Easy Felt Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers: Dollar Store Crafts

An easy felt Christmas tree craft for toddlers! This simple Christmas tree craft can be made for just a few dollars with supplies from your local Dollar Tree.

If you’re looking for a fun hands-on project for kids, this tree is perfect. Kids can use their imaginations and get creative. This felt Christmas tree craft is perfect for toddlers and little ones.

Just like our DIY Fall Wreath, you can find everything you need at the Dollar Tree. I love the Dollar Tree, everything is only $1. Plus, they always have a lot of cute crafting supplies that can be used for multiple projects.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers

Supplies you need:

  • Felt Christmas trees
  • Gold pipe cleaner (you can use silver or any other color you want)
  • Red pom poms
  • Christmas themed glitter stickers
  • Glue

The Dollar Tree had premade felt Christmas trees. But you can use sheets of felt if you want to cut your own size or style of Christmas trees.

They also had these really cute premade glitter stickers that were shaped like snowmen, reindeer, and ribbons. They had other Christmas themed sticker options to choose from, these were just the ones we went with.

So, the first thing we did was put the gold pipe cleaners on the tree. We wanted to use the pipe cleaners as garland. So, we cut them into pieces and glued them around the tree.

After our pipe cleaners were where we wanted them, we glued the red pom to the top. We used this as our tree topper.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers

Once we had the garland and tree topper on, we used the stickers to decorate the rest of the tree.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers

I was looking for some mini pom poms to use as ornaments as well, but unfortunately, they didn’t have any. If you have some on hand or can find some, they can be used as ornaments. Just put in on in addition to the stickers.

This is a fun activity that kids can do to keep their hands busy!

TIP: Poke a hole in the top area of the tree and tie a ribbon to create a tree ornament. Then you can use it as a tree decoration!

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DIY Felt Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers

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