DIY Rustic Farmhouse Front Door Wreath with Buffalo Check

I love this farmhouse front door wreath and can not wait to use it for my front door! It’s super cute and one of my favorites so far.

Want to know the best part? This wreath is all made from supplies from the dollar store and hobby lobby.

If you don’t have either close to you, the items needed to make this farmhouse front door wreath can be found at your local craft shop too!

Supplies Needed

(these were all from Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby)

  • 10†Green foam wreath form – Dollar Tree
  • 3 3/4†x 3 3/4†– “Farm Sweet Farm†sign – Dollar Tree
  • Burlap Roll 5 1/2†x 15’– Hobby Lobby
  • Chicken wire ribbon 2.25†x 15′ – Hobby Lobby
  • Buffalo check ribbon 2.5†x 3yd – Hobby Lobby
  • Burlap ribbon with lace 2.5†x 18′ – Hobby Lobby
  • Turquoise paint – Hobby Lobb
  • Black paint – Hobby Lobby
  • Woodpile brand wood banner 10†x 3 1/4†– Hobby Lobby
  • Small white roses – Hobby Lobby
Farmhouse Front Door Wreath

Tools Needed:

Farmhouse Front Door Wreath Assembly

Step 1: Paint the wood banner turquoise and set it aside to dry.

Step 2: Pry off the metal Farm Sweet Farm sign from the wood frame and remove the metal tacks and trim down with wire cutters.

For Step 3: Wrap burlap tightly around the wreath, and hot glue the beginning piece of burlap to the wreath form and hot glue the end piece as well so that they both stay put.

Then on Step 4: When the wood banner is dry, dry brush black paint to the edges and across the middle to make the banner look like a worn piece of wood.

Step 5: Hot glue the metal Farm Sweet Farm sign to the center of the wood banner. Glue the metal tacks back into place.

Step 6: Wrap the chicken wire around the top 3rd of the burlap wreath.

Step 7: Glue the banner to the wreath.

Pictures of the steps are also below!

And finally, on Step 8: To create your buffalo check and burlap/lace bows:

For each bow, fold over the ribbon six times. The buffalo check ribbon should be folded in lengths of 6â€. The burlap ribbon should be folded in lengths of 5â€.

Leaving the ribbons folded, fold in half again to find the center.

Cut two small snips into the center of each side of the ribbon. Do not cut all the way through.

Twist a length of thin wire, approximately 5-6″ around the center snips of each ribbon and pull tightly.

Separate the bows by grabbing two and twisting in the opposite direction. Continue to fluff and twist into the desired look.

Wrap the wire around the wreath form to secure it into place.

Trim the tails of the ribbons straight or on a diagonal. To add longer tails to your bow, cut 2 (4â€) and 2 (6â€) lengths of buffalo check ribbon.

Trim the ends of the tails and hot glue to your wreath form, tucked underneath the bows.

Lastly, Step 9 puts it all together: Hot glue 6 small white roses, 3 on each side, to the turquoise painted banner.


If you are like me and need a bit of visual guidance, here are pictures of each step to help.

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Front Door Wreath with Buffalo Check

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