DIY Farmhouse Mason Jars for Decorating Your Home

DIY Farmhouse Mason Jars for Decorating Your Home

These DIY farmhouse mason jars are the perfect way to bring a little farmhouse decor into your home. They are also inexpensive because you can find the supplies at the Dollar Tree.

They would actually work well for coastal decor too. Fill them with pretty flowers or foliage and you have the perfect shelf or table decoration.

These cute farmhouse mason jars are really easy to make and you only need a few supplies, from the Dollar Tree.

  • 3 – 32 ounce mason jars (or whatever size jars you have)
  • Paint Brush
  • Dollar Tree Lace Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Gray Chalk Paint

How to Paint the Gray Farmhouse Mason Jars

Make sure the jars are clean and dry. You can wash the jars with a little bit of Dawn dish liquid and set them out to air dry.

Gray Farmhouse Mason Jars Supplies

Apply 3 coats of the gray chalk paint allowing a lot of time to dry in between. If you don’t wait long enough the paint will start to come off when you are painting another coat on

As you begin to paint each coat, you will notice that the gray gets darker and the jars look a bit better.

Gray Mason Jars Painted

Once the jars are completely dry, cut 3pieces of 24-inch sections of the lace ribbon. This is what we are going to use to add some flair to the top of the jars.

Gray Mason Jars with Ribbon

If you don’t want a big bow like we’ve done, you can cut the lace pieces shorter but I would be sure to measure to make sure you have enough ribbon to cover the top of the jars.

After everything is dry and your ribbons are on, you can add your favorite flowers (either real or fake).

DIY Farmhouse Mason Jars for Decorating Your Home

We went with some pretty peach-colored flowers in one mason jar and just some simple green foliage in the other two.

However, you can style and decorate the DIY farmhouse mason jars with your choice of colors or seasonal flowers. I think these would also be great for your fall decor collection!

DIY Farmhouse Mason Jars for Decorating Your Home

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