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DIY Backyard Games Fun For All

Summer is still here which means warm weather and lots of outdoor fun. That means it’s time for some creative DIY backyard games. We tend to get a little stir crazy in the late spring as the weather starts to get warmer.

My kids and I have decided that we will be making an outdoor playroom this Summer. That means we will be building and creating some fun backyard games we can all enjoy. Ah.. saving money! That’s what this mom likes to hear.

Now, I’m not really creative when it comes to original game building or off the wall fun ideas. It’s weird. I can create crafts for kids, but not games. Unless you want to play a good game of Halloween Bingo, then I can hook you up!

My kids make up a lot of the games we do play. So, for this amazing list, I went straight to Pinterest to see what we could find.

I came across so many creative and fun DIY backyard games and other ideas that I wanted to share some of the best ones I’ve seen. I hope these go over as good as the Star Wars crafts we did.

Lawn Twister – Simple and creative, kids of all ages can have fun with a game of twister.

Mini Golf Course – I love this idea. We enjoy playing mini golf and since we live in a smaller town that doesn’t offer anything like it, we can just build our own in the backyard.

Dice Game – I think this will be one of our new projects for the Summer. It seems like it could be fun and the kids and I can build it together.

Bean Bags – A fun game that could be used as part of an educational purpose. My kids love trying to throw the bean bags into the highest point bin.

Obstacle Course – This fun obstacle course from Martha Stewart can be made from pool noodles, ropes, balloons and other fun items. Kids will love trying to get through each obstacle!

Plinko – Who doesn’t love Plinko? I remember watching The Price Is Right and Plinko was always my favorite game on the show.

Pool Noodle Course – Pool Noodles can be used for so many different games. You can even create this fun Olympic course with them.

Keep this as a reference! I will be updating with more games we find that will be fun to play and create ourselves.


If you prefer just to skip the DIY Backyard Games aspect and want it ready to go.. check out these fun outdoor games

Giant Tumbling Timbers ————- Lawn Dice ————- Potato Sack Race Bags

Jumbo 4 to Score ————- Checkers Set

DIY Backyard Games

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  1. This is simply GENIUS! I don’t knwo where to start to thank you, because I am useless thinking of ideas for my children to play safely outdoors, I could have never come up with better ideas! Thank you!!

  2. I need to get the dice! I have 4 kids that need to get off the games and need to play outside. I want to grab one of those toddler mini pools for my 5 year old and set that up for her.

  3. Omg so many fun lawn games!!!! I have always wanted to get las jenga. That would be a blast to play with the family

  4. I love these ideas! I remember watching The Price is Right with my mom and we loved Plinko too. My grandparents have a jumbo Jenga that we bring on our annual family reunion at the beach, and my parents have a giant Connect 4. They are so much more fun and exciting than a tabletop version.

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