50 Awesome March Writing Prompts for 2nd Graders

With February nearly ending, you will need a set of writing prompts for 2nd graders in March. However, it can be challenging to come up with writing prompts for the entire month. That is because you can run out of ideas. Thankfully, we have a few writing prompts for 2nd graders that you can use. Our writing prompts will explore some themes about the month as well as other general topics. Without further ado, here are 50 March writing prompts for 2nd graders below.

Writing Prompts

Here are 50 March Writing Prompts for 2nd Graders

50. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March. Typically, people wear green to pay homage to Irish culture. St. Patrick’s revelers would wear green to remain invisible to leprechauns. For this writing prompt, ask the kid to list items that are green.

49. Ask the child to list all the animals they would like to see at the zoo. After that, let them explain why they want to see those animals.

48. It is 22nd March, which means it is World Water Day. On this day, people are sensitized on the importance of conserving water. According to EPA, the average family can waste 180 gallons per week. Ask the child to write ways of conserving water.

47. Here is a writing prompt to stimulate the child’s creativity: I wish I had a machine that could…

46. You get ready to eat a pancake for breakfast. Just before you take a bite of it, the pancake starts screaming. It urges you not to eat it. What do you do?

45. Complete the following phrase: I cannot wait until I am old enough to…

44. Would you rather be really tall or really short? This writing prompt will challenge the child to write the pros and cons of either height.

43. Every 6th March, Americans celebrate National Dentist’s Day. The holiday is marked to commemorate the contributions of dentists in society. Additionally, it is also a day set aside to raise awareness of oral hygiene. Challenge the child to write about the importance of going to the dentist. Also, let the child explain how we should care for our teeth.

42. Instruct the child to write what a perfect birthday party looks like. Based on the child’s response, you will understand what they desire in birthday parties. That can even help you know what to give your child for their birthday.

41. Write a list of ten random words on a piece of paper and number them. Ask the child to choose a number from 1-10. Once they choose, ask them to write a story with the selected word. If the selected word is “dog,” there is a lot they can write about it. The child may describe what dogs look like, why they like dogs, etc.

Second set of 10

40. You are on your way to the shop and find your friend sitting alone. Your friend is sad and needs someone to cheer them up. How would you cheer up your unhappy friend?

39. What is the best gift you have ever received, and who give it to you? Explain why you liked the gift so much.

38. National School Breakfast Week runs from 6th March to 10th March. During this time, schools put their breakfast programs on display through contests and promotions. What foods would you serve for breakfast in your school during this period?

37. You have a friend who goes to a different school from you. Write a letter to your friend mentioning some of the activities you do in your school. Use the opportunity to convince your friend to join your school.

36. Who is your favorite teacher, and why?

35. Describe a time when you tried something new. How was the experience? Is it something you would ever want to try again?

34. What three items in this house would you give away or sell? This writing prompt will help the child realize the drawbacks of hoarding. Additionally, the parent will also learn what items to get rid of based on the child’s response.

33. What is something or someone that scares you? When did this fear begin? These questions can help the parent take steps to manage their fear. For instance, your child could claim he fears a bully from his class. Next, you could visit your child’s school and ask them to identify the bully. After that, you could talk with the class teacher about the matter.

32. You meet yourself in the future as a 40-year-old. What are some questions you will ask your future self?

31. When was the last time you were sad? Describe the person or thing that made you sad. How were you able to overcome your sadness?

3rd set of 10

30. It is the 13th of March, which means it is National Good Samaritan Day. This is a day set aside to celebrate and encourage selflessness and kindness. Ask the child to identify people who need our help. Next, ask the child to describe how they would help such people.

29. Imagine that you have won a million dollars. However, there is a catch; you must spend it all within 24 hours. If you do not spend it all, you will lose it. What are some of the things you would buy with that amount of money?

28. You have a chance to visit the president at the White House. What are some of the things you would tell the president to do?

27. What superpower would you wish to have? Some superpowers you could possess include: flying, invisibility, or shooting lasers from your eyes. Why would you want to have that superpower? Lastly, which superhero possesses that superpower?

26. Write the funniest story you can think of. The story can either be based on the child’s experiences or fictionalized. Remember, the child’s story may not be funny to you. Even if it is not funny, appreciate the kid’s effort.

25. It is finally springtime. Write about the perfect activities for the season.

24. Imagine you walk down a street and meet someone who looks exactly like you. What would you do?

23. You wake up from your deep slumber and discover that you have been locked in school. That means you may have to spend the night at the school. What would you do? This is a critical question since it challenges the child to think of a way out in a crisis. An appropriate response would be to look for a phone and call the principal or custodian.

22. What do you do whenever you get angry? This writing prompt helps the parent see whether the child can manage their anger. If their response has nothing to do with maintaining their anger, you can suggest how they can manage it.

21. If you were to be a wild animal for a day, which one would you be? Explain why you would want to be that animal.

20. You have a friend in 1st grade, and they are curious about what being in 2nd grade feels like. Explain to them what makes 2nd grade different from 1st grade.

4th set of 10

19. It is 2nd March, which means it is finally Dr. Seuss’ birthday. To commemorate the author, ask the child to mention a favorite book from the author. Ask them why they like the book. You can also ask them to summarize their favorite book.

18. What is your favorite holiday, and why?

17. Write about a person who makes you happy. Next, explain why the person makes you happy. The writing prompt is a chance for the child to think about a role model. Once the child identifies a role model, they will want to be like them. Of course, we hope that the role model is someone worth emulating. If the role model is a thief, you can guide the child accordingly.

16. Pretend that you are famous for having a certain talent. Is fame something you would like or hate? Explain how fame would change your life.

15. Which is the best way to consume a certain film, reading it or watching it? Explain your response. Some parents would be proud if a child mentioned that they prefer reading. After all, there are children who do not like reading for pleasure. According to Reading Zone, a 2021 study revealed that 20% of children aged 0-17 detested reading. If you happen to be such a parent, do not castigate the child if they prefer watching to reading. Either way, the child is consuming the film.

14. Would you rather live in a place that is always sunny or rainy? This question will help you understand whether the child realizes the importance of the sun or rain. A bright child may choose neither because they realize how important both are. However, ensure the child picks one of the two.

13. Complete this phrase: “I am probably the only child who doesn’t like….” This question tests whether the child has social awareness. To answer this question, the child has to think of things children usually like, e.g., toys. They then must choose the thing they detest that kids happen to love.

12. Imagine an alien from another planet visits you. This alien has never seen a smartphone and asks you to describe it. Describe the smartphone to him. One child may describe the parts that make up the phone. Another child may focus on describing its features.

11. Every 8th of March, people celebrate International Women’s Day. Ask the child to write about two women they appreciate. A child may write about their mother, an aunt, or a musician.

Final 10

10. Which pets are better to keep, cats or dogs? Cats are better than dogs in some ways, and vice versa. The child has to be good at mentioning qualities that a certain animal lacks compared to the other. If you desire companionship, a dog is better since they are more affectionate. On the other hand, cats are better because they do not need to be walked outside regularly.

9. What is your favorite game? How do you play it? This question helps us understand whether the child knows about the rules of their preferred game. For instance, you are not allowed to touch the ball with your hand in soccer.

8. On 30th March, people celebrate an observance called “Take a Walk in the Park Day.” This day is set aside for people to invest in their health by taking walks. Ask the child to mention places they would want to walk. Some may want to walk along the beach or in a forested area.

7. Imagine an alien visits your school and wants to be your friend. However, your friends at school find the alien disgusting and do not want you to be friends with it. What do you do? Will you listen to your friends or accept the alien’s friendship? This writing prompt will explore whether the child can stand by their principles or become a people pleaser.

6. Finish this story: “I heard a loud knock at the door that awoke me. Immediately, I got up to open the door. What I saw really shocked me….”

5. 19th March marks National Poultry Day. Challenge your child to list six birds that are considered poultry. Also, the child should explain why people keep poultry.

4. Tell your child to describe the word “red” without using the word “red.” If they are clever, they should identify things of that color, e.g. blood.

3. What would you like to be when you grow up?

2. What is your favorite day of the week, and why?

1. How would you feel if there was no school for a year? What would you do with your free time?


We hope that you found these writing prompts helpful. Whichever writing prompt you choose for the 2nd grader, remember the child may encounter some challenges. Some may not know what to write. Others may write with improper grammar. Ensure you are there to correct them lovingly. Your child may not be motivated to write if your correction is harsh.

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