DIY Superhero Crafts & Ideas You Need To Make This Summer

My kids have always been into superheroes. We always enjoy doing fun DIY superhero crafts. We’ve seen every superhero movie that I can find or has been out on video.

When they were a little younger we would always do fun superhero themed birthday parties and make Star Wars crafts. It seems we are getting more into creating fun backyard games.

In our homeschooling work, we will often create superhero themed lessons. It just seems to help my son be more interested in the lessons. Often, we will take some of the homeschooling channels on YouTube and incorporate those into a superhero theme of some kind.

DIY Superhero Crafts

  • Avengers Bookmarks – These are so simple but so cute!
  • Superhero Blocks – I love this idea! You can decorate the Jenga blocks and use them for different games. A matching game would be perfect for these blocks. You can even play a superhero-themed game of Jenga!
  • Superhero Can – Another craft that can have multiple uses.. store superhero figures and other toys, savings jar, etc.
  • Batman vs Superman Checkers – My kids love playing checkers so this is another one of our favorites. Sometimes, to mix it up, we will use different superheroes. Villains would be replaced for the black checkers and heroes for the red checkers.
  • Avengers Card Clipboard – We did something similar to this with a clipboard one of the kids needed for school.
  • Captain America Notebook – This is another project that we did a version of for school. The kids were able to decorate the notebooks however they wanted. My son chose different superheroes and had a collage of them all.

These are all fun crafts that kids can create. You may need to help them out a bit but for the most part, but on some of these crafts they may be able to handle it for themselves.

Kids are so creative! That’s one of the things I love most about them. You can just see their mind spinning with all kinds of ideas when they plan.

This summer, kids can create and use their crazy imaginations to play and enjoy these fun and easy superhero crafts.


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