50 Awesome Summer Writing Prompts for Kids


Any season can serve writers as a rich source of inspiration. However, summer stands out even when compared with its counterparts. That is particularly true for kids because of summer break, meaning they can spend more of their time experiencing the season rather than being stuck in classrooms.

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Here are 50 summer writing prompts that might prove useful:

1. Describe the Sights of a Summer Event

It is common for people to check out summer events. Describing the sights of a summer event should be a straightforward process, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because everyone has to start somewhere.

2. Describe the Sounds of a Summer Event

Generally speaking, people describe things based on how they look. As a result, it can be an interesting challenge to describe how a summer event sounded.

3. Describe the Smells of a Summer Event

Writing about how a summer event smelled should be even tougher than writing about how a summer event sounded. Still, it is a good way to start thinking about how to describe something that is inherently hard to describe. Of course, some summer events will make this much easier than others.

4. Write About Your Experience At a Summer Fair

Summer fairs are a popular summertime activity. Due to this, it can be a nice bit of practice to write about personal experiences at such events.

5. Write About Someone Else’s Experience At a Summer Fair

Consider writing about someone else’s experience at a summer fair. That person can be real or fictional. It doesn’t matter because the important part is thinking about someone else’s perspective.

6. Describe Visiting a Hot Dog Stand

Hot dog stands are a popular source of street food. Describing the sights, sounds, and smells can also be a decent writing exercise.

7. Describe Visiting an Ice Cream Truck

Describing a visit to an ice cream truck is a good alternative to describing a visit to a hot dog stand.

8. Describe Visiting a Street Food Vendor

Lonely Planet reported on the existence of street food in Pompeii, which makes sense because street food has been around as long as urban settlements. As a result, street food comes in a wide range of forms, meaning it can be a good chance to exercise some independence by choosing a kind of street food vendor to write about.

9. Write Something About a Pleasant Sunny Day

Summer has a strong association with sunny days. A lot of people like sunny days, so write something about a pleasant example.

10. Write Something About a Not So Pleasant Sunny Day

Sunny days aren’t always pleasant. For instance, Johns Hopkins Medicine mentions how long exposure to the sun can lead to heat stroke. As such, write about a sunny day that is not so pleasant for whatever reason.

11. Write About a Cloudy Day

Not every summer day will be a sunny day. Spend some time writing about a cloudy summer day instead.

12. Write About a Summer Rain

Some places see more precipitation in the summer than in other seasons. Consider writing about a summer rain.

13. Write About a Summer Storm

There is always the option of writing about a summer storm if people have something more dramatic in mind.

14. Write a Scene with Fireflies

The sight of fireflies on a summer night is a memorable one. Describe it using words.

15. Write a Scene with Mosquitoes

Alas, Mosquito Magnet and other sources agree mosquitoes are most active in summer because of higher temperatures. Describe the experience of running into a cloud of mosquitoes with minimal warning.

16. Write a Scene with Wasps

Mosquitoes tend to be annoying but not terrifying. The same isn’t necessarily true for wasps. Tell a story in which wasps play a major role.

17. Write About the Sound of Cicadas

The sound of cicadas is quite distinctive. Write a scene featuring the sound of cicadas, whether in a prominent role or as mere background noise.

18. Write About the Sound of Crickets

Similarly, the sound of crickets is also well-known for good reasons. Consider writing a scene with the sound of crickets instead.

19. Write About People Picking Berries

A lot of plants come to life in the summer. Describe people picking berries in the summertime, whether on a farm or out in the wilderness.

20. Write About People Picking Mushrooms

Summer can be an excellent time for mushroom hunting. Write something about people picking mushrooms. Take the chance to describe some of the weirder-looking mushrooms found in nature.

21. Write About People Being Miserable Because of the Heat

People tend to like warmth. The same isn’t necessarily true of heat. Spend some time describing a person’s misery from spending too much time out in either a dry heat or a wet heat.

22. Write About People Seeking Relief From the Heat

Of course, people are going to seek relief from the heat however possible. Spend some time detailing how they cool themselves off.

23. Describe the Perfect Summer Meal

Good food can make any season better. Describe what foods make up the perfect summer meal. Consider the best setting in which to have it.

24. Describe the Perfect Summer Snack

For something simpler, describe the perfect summer snack, which should be much easier than planning out an entire meal.

25. Describe the Worst Food to Eat in Summer

Food that is good in one setting isn’t necessarily good in another. Sometimes, it can be downright awful. Describe the worst food to eat in summertime specifically because of summertime conditions.

26. Write About a Character From Your Favorite Summer Blockbuster

According to Hollywood.com, Jaws established the tradition of the summer blockbuster in 1975. As a result, a lot of summer blockbusters have been released. Write about a character from a favorite summer blockbuster. Explain they are so likable as a character.

27. Write Something From the Perspective of a Character From Your Favorite Summer Blockbuster

Consider writing a short scene from the perspective of that character. It could be something from the movie itself. Alternatively, it could be something wholly original.

28. Write About Going to a Garage Sale

Garage DIY Ideas claims summers are the best time to have garage sales. After all, they tend to be the warmest time of the year. Write a short story about visiting a garage sale.

29. Write About Going to a Flea Market

Flea markets have some similarities to garage sales. However, they are very different things in the end. Consider writing a short story about visiting a flea market instead. Put some effort into describing the vendors along with their goods.

30. Write About Going to a Vintage Store

There are also vintage stores, which often offer a more curated selection of goods than either garage sales or flea markets. Due to that, a story about visiting a vintage store can be quite different from stories about visiting either of the other two.

31. Describe Your Perfect Summer Day

Different people have different preferences. As a result, what makes a perfect summer day for one person can be eyebrow-raising for another. That difference is what makes this topic worth writing about.

32. Describe Your Perfect Summer Vacation

On a related note, people can be just as varied when it comes to their idea of a perfect summer vacation. Naturally, that is also worth writing about.

33. Discuss How Your Family’s Routines Change During Summer

It is common for a family’s routine to change greatly during the summer. One simple writing exercise would be detailing some of those changes.

34. Discuss Your Favorite Way to Start Your Summer

The start of summer is a special occasion. Write up the best way to start summer break.

35. Discuss Your Favorite Way to End Your Summer

Everything has to end at some point. Summer is no exception to that rule. Write up the best way to end the summer.

36. Write About Your Summer Job

Work can be surprisingly educational. Describe some of the things learned while doing a summer job.

37. Write About Your Favorite Summer Activity

Talk about the best thing to do during the summertime.

38. Write About Your Favorite Summer Memory

Similarly, talk about favorite summer memories. It could be something that happened this summer or in previous summers.

39. Write About How Your Summer Compared with Other Summers

Do a comparison between this summer and previous summers. It doesn’t necessarily have to end in deciding one to be better than the other. A reflective piece on their differences is just as good.

40. Write About Something You Missed During Summer

Summer provides people with plenty of opportunities for fun and excitement. However, it also means separating them from routines that they might enjoy during the rest of the year. Write about something that made summer worse because of its absence.

41. Write About Stargazing

Most of us live in cities. Due to that, Vox says it can be hard to see the stars in the night sky under normal circumstances because of light pollution. Describe a scene of stargazing during the summer.

42. Write About Hiking Through a Forest

Summer is a time when life flourishes. As a result, it is a good time to visit forests and other wild places. Describe a scene of hiking through a forest and otherwise traversing wild places.

43. Write About Exploring a Beach

Beaches are some of the most popular travel destinations during summertime. Write about a visit to the beach. It can cover everything from building sandcastles and collecting seashells to sailing on the surface and swimming in the waters.

44. Write About a Road Trip

A lot of people head out on road trips during the summer. Put the experience in writing.

45. Write About Staying At a Hotel

Of course, when people head out, they have to stay somewhere. Describe that experience. It doesn’t have to be a hotel. Writing about motels, rented houses, and other temporary accommodations is just as good.

46. Describe Something You Learned During the Summer

People don’t learn everything from schools. Some would argue that experiences are just as important as learning. Chances are good interested individuals can think of something they have learned over the summer that is worth writing about.

47. Describe Something You Forgot During the Summer

Forgetfulness happens to everyone. As a result, it is natural for people to forget things over the summer. Oftentimes, that means school lessons. Other times, that means something more important or less important. Write about something forgotten during the summertime.

48. Describe Your Preparations for Going Back to School

Summer break has to end at some point. When that happens, people have to return to either work or school or sometimes both. Interested individuals might find it useful to detail their preparations for getting back into the right state of mind.

49. Discuss the Superpower that Could Make Your Summer the Best Summer Ever

Writing prompts don’t need to be down to earth. If people find that too conventional, there is nothing wrong with writing about something more fantastical. For instance, they can write about what superpower could make their summer the best summer ever. They don’t need to come up with the right answer, particularly since there is no right answer to this question. Instead, it is more a matter of choosing a position before preparing arguments to defend that position.

50. Discuss What Kind of Summer Theme Park You Would Build If You Had the Chance

On a related note, people can write about what kind of summer theme park they would build if they had the opportunity to do so. Generally speaking, people assume a lack of constraints for these writing exercises. However, if they are in the mood for something more complicated, they can impose limitations on themselves to make the experience more challenging and more thoughtful. For some people, having those limitations can make it easier rather than harder to come up with good ideas.

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