75 Fourth Grade Writing Prompts That Aren’t Boring or Lame

Fourth grade writing prompts are just the ticket when it comes to inspiring young minds to write. Writing is crucial when it comes to children developing their own sense of style and creativity. It also helps with thought organization. Through writing, children learn to organize their thoughts into a cohesive narrative, a real world skill that they’ll use from this day forward. Below we have included a list of 75 creative 4th grade writing prompts. These prompts are designed to help children think creatively and outside the box. Some also concentrate on helping them make their own decisions. Please feel free to utilize these prompts as you see fit, altering them to a specific writing assignment or topic.

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75 Awesome Fourth Grade Writing Prompts

1. Tell us about your favorite pet and what makes it your favorite. If you don’t have a pet, then write a story of what type of pet you would like to have.

2. You have two choices: Attend a gym class or art class. Which class did you choose and why did you choose it.

3. If you were to start a blog today, tell us what your blog would be about and why it is important to you.

4. Of all the games you’ve played so far, tell us your favorite, what it’s about, and why you prefer it over all others.

5. Let us in on your favorite topic in school. Then, give a detailed description as to why that topic is your favorite.

6. Do you think you still need a baby sitter in the fourth grade? Whether you do or don’t, explain to us the reason for your answer.

7. You are at the beach with your family. Suddenly, you see something in the water. You wait for it to drift to you on the beach. You grab the bottle out of curiosity and notice a note inside the bottle. Remove the note in the bottle and tell us what the note says. Is it asking you to do something? Is it a note from someone who is shipwrecked? Think of your answer.

8. You hear a knock on the door. When you answer it, you see a large, 6 foot tall kangaroo. The kangaroo introduces themselves as Randi. She reaches into her pouch and pulls out an envelope. What is in the envelope? Describe the contents to us and what it means to you.

9. Why do you think we need laws, what makes laws so important?

10. Say you bought a lottery ticket and won $1,000 dollars. What would you do with it? Buy yourself a toy, spend some for a gift or donate some to charity.

Continuing the Prompts

11. Why do you think you need to attend school and how does school benefit you now and for your future plans?

12. What are your top 5 favorite movies. Rank each movie from best to worst, with 5 being the worst and 1 being the best. Next, tell us about each movie and why it is special to you.

13. If you have a cell phone, what do you use it for? For instance, to contact friends, take pictures, play games or read informative websites? Which activity is your favorite and why?

14. Write a short story based on your parents. What do they like to watch on tv? What are their favorite foods? Now, what are your favorite memories when spending time with your parents?

15. Choose a video to watch on YouTube and tell us why you chose it and how it makes you feel.

16. What makes you, “you”? Tell us about yourself and how you are different from your friends.

17. Do you enjoy keeping your bedroom organized and clean? Why or why not?

18. Watch this YouTube video called “The Red Balloon” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VexKSRKoWQY). Describe this movie. Did you enjoy it? Why or why not? Describe the ending and relate how that made you feel.

19. What is your favorite holiday? Let us know what your favorite holiday is, and what makes it so special to you.

20. One of your siblings has to go to the hospital to get their tonsils out, and they are scared. What would you tell your sibling to help ease their fears?

Even More Awesome Ideas

21. Write a short story about flying to a planet in a rocket ship and what happens when you get there. Do you meet aliens? What type of plants and animals are there?

22. Provide a list of 5 things you would like to do and why.

23. Do you believe in ghosts? If so why? Have you ever seen a ghost? Write a story about a friendly ghost.

24. Are you going to celebrate Halloween? If you are, tell us about your costume and if you will be trick or treating.

25. What is your favorite dinosaur? Write a story about this dinosaur.

26. What do you want to do when you grow up? Tell us about any plans you would make.

27. What is your favorite movie character? Write a short story about that movie character.

28. Write about your favorite fast food restaurant, what you usually order, and why you like it.

29. Imagine that you wake up one morning as a cat. What will you do? Where will you go? Do you think you would like to be a cat?

30. Write about your most memorable dream. This can be a fun dream or even a nightmare.

Ideas for Fun

31. Watch the holiday movie, J.T. Write a detailed movie review on this movie. Start by telling us what it is about. Next, tell us how the movie made you feel, and what it means to you.

32. Imagine yourself as a horse running through the field in the morning. What does that feel like? What are you thinking about?

32. Take a look at a photo of your choice. This photo can be from the internet. Explain to us what the photo looks like. Explain to us what is happening in the photo and what you think about it.

33. Eat an apple pie. Describe to us what the pie looks like, smells like and tastes like. Did you enjoy the pie?

34. What is your favorite color? Why do you like this color? How does it make you feel?

35. We just described what a Haiku was. Now, it’s your turn to write your very own Haiku.

36. Who is your favorite person right now? Write a biography of your favorite person.

37. What was the best present you’ve ever received in your life. Who gave you that present, and what makes it the best present?

38. If you could have a pet dinosaur, what kind would it be? Describe a typical day with your pet dinosaur, what would you do together?

39. Listen to the song, “Puff the Magic Dragon”. How does it make you feel when Johnny grows up and leaves Puff alone and sad?

40. What would you do if an alien space ship landed on your front lawn? Describe the experience. Did an alien come and talk to you? If so, what did they say?

You Aren’t Finished Yet

41. Write a short story about meeting your favorite cartoon character.

42. What place would you like to visit? This place can be a location you saw in movies, games or books.

43. Describe how you see yourself in 5 years. Will you be playing sports, will you be a gaming champion? Think hard and see what you’d like to become in 5 years.

44. Think about all the superpowers you could have. What is your favorite and why?

45. Write a story about entering your favorite game and what would you do in the game?

46. Write a story about what happens at night when toys come alive.

47. If you were the king of the world, what type of world would you create?

48. If you were to grow a garden, what vegetables would you grow?

49. Do you like spaghetti? If so, tell us why you like it. If you don’t like it, tell us why.

50. One morning you wake up early. You soon learn that you are invisible. What would you do and why?

Get Them Thinking

51. You are going on a family camping trip and will be gone 3 days. Describe what supplies you’ll pack. Include food, beverages, sleeping bags, and so on.

52. You just found a beautiful jar in the back yard. Start to polish it and all of a sudden, a genie pops out! You get 3 wishes. What are those 3 wishes.

53. Describe the future. Tell us how you think the future will be.

54. If you could meet anyone in history, tell us the name of this person and write what makes this person so important to you.

55. Imagine one day that you woke up as the king of monsters, Godzilla. What would you do? How does it feel to be Godzilla?

56. Write and illustrate your own graphic novel about being a magician. What magic tricks would you do? Remember to draw pictures as well.

57. What is your favorite home chore to do? Why do you like it so much?

58. Describe your bedroom as it is right now. Is it clean or cluttered? How long does it take you to clean your room?

59. You wake up as an elf. Write about your day as an elf and what you did.

60. You are given the entire week off from school and chores. You can do anything you want for that entire week, so what would you do?

Even More Exciting Concepts

61. Watch your favorite movie. Next, write a critique of that movie. Then, what did you like about it? What did you not like about it? What could you do better if you made the movie?

62. What was your favorite experience as a 4th grader? Describe this experience and tell us just what made this experience your favorite.

63. Write a fictional story about two flowers enjoying a tea party at the edge of a lake.

64. Imagine you are an elephant in a zoo who wishes to be free. What are you feeling?

65. You take a challenge to stay all night in the mall after everyone is gone. What will you do? Will you play with the toys, play video games, ride bikes through the mall? Tell us what you would do. Would you be scared to be alone all night in the mall?

66. One of your family members is sick. You are going to the store to pick out a stuffed animal as a present to help them feel better. Describe the stuffed toy and why you chose it.

67. Read this quote by Buddha, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”. Read it carefully. Next, describe what it means to you.

68. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an old saying that reminds us to stay healthy we need to eat healthily. What do you think healthy eating is and describe the foods you eat to stay healthy.

69. What does it mean to be kind? Tell us about any kind deeds you have done and how it made you feel.

70. Write a fictional story about a pencil and pen who become good friends. They decide to throw a party for a box of crayons. Describe the party.

Use Your Imagination

71. Your favorite stuffed toy decides to talk to you. Describe the conversation.

72. Look at a fish tank. If you don’t have a tank, then look at one on YouTube. Write a story about the fish, what they are doing and what they are talking about.

73. Look at a picture of an inkblot. Describe the inkblot in detail and write what it reminds you of.

74. Look at an image of an abstract painting. What does it remind you of? What does it make you think of?

75. You just designed and built the best robot in the world. Tell us about your robot. What’s its name? What can it do? Can it talk? If so, what does it talk about?

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