plenty of sunflower fields almost everywhere, making it the perfect outdoor fall activity to enjoy with your kids.

15. Make scented candles

Does your kid love candles? Then you should try creating different types of candles, such as dipped candles, gel candles, or pillar candles. Allow your kids to pick out their favorite fall candle scents, such as apple cider, gingerbread, or cinnamon. For this activity, you will need:


  • Crayon colors
  • Any shaped container
  • Wicks
  • Wax
  • Essential oil

Break some old white candles in a bowl and add your kid’s favorite crayon color. Take a pan and pour some water into it. Boil water for three minutes and place the bowl in a pan. Once the wax completely melts, take the wick and dip the base inside it. Take the container and dip the base inside it with the wick placed at the center. Now add two teaspoons of essential oil for great fragrance.

14. Have a bonfire

Fall is the best time to have a bonfire. You can make this activity more interesting by listening to stories from an audiobook or playing some good tunes as you bask in the warmth of the fire. If you and your kids love singing, you can sing some of your favorite campfire melodies or play a singing game. Moreover, you can make your bonfire more mystical by changing the colors of the flames with Magic Fire. You can shop at any local thrift store and get yourself a 12-pack of magical color-changing additives that will make your bonfire look incredible.

13. Roast Marshmallows

Marshmallows are often considered a special November treat. To roast the perfect marshmallow, you need to use a low fire and use a fire-safe tool over an open fire. According to 123homeschool4e, carefully guide your kids when roasting marshmallows to avoid any accidents or injuries. You can decide to place the roasted marshmallow on a chocolate bar for a more pleasant taste. Once perfectly roasted, immediately devour your gooey, delicious treat.

12. Play a Game of Touch Football

Take advantage of the outdoor-friendly November weather before it gets really cold as we near the winter season. Touch football is played to move the ball towards the opponent’s goal line by passing the ball backward among your teammates. This game is very family-friendly since there are no tackles involved during the game. Touch Football has several basic rules that include; you can only pass backward, the ball should not touch the ground, if you get touched with the ball, you have to step over the ball, and after six touches to a team, there is a changeover.

11. Build a Turkey Playdough Kit

November is often known as Turkey month and thus filled with plenty of turkey-theme crafts. These turkey-based activities are very easy and perfect for improving your kid’s motor skills. For the turkey playdough you will need:


  • Playdough
  • Blunt pair of scissors
  • Orange-colored foam
  • Colored feathers

Make homemade playdough and use the orange foam pieces to cut out some shapes, such as triangles for the beak. With your guide, help your kids get the clay nice and round as the place feathers in the turkey’s tail. You can also add some glitter for a more appealing look, and it is now ready to play with.

10. Visit an apple orchard

Although the apple-picking season is typically on the 31st of October, you can also try out this fabulous activity with your kids in November. The common types of apples you will find in November are the Pink Lady and Granny Smith apples. You can make this activity more interesting by taking some fresh, delicious apples home. The cost usually depends on the size of the apple basket or bag you decide to buy. It would be best if you took home a considerable amount of apples that you can use to make your apple sauce or jam.

9. Have a painting party

Thanks to sites like YouTube, you can now have a budget-friendly painting party with your kids in the comfort of your home. According to Teachingexpertise, for this activity you will need:


  • Paint brushes
  • Washable paint
  • Paper/ cardboard
  • Drop cloth
  • Water wipes
  • Table covering to prevent contact with paint

Once you have set all these materials, you can leave your kids to explore different painting ideas. You can make this activity more fun by introducing a wide variety of painting activities.

8. Take a drive

Do your kids love taking adventures? Then you should consider taking them out for a drive to view those beautiful November autumn leaves. You can effectively keep this activity less costly by packing some drinks and snacks. You can also make several stops during the drive and make some lasting memories by taking pictures or playing a simple and fun outdoor activity such as taking a picnic to enjoy the fall weather.

7. Go glamping in your backyard

If you do not prefer taking a relatively expensive trip somewhere, you can instead have a camping adventure in your own backyard. Here, you will need to get an air mattress, some comfy pillows, and a fluffy blanket. You and your little ones can decide to decorate a tent with neon lights and other luxurious amenities for a more comfortable glamping experience. This activity can be made more interesting by baking some of your kid’s favorite treats to snack on, books to read, and fun games. Glamping in your backyard is the perfect way of bonding with your kids this fall, and you get to have a memorable glamping experience in the comfort of your home.

6. Sandwich Day Activity

The 3rd of November marks Sandwich Day, making it the perfect day to enjoy this yummy snack with your kids. There are several ways to celebrate Sandwich Day, such as making a sandwich or letting your kids cut out sandwich toppings, coloring the paper with crayons and sticking them in between layers of bread to make a sandwich. According to Where Imagination Grows, to make the perfect sandwich you need to; put cheese on the bread, add tomatoes, and lettuce between two slices of bread, and top it off with mayonnaise or mustard.

5. Dear Santa Day

With Christmas Day nearly approaching, your kids need to start writing their letters to Santa. Building a Santa Day letter template or Santa craft is a fun and adorable activity to do this November.


  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick
  • A Santa craft template
  • Crayons or markers
  • White cardstock or printing paper

Begin by printing out the color or the black and white version of the Santa craft. Let your child color their Santa and cut out the Santa pieces. Carefully guide them on how to glue the pieces back together. They can start by gluing the hat to the top of Santa’s head, gluing the head to the torso, gluing the arms on the back, gluing the torso to the top of Santa’s legs, and finally gluing Santa’s boots.

4. Start a Journal

Are you locked inside the house on a rainy November day? Why don’t you spend ten or fifteen minutes teaching your kid how to write down their observations, thoughts, goals, and feelings? Writing a journal is one of those activities that are relaxing and productive. When teaching your kid to start a journal, you need to find the journaling techniques that work best for them, keep their expectations realistic, create a writing routine, journal anything that immediately comes to their mind, and encourage your child to be more creative.

3. Celebrate National Epilepsy Month

November is recognized as National Epilepsy Awareness Month, which it’s the perfect opportunity to raise awareness among your kids of this incurable condition that affects millions of people. You can use this month to teach your children about epilepsy and how to recognize signs of a seizure. You can also visit the Epilepsy Foundation, where they offer first-aid training for seizures, along with other vital information that can help both adults and children become more educated about this neurological disorder.

2. Decorate pumpkins

According to Fantastic Fun And Learning, this fall is the perfect time for decorating pumpkins. The interesting part of this activity is that there are so many ways to decorate pumpkins, such as melted crayon pumpkins. Here, you can allow your child to pick their favorite colors to put on the pumpkins they choose. Then, use a stick lighter to melt the tips of the crayons and allow the melted wax to randomly drip around the edges of your pumpkins. You can make this activity more fun by going to a pumpkin patch and allowing your kid to their pumpkin to decorate.

1. Decorate for Thanksgiving

Whether you are planning to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, it is important to maintain the traditions –like looking for dried floral garlands, plentiful cornucopias, colorful fall wreaths, and turkey-themed accents. November is the perfect time to look forward to Thanksgiving for many people. You can use this month to teach your kids to be more thankful in life and also understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day. Make this day more interesting by adding some Thanksgiving-related crafts such as handprint turkeys.

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