50 Spooky Halloween Writing Prompts

Halloween is usually celebrated on October 31. The day marks the beginning of the All Hallowtide season and is celebrated for three days. Britannica introduces Halloween as a festival that draws its roots from ancient Ireland and Britain. One of the most outstanding features of Halloween is that those celebrating it wear very spooky dresses, which vary from one participant to another.


The basic goal of the celebration is to remember those who died; they can be our heroes, martyrs, or saints (hallows). Some of the activities that people undertake during the Halloween celebrations are lighting bonfires, playing divination games, pranking, telling scary stories, watching horror movies, and carving pumpkins. One can use spooky Halloween writing prompts to talk and write about the day, which is what this article intends to inform you.

Why Do Spooky Halloween Writing Prompts?

Remember that there are different types of writing prompts. The “spooky Halloween” prompts help the writer or the learner to be aware that they are expecting to tell a scary or fearful story. Besides that, they:

  • They give writers ideas on the Halloween celebration.
  • They help give a specific idea of which storyline the writer should stick to.
  • They help teachers and examiners to determine whether their students can stick to storytelling instructions.
  • Lastly, one may use them to start a narration rather than writing. They are the basis on which folk tales are based.

Classification of Writing Prompts

There are three ways of classifying writing prompts. The most common one is based on the user, or the target audience of the writing prompts. Here, the composer of the writing prompts uses the specific writer ability; for example, you may have come across topics such as ” Writing prompts for 8th grader” – this means that they are for those who are in the ‘8th grade’.

The second way is the situation where the prompts are based on the specific event as in this case where the prompts are only meant for “spooky Halloween.” The third and last method of classifying writing prompt is the one given by the University of Connecticut. In this category, prompts are classified according to their purpose/type, and they include:

  • Descriptive Prompts: They help the writer vividly describe a given object or situation.
  • Speculative Prompts: They help the writer think of possibilities and create a story. There is the dominant use of the phrase ‘what if’ in them.
  • Persuasive Prompts: Allows the learner/writer to give their opinion regarding a certain topic.
  • Expository Prompts: The writer must give more information on a topic.
  • Narrative/Creative Prompts: They allow the writer to add possible facts to a given situation to make it more entertaining to the reader.
  • Imaginative Prompts: They let the writer wander through their imaginations as they try to mingle with an almost impossible situation. They are more creative prompts that may have some elements of events that can never take place in the real world.

Without prejudice to the classification given above, here are some of the 50 spooky Halloween writing prompts you can ever think you will ever come across.

50. With your friends, you stole Halloween meat from your uncle. As you run away, the meat starts making sounds from the stomach, demanding that you take it back. What will you do?

49. You accidentally hit your friend when playing, causing their death. As you contemplate what to do, a ghost appears, and they tell you that they will help you bury the body as long as you play by its wishes. Will you agree?

48. After a long Halloween night, you visit the local clinic to get some painkillers. On getting to it, you find that the ghost you had seen in one of the horror movies is the one to attend to you …

47. You have left the Halloween party and find a big poster on your house written, “the dead live here.”

46. You have chosen not to attend the Halloween party, but the television turns itself on and starts showing you the real-time happenings at the party, yet you are sure that any media house is not covering them.

45. Your teacher instructed you to write about the most horrible thing which can happen to you during Halloween. On opening your book, you find that the story has been written. Will you submit the same to your teacher or not, and why?

44. My friend and I opened the wine bottle during the Halloween party. After taking the first sip, we realized that there was a mysterious straw that was sipping our wine. On making a follow-up, we realized that it was a …

43. When cleaning your grandfather’s garage, you come across an old television. When you connect it to the power, you see your grandfather warning you about the partner you are about to marry, yet they died ten years ago.

42. After the Halloween party, you met with a friend and took them to your house. On waking up, you find they are missing, and you had locked their room door with keys and kept them in your safe.

41. Imagine that you were writing a Halloween story and fell asleep on your treading table. On waking up, you see another hand continuing with the story…

40. You went to serve overseas and have decided to return during the Halloween celebrations. On seeing you, your family runs away, telling you that they had received your body last year and buried you. What will you do to convince them you are not a true ghost?

39. After wearing the Halloween costumes, you have decided to take a selfie, and then you realize that another person is dressed like you at your back, yet you stay alone.

38. You have decided to drive your wife and two children to the Halloween party. You see a ghost seated between your children in the rear mirror. Explain what you will do.

37. Before your grandmother passed away, she left a photo album. When going through it, you see her with some of her friends, and guess what, your girlfriend who is sleeping next to you is one of them.

36. It has been decided that you are the one who will be reciting a Halloween poem to some invited ghosts. Write the poem you will present.

35. You wake up on Halloween night and see your long-lost sister in your window. You run after her until she disappears into a dark lake, and she tells you to join her in the dark world. Will you go?

34. After a Halloween meal, you develop superstitious powers where you can foresee every part of yourself. Write about some of the scariest things you have seen that will happen to you.

33. You have just arrived from overseas and found a note telling you everyone has gone to celebrate Halloween. Then you proceed to your grandparents’ house, where they tell interesting stories. In the morning your parents tell you that your grandparents died a week ago…

32. Out of curiosity, you have heard that when you read a certain Halloween book, you will experience the same on an actual day. Then you went ahead, and you read the story about.

31. You have decided to go to the field with your friends to play football on Halloween night. The stadium lights go off, and your friends disappear one by one …

30. You have cleared all the dolls from your bed to celebrate Halloween. You wake up and find that the dolls are playing on your reading. What are you going to do?

29. That night, you kept running, but you could still see the ghost behind you …

28. What are some of the scariest wishes you could have during Halloween? Give 5 of them and give reasons for each.

27. As you placed yourself on the bed, you heard a sound like the one you had heard when watching a horror movie under your bed then …

26. You have just met a zombie who is lost. Give directions to where you are having the Halloween party.

More Prompts

25. All the lights just went off. From afar, you could hear howling sounds and every person…

24. Imagine that you were a ghost. You would…

23. If you were allowed to have a conversation between a ghost and a human skeleton, which one would you prefer and why?

22. Dracula and Frankenstein are some common vampires associated with Halloween; which one will you prefer and why?

21. Your friend has demanded that you must have bats at your party. Why do you think that they feel that they are necessary?

20. You want to invite your favorite ghost to your Halloween party. Do an invitation letter to it.

19. You are looking for money to buy your Halloween wear. Create an advert to sell a haunted house.

18. Your dead friend has just appeared in the elevator with you, and they are caressing you. Upon reaching the ground flow, you…

17. After performing in the Halloween celebrations, the musicians disappeared from the stage. What did you do?

16. One of the purposes of Halloween is to celebrate and remember our deceased friends. Imagine that your relative shows up during the celebrations. Write about how you will receive them.

15. What do you think is the most frightening Halloween wear you can ever design? Describe it.

14. Against the people’s will, the new mayor wants to outlaw the Halloween celebrations in your town. Do a letter to persuade them to stop.

13. Draw and explain the most dreaded house where you would wish to visit with your friends.

12. As you opened your wardrobe, you heard some sound. Upon opening, you saw…

11. You have carved a pumpkin with your friend, and then it starts talking to the two of you. What will you do?

10. You have been selected to tell a scary story during Halloween’s bonfire. Write about the scariest story you can give.

9. You have realized that you are one of the best scientists and need to create a monster that will cause havoc in your village. Describe what your monster will look like.

8. You slaughtered a cow for the Halloween party. Surprisingly, it appears in your room at night, asking you why you slaughtered it.

7. Your mother calls the hospital to go and see your sibling with whom she has given birth. On reaching the hospital, you find the toddler conversing with her, and she even calls you by name. What will you do?

6. There is that scariest thing that you have ever experienced in your life. What is and why are you afraid of it?

5. You have always had an imaginary friend. On your way to the Halloween party, you meet them, and they demand that they have to accompany you to the same venue. Write about how you will introduce them.

4. You have seen huge footprints leading to your parents’ house. What are you going to do?

3. The Halloween Witch has contracted you to prepare the best meal for them, do a recipe of the best meal you will prepare.

2. You are on your way from watching a horror movie and have met the main character you were terrified of; what will you do?

1. You are the one who will be hosting the Halloween Vampire show. Write the top questions you will ask each vampire.

In Conclusion

To those who understand Halloween, it remains one of the most fun days one can attend. It allows participants to awaken their adrenaline as they get in touch with the ever-entertaining components of the celebrations. The writing prompts above are important in testing the writer’s ability to understand the celebrations and form ideas around them.

As creative as those who celebrate Halloween, one can use the writing prompts provided herein and come up with one of the best spooky Halloween stories. We have provided prompts that can fit writers of different levels, choose one and enjoy your storytelling.

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