DIY Spring Flower Arrangement To Add Color To Your Home

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

This colorful and fun DIY spring flower arrangement is an easy way to add a little spring to your home! All you need is a cute basket, fake grass or paper shred, and some artificial flowers.

What I love about making your own DIY basket with floral arrangements is that you can easily customize it. For instance, if you want more of a summer look, add some fun summer flowers to it.

You can also use this as an inspiration for holidays! Easter is always a fun spring holiday that you can use this floral arrangement for. Christmas, fall, or Thanksgiving are other holidays you can go with, just swap out the flower colors.

Another great thing about this DIY flower basket is that you can find all of the supplies at the Dollar Tree. If you like Dollar Tree crafts as much as I do, you may like these fun and easy crafts.

Here is what you need to make the DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

  • Small to medium size basket
  • Easter grass or paper shred
  • Artificial flowers (removed from the stems)
  • Artificial greenery 
  • Optional: Plush bunny or plastic Easter eggs if you want an Easter theme

Arranging the Floral Basket

Fill the basket with Easter grass or paper shred to the top of the basket. In this case, we used paper shred because I want to be able to use it for spring, not just Easter.

Place the greenery around the sides of the basket first.

Working from the outside, add the artificial flowers around the basket until the middle is filled in with flowers.

DIY basket with floral arrangements

You don’t have to add the white flowers but I think I like it better with them included. They help the other colors pop and it fills the basket out a little more.

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement To Add Color To Your Home

You can use any flower style or colors you would like depending on your style and what theme you are going with.

To make this a cute Easter basket: place a bunny or Easter eggs in or near the basket. 

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