20 Awesome Rainy-Day Activities for Kids

Rainy Day

Regardless of the weather, kids love to play. When rain gets you cooped indoors, having some interesting activity ideas to keep the kids entertained is a great idea. Here is a look at the 20 awesome rainy-day activities for kids. These fun rainy-day activities are budget-friendly, easy to do, and use things you probably have around the house. Read through the suggested activities, get inspired, and purchase the necessary components so that you will be ready to go when the rains set.

20. Baking

Nothing beats a rainy day, like baking homemade treats. Most children love baking, especially with the promise of a sweet treat at the end. Also, getting kids involved in the kitchen early is an excellent way of introducing them to everything from new foods and flavors to the science and math of cooking and baking. Indoor days provide the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen. Whip up some make-your-own dessert bar by putting out the toppings that children can add to an ice cream sundae or cupcake. You can even try baking some homemade pizza.

19. Music Party

Kids require to move their tiny bodies even if they can’t go to the playground. Get all your musical instruments out, or make homemade versions with kitchen utensils. Select a playlist together, blast the music and have them shake the sillies out. Move back the furniture and get moving. According to SunshineHouse.com, this is an excellent way of getting some physical exercise on a rainy day. You can use some musical statues, limbo dancing, worst and best competitions, and more.

18. Make A Haunted Hallway

A rainy day is perfect for getting spooky with your kids without waiting until Halloween. Create some fun by giving your kids art supplies to make scary things. Let them decorate a designated hallway or room in the house. It would be best if you pretended you were frightened during the grand tour of the haunted hallway. You can even allow them to have Halloween decorations if you are really into this fun activity.

17. Explore Science Experiments

You don’t need to worry. You won’t need to be a scientist or have lots of unusual equipment and supplies to engage in this activity. You can do a lot of at-home science experiments with very little preparation and setup; often with items you can easily grab from around the house. For instance, put a cloud of shaving cream on top of a water jar and then add some drops of blue water one at a time. When the cloud gets saturated, you will get blue rain and water cycle in a jar. You can make homemade slime rainbow-colored, fluffy, or glow-in-the-dark. There are lots of science ideas to keep your kids entertained.

16. Play Board Games

Another excellent way of spending a rainy day is playing board games. These once-famous pastimes are often overlooked between electronic devices and other streaming shows. Dust off the games in your closet and play a couple of board games with your kids. It is an excellent way of entertaining the entire family. If you are searching for a fun board game, try out Candyland for younger kids and Sorry or Monopoly for older kids. Most kids love playing Monopoly, and you can find the versions with their favorite characters, such as Fortnite or Toy Story. Basic card games such as Patience or Snap make a good backup.

15. Read Out Books

Rainy weather is an ideal opportunity for book-loving kids to escape to a different world through a book. It is a chance for kids to develop key reading skills. You can also opt to get cozy with your warm blankets and read a book out loud to your kids. We think of reading as a solitary pursuit, but some kids always find pleasure in being read to. From toddler to teen books and personalized books for kids, this is one of the indoor activities kids of all ages will benefit from.

14. Go On an Inhouse Treasure Hunt

This awesome rainy-day activity will take some of your time and effort, but your children will appreciate it. Hide the treasure somewhere in the house, preferably where it can’t be retrieved by accident. Then, you will write some clues and hide them around the house. The clues should lead from one to the other until the final one that retrieves the location of the treasure. According to Personal Creations.com, how easy or difficult the clues are will depend on the age of your kids. However, be careful not to place any clues near dangerous or valuable items. If you want to be more inventive, you can dress up the kids to make it a more realistic hunt for the buried treasure.

13. Movies and Television Shows

If you are indoors for an extended rainy season, you can consider enjoying movies and TV shows at some point. Make each second of the screen time count by ensuring you are selecting the best kids’ movies and TV shows available. You can let the kids choose their favorite films on Netflix or choose a family-friendly Disney film. To make it more special, turn off the lights, and close the curtains like you are in a cinema. And ensure to organize snacks and whip up non-alcoholic cocktails that everyone enjoys.

12. Play Dress-up

Kids love wearing their parents’ oversize clothes and shoes. You can let the kids use their dress-up stuff if they have one, but it will be more fun if you allow them in your closet. Allow your kids to raid your wardrobe and use old clothes for dress-up, costume accessories, or jewelry. Also, remove the lenses and use them for a fun role-play prop if you have a pair of unused old glasses. Kids explore a muddy puddle for a rainy-day activity. You kids will enjoy running around dressed in them.

11. Painting

Encourage your children to be creative. Allow them to make a bit of mess, and break out the paper and paints. Cover your table with newspaper before you begin to protect it. Poster pain is the best to begin with. Also, ensure a water jar for the kids to rinse their painting brushes when swapping colors. You can also opt to use different things to color other than brushes. For example, if you have young kids, finger painting is fun. You can also slice potatoes in half, cut out patterns and faces, and dip them in paint. According to Good to Know, you can even do vegetable printing.

10. Do Some Drawing and Coloring

Next on the list of awesome rainy-day activities for kids is coloring. Get coloring books or print out several coloring pages. Take out crayons and pens and set up a coloring station. Have your kids draw and color anything as they express their creativity. You can also give them additional tips on what to draw and color pictures, such as your family members or pets. After they finish drawing the fabulous pictures, set up an art gallery to display them. You can be sure that your little ones will be thrilled.

9. Host A Comedy Show

Another awesome rainy-day activity to lighten the day is hosting a little kids stand-up. Have your kids brush up on some of the best jokes and then perform in front of the family. You can even allow them to throw in some dad jokes to play up to the audience. Children will enjoy the confidence boost that comes from making the adults laugh. Children will love the confidence boost that comes from making their parents laugh. And you will never know; it may reveal a young comedian in the making.

8. Build Something Together

Use building blocks, Lego sets, or whatever you have to build something. Build a zoo, a city, or whatever you think about. According to My Kids Time, there are many things children can build from these small multi-colored bricks. If you lack inspiration, check out Lego online for handy building instructions on making vehicles, houses, and more.

7. Work Out

Get your kids up and moving, engaging them in exercises on a rainy day. Create a mini workout circuit where they have to make a different move at every pit stop, such as lunges, jumping jacks, or running on the spot. You can also have the entire family compete in indoor sports day with classic games such as the egg, spoon, and wheelbarrow race. You can also opt for independent exercise where you supervise the kids.

6. Build A Couch Fort

Most probably, you engaged in this fun activity as a kid. It’s now time to show your kids how it is done. Creating a coach fort is one of the best indoor activities with kids, as you can get creative and create any fort size you want. You can use old blankets, couch cushions, dining room chairs, and other household items. Have plenty of fun teaching your kids how to become fort-building masters. Allow them to decorate, bring their books and toys, and even take a picnic lunch in their camp. But remember that you should not expect to sit on the couch again.

5. Peruse Through Old Photo Albums

Rainy days are perfect for going through old photo albums with your kids. You can peruse old photos from your family, grandparents, and their childhood. Narrating them old stories from those past days will see the time fly and offer your kids the chance to learn things about the family and yourself.

4. Create A Cardboard Box Slide

Congrats if you have stairs in your home. A cardboard box slide will provide a perfect setup to keep your kids busy on rainy days. All you need to do is get a large cardboard box, such as that of a refrigerator, and split it down on one side. Use duct tape to tape down one side of the cardboard. Leave one side untapped for the kids to ride again and again. Also, add lots of pillows at the bottom of the stairs so the kids don’t get hurt. Now you can have lots of fun indoor sliding.

3. Kids Crafts

Another popular rainy-day activity for children is creating crafts together. It is an excellent way of keeping kids busy indoors and making use of their creativity. According to PETIT, search around your house for things that can be used in creating candle holders, photo frames, or anything else you can think about. Despite what you opt to craft, you will end up with a bizarre, one-of-a-kind item that will remain memorable forever. You can also use the old cardboard boxes and tissue to make butterfly crafts.

2. Paper Airplane Challenge

Folding papers into airplanes is an interesting but almost lost art form nowadays. Assist your kids in rediscovering this skill and race them down the hallway or the biggest room. According to WikiHow, all you require to make a paper airplane is some paper and get the kids to fold the airplanes and decorate them. You can have the kids draw the pilots and passengers. Have them race the airplanes based on which airplane goes the furthest or does tricks. You can also try adding paper clip weights on the airplanes to determine if it creates a difference in speed and distance.

1. Measure Rainfall

One of the awesome outdoor activities to do with kids during the rainy season is to measure rainfall. This activity helps encourage an interest in weather patterns, science, and math. It is also interesting and easy for young kids to engage in. get a large jar or cut off the top of a big plastic water bottle and place it outside in the rain. Measure the height of the rain in regular intervals of an hour or days and make a chart of the rainfall over time.


Although we have only reviewed 20 awesome rainy-day activities for kids, the possibilities are endless. There are many activities to do on a rainy day, and are not limited to staying home all day. If you want to get out of the house with kids for fun on a rainy day, there are many things you can do. Ultimately, don’t allow a rainy day to ruin your fun. Choose a couple of the reviewed fun activities. You will have plenty of fun bonding with your kids, creating lasting memories you will enjoy forever.

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