20 Awesome Backyard Activities for Kids

There are tons of ways to keep your kid entertained in your backyard. It does not matter whether you have a tiny backyard or a huge space for running. What matters is your mastery of the backyard activities that will keep kids entertained. From water play to gardening, kids will love spending time outdoors. Swinging and jumping on trampolines is another activity that keeps the little ones very busy outdoors. You can join them for an outdoor movie or set up a backyard hideaway for them. Ideally, there is so much you can do to get kids off-screen and allow them to connect with nature. In this piece, we explore some awesome backyard activities for kids.


20. Plant a Bee Garden

As it stands, bees are at risk of becoming extinct. According to Thebeeconservancy, more than 4000 native North American bee species are declining. One of the threats to bees is the lack of a secure habitat for them to build homes and access nutritious food sources.

The good thing is that you do not need extensive spaces for bee shelters. A simple garden filled with plants that are rich in nectar and pollen is enough. Let them build a simple ”bee condo” to keep your kids busy in the backyard to provide safe nesting places for bees. By making one, you will be sure to keep the little ones busy during the sunny afternoons.

19. Make a Backyard Hideaway

Making a garden den will be a fun backyard activity for the little ones. You can encourage the kids to be creative in determining how they want the den to look. You can string up a strong rope or line between tree branches. Alternatively, you can use bamboo canes to create a basic frame.

You can drape over some old sheet or a blanket for privacy. It is also good to have a waterproof groundsheet inside the den. If you have one from camping, you can lend it to the little ones before throwing cushions or throws for a comfortable backyard hideaway.

18. Outdoor Movie Watching

Nothing will beat the power of outdoor movie watching for those looking for a perfect outdoor moment. Setting this up is not complicated at all. All you need is a projector and a white surface, like a sheet over a line or a wall. If these are things you cannot afford, you can take your old TV outside and set it up carefully by paying attention to the cables. You can set the scenes with magical lights. The multi-colored string light will be a good choice for kids. When all is set, make sure that everyone has popcorn.

17. Plan a Nature Trail

Children treasure organized hunts, and planning a nature-inspired trail will be a memorable event for the little ones. According to NPS, spending time in nature is good for your health and that of the little ones. Take the kids around the backyard and allow them to learn about the things in their environment. You can involve the little ones in the search for butterflies and identify different plants’ flowers, berries, and barks. All these could inspire the little ones to plant a tree or two.

16. Make Seed Bombs

This one will be a fun activity for kids as it is when making mud pies. The good thing about this backyard activity is that it does not require much from you. You need several handfuls of compost, some handfuls of red clay, seeds, and water. Let the kids mix all these ingredients in one large bowl with the aim of some consistency that is easy to mold.

After combining these ingredients, roll them into balls the size of a golf ball. Upon drying, transfer them to the soil by simply throwing them, which will be much more fun for the little ones. Leave nature to do what it does best.

15. Exploring Sensory Experiences

There is no better feeling for kids than lying on grass gazing at the sky during summer. Some sensory experiences kids like include watching clouds or seeing birds in flight. Encourage the little ones to record whatever they see and have them learn more about these things. According to Mentallyhealthyschools, these activities are very calming and helpful with anxiety issues. You can also encourage the kids to listen to birdsong as they try to figure out what breed of bird is chirping.

14. Create a Sandbox

Kids love playing in the sand, which is something they will never get tired of. Since it is impossible to take the little ones to the beach often, the best we can do is incorporate a sandbox in their playing space. Spending the afternoon assembling a backyard playing area for the kids will be great.

The little ones will be engaged for hours after including a sandbox in their playing space. Assembling a sandbox is a simple DIY project that will be good for your kids to learn; alternatively, you can repurpose a storage box you haven’t used in the garage.

13. Make an Art Station

It is fun painting with kids, but it will be messy doing it indoors, right? On fine days, therefore, you can move things outside. For young minds, there will be so much inspiration when painting outdoors. They will paint what surrounds them, including birds, leaves, and flowers. You should encourage creativity as well as self-expression of the kids through art. You can see your kids’ creativity if you set aside a space filled with art and craft supplies.

12. Camping in the Backyard

Camping out in the backyard does not sound like a bad idea, does it? Simply erect a tent in the garden and allow the little ones to have a thrilling mini-adventure just a few steps away from the doorstep. Spending a night under the ten will mean a lot in terms of stargazing and marshmallows on the firepit. If it rains, the kid is sure of a warm and cozy bed a stone-throw away. You can also think about a permanent structure for kids to camp in.

11. Build a Bug Sanctuary

Boost your kids’ creativity by making a bug hotel to attract the insects in the garden. To make a bug sanctuary, use the available things in the garden. You can use wood, pots, bricks, and tiles to create the structure. Filling the gaps should be easy by adding grass and twigs.

You can help the kids to gather twigs, bark, and leaves for that purpose. Settling for dark corners in the backyard will create a perfect spot for the insects to hide in. Surprisingly, birds and frogs will also be attracted to the sanctuary.

10. Encourage the Little ones to Grow Something of their Own

Nothing is as fun for kids as planting seeds and seeing them grow into big plants. There is so much diversity in growing something. If your kid loves flowers, you can give them marigold seeds to plant. Set aside a little space in the garden where the kids can practice growing different plants.

Ensure to encourage them to check on the progress after sowing the seeds and the need for regular watering. You can start your kids by teaching them how to grow fruits and vegetables.

9. Prepare Pizza For the Birds

You can also help the little ones to come closer to their feathered friends by creating delicious food for them to peck. Assist the little ones in setting up a feeding station for birds. To attract the birds, make sure to use tasty treats. Feeding birds is not only fun for the kids, but it is also an activity that you should take part in as a family.

According to Perkypet, this activity has many benefits for kids. Specifically, kids get to identify bird species. Mainly, birds feed during winter. Creating a feeding station for birds at this time allows the kids to breathe fresh outdoor air.

8. Jump on a Mini-trampoline

Placing a large trampoline for kids is not a good idea. The simple reason is that it has a high risk for injuries. All the same, a small trampoline coupled with supervision from the parents would not be a bad idea. Another safety measure for kids is installing a ”fence” on the trampoline. For instance, you can have a net all-round the trampoline to ensure that the kids are not limited in fulfilling their sensory needs.

7. Swinging

This is another awesome backyard activity your little one would love to engage in. The good thing is that it does not have to be expensive to have kids swinging in the backyard. You can easily tie the bucket swing to a tree and have kids enjoy it. You can purchase a swing set for the kids if you want to level things up. Seeing your kids swing will convince you that toddlers should have an outdoor swing.

6. Practice Balancing with a Balance Bike

You will love the idea of purchasing balance bikes for your little ones. According to Woom, balance bikes help the little ones to learn how to balance at an early age. This prepares them to use real bicycles in the future. Start the kids by sitting them on the bike and walking the bike along. You will soon realize your kid is picking their feet as they ride in a straight line. At this point, your kid is ready for a bike that has training wheels.

5. Draw Using a Sidewalk Chalk

One of the outdoor toys that your kid should have is sidewalk chalk. If you are short of backyard activity ideas for kids, sidewalk drawing will be a great way to pass the time during sunny afternoons. As the kid scribbles around, teach them how they can make basic drawings like the sun or rainbow. They can even draw letters and shapes. According to Newfolks, sidewalk chalk helps kids to explore their creativity. This backyard activity is, therefore, a sure way to keep your kids engaged for hours in the afternoon.

4. Wash their Bike

You can assign light duties if you would love to teach your kids about being responsible early. Washing their bikes is a great way to train them about cleanliness and being organized early. Grab the kids’ bicycles, a bucket of warm water, soap, and sponges. Leave them to scrub their bikes and any other outdoor toys they own. Other than being helpful, this is an activity that keeps kids entertained for hours.

3. Backyard Water Play

Kids love playing with water, especially during the warm weather. We are sure your kid will enjoy running through a sprinkler during those hot days. Allow the kids to splash water and play with the water balloons as they water the garden. You do not necessarily need a swimming pool in the backyard for the little ones to have fun with water. All that you need is to be creative.

2. Create an Obstacle Course

There are so many backyard activities to get your kids involved in. one of the activities that you should consider includes making an obstacle course of items to keep your kid happy. It could be something basic such as playing hopscotch, jumping from and into hula hoops, or running around traffic cones. Setting up an obstacle course is a great way to keep your kids busy and entertained in the backyard.

1. Bubbles

Summing up our list of backyard activities for kids is bubbles. It is no doubt that bubbles turn out to be magical and so fun among most kids. If you would love to create a kid-friendly backyard, make sure there are bubbles to play with. As long as you have a never-ending supply of homemade bubble solution, you will keep kids entertained for a long time. To take things to the next step, use a bubble kit to make gigantic bubbles that will surely amaze your kids.


If you are struggling to dislodge your kids from video games or feeling somehow bored, there is no need to worry. This is because there are so many backyard activities that you can perform with your kids for fun. You will learn that exploring nature is fun and great for getting kids to exercise. Kids will learn about the outdoors and absorb enough Vitamin D. in the compilation above, we have listed some amazing backyard activities for kids. Try out these activities and find out how fulfilling they are for you and the young ones.

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