20 Awesome Drawing Activities for Kids

Drawing Activities for Kids

Do you have kids always squiggling around with crayons, pens, pencils, or paint? Well then, this list is for you. From the basics to some more advanced techniques, these drawing activities for kids can be made into a fun day of art and creativity. These can also be helpful for anyone ready to take on a new art project.

And, of course, the best part is that these things are fun, easy, and engaging for kids of all ages. The art of drawing can be a great hobby for kids and allow them to explore their creativity while learning new skills. If you are stuck on what you should do with your kids, which they should do next, or how to help them learn a new art activity, this list entails 20 activities that are perfect and will help you get moving.

20. Humpback Whale

A whale is the world’s biggest animal and one of the most interesting animals to learn about and draw. This humpback whale drawing tutorial is perfect for kids who want to learn how to draw a whale or any other ocean animal. According to Thesprucecrafts, The kid should start by sketching the whale’s outline on paper. Next, they must draw the whale’s flippers, tail, and dorsal fin. Finally, they can fill in the drawing with color.

19. Dinosaur Drawing

Dinosaurs are always a hit with kids, so why not incorporate them into your drawing lesson? Have kids draw a simple dinosaur outline, then allow them to get creative, filling it in with patterns, colors, and designs. When they’re finished, they can add trees, grass, and other prehistoric plants to create a dino-themed scene. You can also turn this activity into a game by seeing who can come up with the most original design.

18. Drawing Llama

The llama is a South American mammal closely related to the alpaca. Llamas are used as pack animals in their native countries and were introduced to Europe by the Spanish in the 16th century. These friendly creatures are now popular pets all over the world. If your child is fascinated by llamas, why not try one of these fun llama drawing-activities?

The drawing process is simple, as llamas have long necks, big bodies, and small legs. Then add some llama accessories, such as a saddle, blanket, or pack. Let your child’s imagination run wild.

17. Tree Frog

As children grow, frogs fascinate them. They are curious about these slimy, green creatures that seem everywhere. This drawing activity is a great way for kids to learn about tree frogs while exploring their creative side. First, have the child draw a large tree frog.

They can make it as realistic or as whimsical as they like. Next, have them add some leaves, vines, and other greenery to the tree. Finally, add in some small insects for the frog to eat. This activity is perfect for kids who love nature and want to learn more about the creatures that live in it.

16. Boo Bat

If you want to turn your living room into a haunted house this Halloween, you’ll need some spooky bats flying around. This Boo Bat drawing activity is a great way to get kids in the Halloween spirit, and it’s also a perfect opportunity to teach them about patterns and symmetry. According to Craftwhack, The kid should start by drawing a big oval for the bat’s body.

Then, they should add two small ovals for the ears and two small triangles for the wings. To finish the Boo Bat, they should add two small circles for the eyes and a big “V” shape for the mouth.

Now it’s time to add some patterns and details to the Boo Bat. The kid should start by drawing a series of small dots all over the bat’s body. They can make the dots as big or small as they want and add as many dots as they like.

15. Rocket

Children love anything that flies above them, so why not make a rocket? It is simple, and all you need is paper and some crayons. You can even use old toilet rolls if you have any lying around. Ask your child to decorate their rocket however they want, and then help them launch it into the sky. After this, advise them to note how high it flew and what it looked like. This is a great activity for fine motor skills and creativity.

14. Robot

Children love technology, and what could be techier than a robot? For this activity, provide your kid with a picture of a robot or simply ask them to imagine one. They can then draw their own version of the picture, adding whatever details they like.

They can use paint, crayons, markers, or even go wild with stickers. Once they create their masterpiece, have them give their robot a name and a personality. This is a great drawing activity to encourage creativity and resourcefulness.

13. Rainbow Chameleon

If you’re looking for a drawing activity that’s both fun and educational, look no further than the rainbow chameleon. Not only will your child get to practice their colors, but they’ll also learn a little about chameleons and rainbows. To start, have your child draw a chameleon. Then, using different marker colors or crayons, have them fill in each section of the chameleon’s body.

According to Picklebums, as they color, talk about how chameleons use their color-changing ability to camouflage themselves in their environment. When they’re finished coloring, talk about how a rainbow is made and point out each color of the rainbow in your child’s drawing.

12. Monkey Portraits

Portraits are always fun to draw, but monkey portraits are even more fun. This activity is perfect for kids who love monkeys or who just want to try their hand at portraiture. To get started, have your child draw a monkey face on a piece of paper. Then, have them fill in the features using crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

Once the face is complete, encourage your child to add some shading and highlights to give their monkey some dimension. Finally, have them draw a background scene for their monkey to live in. Jungle trees, bananas, and other monkey friends make great additions.

11. Cat and Paw Drawing

Cats are animals that are easy to find in real life and in books, which makes them a great subject for a beginning drawing project. This project will help your child learn how to draw a basic animal form and also how to add details to create a realistic-looking cat. You need to provide the kid with paper, a pencil, and crayons. When the picture is complete, your kid can even choose to add a colored background.

10. Elephant Drawing

Kids love big animals, and they’ll have a blast learning how to draw an elephant. For this project, you will need a pencil, paper, a black Sharpie, a white crayon, and a gray crayon. First, have your child draw the elephant’s face with the pencil. Next, they should trace over the pencil lines with the black Sharpie.

Once that is done, they can start filling in the elephant’s body by shading it with the gray crayon. Finally, they can add the finishing touches by giving the elephant some white tusks.

9. Fancy Flowers

You can use this as an opportunity to teach your kids about the different parts of a flower and how to make them look 3D. The kid needs to start by drawing a big oval in the middle of the paper. This is going to be the center of the flower. Next, they will need to make 4-5 small ovals around the big oval. These will be the petals of the flower.

Once the petals are drawn, the next step is to add stamen. These are the thin, pointy parts in the center of the flower that pollen comes out of. Finally, the leaves need to be drawn in. Once the leaves are added, the flower is complete.

8. Drawing a Picture of a Friend

Is there someone your child admires or is close to? Help them draw a portrait of this person as a gift or for fun. According to Teachingexpertise, This activity will help practice facial features and proportions. If they are stuck, you can provide some tips or print a photo for reference.

You can also do this activity together and make a game by guessing who the other person is trying to draw. If you want to make it more challenging, set a timer for one minute and see how much detail they can get in that short period.

7. Drawing a Monster

This activity is perfect for kids who are feeling creative and want to let their imaginations run wild. There are no rules when it comes to drawing a monster, so encourage your child to be as creative as possible. They can make their monster big or small, friendly or scary, and add as many details as they like. Ask them to tell you a story about their monster when they’re finished.

6. Drawing Baby Today’s Outfit

Baby Yoda always wears the cutest little clothes, and today is no different. Help your child draw baby Yoda in his or her outfit for today. Include all the intricate details and make sure to get the colors just right.

When they’re done, they can add accessories like a bow or a headband. This is a great activity for kids just starting to draw, as it helps them practice their fine motor skills. You can also use this activity to teach your child about colors and matching.

5. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a drawing game that can help young kids learn how to draw. The game is simple. You start with a pumpkin and then try adding as many details as possible. The goal is to see how many different things you can add to the pumpkin without making it too complicated. This game is perfect for kids who are just learning to draw or those who need a refresher.

The kid should start by drawing a simple pumpkin shape. After that, they can add details like a stem, leaves, eyes, mouth, and anything else they can think of. This game can be played with any object, so if you want to switch it up, try using a different fruit or vegetable.

4. Pine Tree

This activity is good for kids who are just learning to draw. It will help them with their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. All you need for this project is a pencil, some paper, and an eraser. It is also a good way to teach kids about different types of lines (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc.) You can start by drawing a simple pine tree outline on paper. Then, have your child fill it in with lines going in different directions. Your kid can make the pine tree as simple or complex as they want.

3. Night Sky Owl Drawing

Kids are fascinated by the nocturnal world and what goes on while they are asleep. This fun drawing project brings the night sky to life with an owl as the main character. It is a great opportunity to talk about the different animals living at night and their habitats. You will need to provide your kid with a black piece of paper, a white crayon, and some colored pencils or markers.

First, they will draw an owl in the center of the paper using a white crayon. Once the owl is drawn, they will use colored pencils or markers to fill in the background. The sky should be deep blue, and the stars should be white. They can get creative with this part and add different constellations.

2. Santa Claus Drawing

This project is perfect for getting kids into the holiday spirit while teaching them how to draw Santa Claus. It is a great way to show them how to use different shapes to create a more complex drawing. For this activity, you will need a white piece of paper, a black Sharpie, and a red pen or marker. First, have your kids draw a big oval shape for Santa’s head. Next, add two small circles for his eyes and a big circle for his nose. Finally, add a hat, beard, and mouth. Don’t forget to add some jolly rosy cheeks.

1. School Bus

Kids interact best with things they see in their everyday lives. A school bus is an excellent subject for a drawing because it is so easily recognizable. Children can use different colors to make their school bus drawings pop. According to Whatdowedoallday, adding details such as the wheels and school logo can be a fun way to make each drawing unique. So, for this project, you will need to find a picture of a school bus or vehicle. If you can’t find a school bus, any type of vehicle will work. The goal is to get them to focus on the basic shapes and then fill them in with color. You can also use this opportunity to teach them about shading and perspective.


Kids are never too young to start learning how to draw. Drawing is a great way for kids to express their creativity, and it’s also a fantastic way to develop fine motor skills. Look no further if you’re looking for fun and easy drawing activities for kids. Above, we’ve shared 20 awesome drawing activities that your kids are sure to love.

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