Hello there!

I’m Janine, mother to 2 wonderful kiddos, you may see them pop in and out of our photos. We live in a small town here in the Midwest, it’s more of a college town so if we decide to go out to eat, pizza is pretty much our only option.

But our little road is pretty quiet and we live near a couple of parks so we often visit or join the activities there… it’s not so bad! Unless you catch us on a day where brother and sister enjoy fun arguments, picking on each other, and testing everyone’s patients. They love each other, they really do! But you know how brothers and sisters can be.


I often write about our life and homeschooling experience. I’ll share different recipes the kids and I have fixed or tried to create. We do some crafts here and there as well. It can be kind of random at times, but I try to share things that I think you might enjoy or find helpful.

About Me – Janine Talbot

My son is homeschooled while my daughter is enrolled in a public school. Weird huh? Well, my son had a very hard time at a public school. He has some learning disabilities and the public schools around here just don’t work with children as I believe they should. You either keep up or there’s no hope, and you get that label, or it feels that way most of the time. My son just couldn’t keep up with their learning style, got picked on a lot, acted out a bit and because of that, we decided homeschool was the best option for him. He can learn how he learns best without all the other nonsense.. and you know what, it’s worked out much better than I would have ever imagined. He’s come so far in his academics, I’m so proud of what he’s accomplished!

My daughter, on the other hand, thrives in the types of situations my son doesn’t. She’s above average in everything and can’t get enough of learning. She’s always excited to go to school and do the best she can. I can’t say enough good things about her, I’m so proud of the young lady she is turning out to be!

With everything we seem to have going on in life, sometimes it’s hard to stay sane. I created this blog to help me do just that. Writing and creating keeps me grounded, happy, and peaceful.

I’m so excited to have you join my journey on trying to find my sanity!

Feel free to reach out any time by email wheredmysanitygo@gmail.com.

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