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Dollar Tree Beaded Butterfly Craft

This Dollar Tree beaded butterfly craft is a great spring craft activity the kids can help with.

The supplies to make this butterfly craft all come from the Dollar Tree. It’s inexpensive and can work as a fun homeschool craft, a rainy day craft, or even a class party craft.

Dollar Tree Beaded Butterfly Craft

These little butterflies are versatile. You can use any colors you would like or add your own flair to them when decorating them.

Dollar Tree Beaded Butterfly Craft

  • Clothespins
  • Pipe cleaners (2 per butterfly)
  • Dollar Tree ponytails (the beaded ones)
  • Dollar Tree Pearl Beads (the larger ones)
  • Paintbrush
  • Waverly white chalk paint (nontoxic so kid-friendly) but you can use what you have
  • Sharpie or black marker

Start by painting 2 of the clothespins white and leaving 2 of them the natural color. If you want to paint them all one color you can.


Next start adding the beads to one of the pipe cleaners. This will be the larger wing for the bottom of the butterfly.

String on 42 beads. ( 21 on each wing section). Leave some space in the middle and some on each end.

Once all the beads have been strung, take the ends and wrap them around the open space that was left in the middle. Place this inside the clip section of the butterfly.

Repeat the same process with the next pipe cleaner but only adding 12-14 beads per wing section. Leaving a lot of room at the end.

Wrap the ends around the middle section to secure it together. With the remaining section of the pipe cleaner add a pearl bead or 2 pony beads to form the antennae.

I strung the bead on and then wrapped the pipe cleaner around to secure it. Place this section inside of the clip section and make sure the antennae are sticking out of the top

The last step is to draw a smiley face using the sharpie or the marker.

Dollar Tree Beaded Butterfly Craft

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