DIY Farmhouse Stand 2 Tiered Pink Butterfly Rose Cake Tray

This DIY farmhouse stand is AMAZING! It is a 2 tiered stand in farmhouse style, with pink roses and butterflies. It works perfectly for any cake stand or serving tray.

I have become such a huge fan of farmhouse decor that I’m obsessed with everything farmhouse related. I love the white and gray style of decor that has a pop of teal or fun colors to them.

I’ve always enjoyed the decor and then when we created the farmhouse door wreath, the love just exploded! I created a new Pinterest board and quickly filled it up with all of these cute ideas that I love!

It’s just such a simple stand that pops with a little bit of color! I really do love it.

The best part about this tray is that you can use it over and over again. You can change up the decorations, add different colors, etc. The possibilities are endless!

You can use it for decoration for gatherings and events or even serve cupcakes on it! I have someone wanting to borrow it for a wedding this summer. I think it will look beautiful with the decorations they have chosen.

Materials Needed:

tray materials

I’ve included Amazon links to many of these for your convenience. However, many of these items can be purchased at your local craft store.


Begin by using the E6000 glue to attach one candleholder to the center of the plate charger.

Next, apply the E6000 glue to the top of the candleholder, and turn the other candleholder upside down. Attach it to the top of the first one.

I hope that makes sense.. basically, we are going to attach the two candleholders together.

Apply some E6000 glue to the exposed candleholder bottom, and attach the large dinner plate. Center the candleholder to the bottom of the dinner plate.

Let the glue dry completely.

Cut one string of the beaded party necklace so that it is no longer a necklace. Using the hot glue gun, begin to attach the beaded necklace to the outside rim of the large dinner plate.

For the plate used in this example, one necklace was not quite long enough. I added an additional necklace that was cut to size to finish lining the plate.

Next, in a well-ventilated area, spray the entire tray from top to bottom with white spray paint. Let it dry completely.

Once the spray paint is dry, begin painting the tray with white acrylic craft paint. You will want to make sure to get in between the beads that may have been missed,

Once the white paint is dry, you will use the ‘dry brush’ method to add accents with the grey paint.

To do this, dab a very small amount of paint onto the brush. THen you will blot it off on the palette tray. You will only need a very small amount of paint on the brush.

Gently brush over the beaded edge of the top dinner plate. Then do the same around the ribbed edge of the bottom charger plate. Make several light brush strokes across the plate and charger as well.

If the grey is too dark in any area, when it’s dry, go over it with the gray again.

Once completely dry, your tray is ready to decorate, and enjoy!


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