How to Make a Mesh Wreath DIY Dollar Tree Wreath Tutorial

Inside: Learn how to make a mesh wreath using Dollar Tree Supplies.

This fun DIY Dollar Tree Wreath tutorial will show you how to make a mesh wreath that you can then change up for any season or holiday. Just change the color of the mesh and added decorations, and you can make these all year long!

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DIY Dollar Tree Wreath Tutorial

For this tutorial, we are using supplies from the Dollar Tree, as we did with our fall wreath, but you can get the supplies anywhere.

We used the red and white colors because of the holidays coming up, but you can use any colors you want.

For a little extra fun, we added some mini Christmas bulbs to the wreath for the holidays. This is optional.

This will also make a great winter wreath, or take off the ornaments and it is the perfect mesh wreath for Valentine’s Day! For other inspiration check out our list of DIY Flower Wreaths for Spring.

DIY Dollar Tree Wreath Tutorial: How to make a Mesh Wreath

If you are wanting to change the colors to something besides red and white, all you have to do is get different color tulle and mesh!

Supplies Needed:

  • 14” metal wreath form
  • 3 packages decorative mesh (we used red)
  • Package of decorative mesh (we used white)
  • 1 package white and red sparkly tulle (you can use any color combo)
  • Roll red sequin ribbon (you can use any color)
  • 15 fuzzy sticks/chenille stems
  • Scissors

If you want to add some cute little ornaments for the holidays or other decor to the wreath, you will need a hot glue gun and hot glue.

How to Make a Mesh Wreath Step By Step

  1. Start by cutting your fuzzy sticks in half.
  2. Cut all of your ribbon, mesh, and tulle into 6-inch lengths.
  3. Roll each piece of mesh into a tighter tube and then roll the tulle diagonally.
  4. Gather your bunches. Use 4 pieces of mesh, ribbon, and tulle; using at least 2-3 pieces of the red mesh for the bottom layer of each bunch.
  5. To make the bunches, lay each piece on top of the other, in a snowflake-like pattern.
  6. Wrap a chenille stem around each bunch, twisting 3 times. You will be making 30 bunches like this.

How to attach the mesh bundles to the wire wreath form

To attach the bunches to the wreath frame, do this by laying the bunch on the front of the wreath, and going to the back of the wreath, grabbing the two ends of the chenille stem, and attaching them to the two inner wires on the wreath form.

Then, twist the two ends of the chenille stem together 3 times, around the two inner wires. Each section of the wreath form will end up with 5 bunches attached.

Lay the wreath on a flat surface and fluff your bunches, until you have your desired look.

Adding seasonal or holiday decorations to a mesh wreath

If you want to add the mini holiday ornaments to make a Christmas wreath or other holiday decor:

Apply hot glue to the side of each ornament and arrange the objects around the wreath, gluing them to the bunches.

Ideas for Decorating with a Mesh Wreath

Depending on the colors and theme you choose, you can use mesh deco wreaths for lots of things!

Try hanging them on your door (you could even add a little Welcome sign to it), or making a few to put on the inside of front windows.

You can also display these horizontally, and use them as a centerpiece. It would look really nice with a tall candle in the middle or a vase filled with treats!

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