70 Awesome Writing Prompts for 8th Graders

Writing Prompts

The purpose of a writing prompt entails the generation of a writing topic and giving guidance on how to write. Writing prompts must be clear and should motivate a writer. When developing writing prompts, teachers/ parents must ensure that they stick to laid out principles. There are various writing prompts, but in the s article, we shall focus on writing prompts suitable for 8th graders. When analyzing them, we shall be grouping them into their respective categories.

Descriptive Prompts

These prompts require the student to give a detailed description of a given subject. They use words such as “Describe in detail.” They encourage the writer to apply the five senses in writing. The learner is expected to explain how they felt, smelled, looked, and tasted a given item of discussion. Some of them are as given below.

1. You love your school uniform. Describe its colors and why you value it.

2. You visited your friend’s kitchen, and you liked it. Describe what it looks like.

3. You are always anxiously waiting for schools to close so that you can visit your grandparents. Describe how their compound is.

4. Last summer was one of your favorite holidays. Explain why you liked it most.

5. There are so many indoor activities you can undertake. Describe the rules of your favorite game.

6. Among your toys, there is the one you love most. Describe it to your classmates.

7. What is your idea of a good shopping mall? Describe how you would like shopping malls to be organized.

8. Describe how you want your bedroom to be.

9. Last year, when you went on a vacation. Describe one of the physical features you saw.

10. A Cat is your favorite animal. Describe to your classmates such that they will end up loving it.

11. You have just moved to a new school and made a new friend. Describe them to your parents.

12. You love how school life is in the 8th grade than all the other grades. Describe how it is now.

13. There is that one place you have always wanted to visit. Describe how you understand the place.

Imaginative Writing Prompts

These writing prompts require the learner to create a real-life situation they have not yet experienced. They improve the writer’s ability to create a story around an image. Some are as stated below.

14. Imagine that you could go back to grade 7; what would you do differently?

15. Imagine that you have found your pet which had been lost for the last five years. How would you feel?

16. Imagine that you have been elected the president of your school union. What are some of the challenges you would fight for?

17. You expect to pass your final exam with flying colors. Imagine that you have failed; how would you explain it to your parents?

18. Imagine that your friend has come to you seeking your guidance on how to improve on your favorite subject. What advice would you give them?

19. Imagine that the school principal has just called his office and requires you to write about a place where the school should visit.

20. Imagine that you have been voted the best student in your school and are required to give a speech. What would you say on the prize-giving day?

21. Imagine that you have woken up, and it is four hours past the time you were supposed to go to school. What are you going to do?

22. Imagine traveling with your parents at night, and your car has developed a mechanical problem. What will you do, considering you have your final exam the following day?

Persuasive Prompts

They are made to convince the reader that a certain point is true and they should follow that particular line of reasoning. They define the topic and guide the reader on the position they should take. Examples are:

23. It is better to be a child than an adult. What benefits do you think you get because you are a child?

24. Life needs us to be prepared for any eventuality; then, we plan when they happen. Write an essay taking the position that preparedness is better than overplanning.

25. Every child you see has the potential to be a future president, and it is better to start planning at an early age. Write an essay arguing that those who wish to be presidents must start demonstrating such behaviors early.

26. Almost every child is aware of gun violence in the United States. Argue on why you think students should be trained on handling firearms.

27. Music is not only made for entertaining us but also a means of therapy. Write about why you think music has a more therapeutic value than entertainment.

28. The teaching of a second language derails one culture. Write about why you think learning a second language makes it difficult to study your original language.

29. There are so many activities you can undertake during the holiday. Writer on why you think hiking is the best activity to do during the holidays.

30. Parents should not be involved in making pet choices for their kids. Write about why you think this is correct.

Fantasy Prompts

The Think Written guides us in understanding fantasy writing prompts as the ones which enhance our fiction. They give the learner a more advanced way of exaggerating a given situation. There is a correlation between imaginative and fantasy prompts. They plot a certain thing and then let them write and follow it. Some are illustrated below.

31. You have gone to the mountain and met with a dragon. It is terrifying and adorable, and it breathes fire.

32. After a gang has killed your friends, you see writing on each wall giving out the names of each gang member. What are you going to do?

33. You have been employed as a farm boy in a rich man’s compound, and as you water the flowers, one starts talking to you about your boss’s secrets. What will you do?

34. There is an abandoned building in your village, and your friends have decided to go and look at what it is inside. Upon opening the door, you meet an older man whose teeth protrude to the floor.

35. If all the stories you have heard about angels are true, which one do you admire most?

36. You have rented a new house in the city with your family members. From nowhere, the walls start speaking.

37. Your father has just told you he got a job in a company that manufactures darkness and light. Among the two, what would you choose and why?

38. You had ascended to heaven with your pastor. Surprisingly the two of you are turned back. What next for you?

39. You just visited a newly established zoo; you find that all animals in it can talk. Which animal would you wish to have a conversation with?

Narrative Prompts

They help the learner to tell a story of a certain direct experience. They commonly use phrases like ” tell what.”/ ” write a story about…”. They help in testing the learner’s ability to reconstruct events.

40. You have made several choices in your life, and you do not regret them at all. Tell us about the decision you think was the best in your life.

41. You visited your auntie, and they cooked one of your favorite meals. Write a story on why you started liking the food.

42. While in grade four, you admired some subjects most. Write about why you liked them.

43. Children develop a positive attitude towards certain games early. Tell us why you love your favorite sport.

44. There is that teacher whom you love the most. Write about why you have always admired them.

45. There are so many school trips you have attended. Write about why you like a given trip.

46. Your parents have told you several fictional stories. Write about the one you have loved most.

47. You once visited a botanical forest before your classmates, whom you will visit with in the next few days. Write to them about what they should expect.

48. You have visited the kennel dealer in your local area. Tell your parents about the best puppy you want them to buy for you.

49. At your age, you should have a collection of shoes. Tell us to know what your favorite shoes are.

Opinion Writing Prompts

Opinion prompts seek to get the learner or the reader to speak out on a given topic. They direct them to a specific topic of discussion. Examples are as given below:

50. Why do you think it is easier to be a boy than a girl?

51. The Internet has been the new platform of communication. In your opinion, does it make people meet more, or it drives them apart?

52. There should be room for children to change their names when they attain maturity age. What is your opinion on this position?

53. Some people think bullying is a social disorder, while others think it is an obvious thing to make the young strong. Debate on it. Debate on it.

54. Climate change is affecting the quality of water we are taking.

55. There are so many false statements we come across on social media. Pick one of such lies and give your opinion on why that is the case.

56. Were it not for COVID-19, school calendars would not have been developed the way they are now.

57. Children should be involved in making key decisions in their lives. Why do you think so?

9. The government should abolish all boarding schools. Why do you think this is the right decision?

58. It is better to be more emotionally than physically strong. What is your opinion on this?

59. You have been selected to be among those giving 6th graders a talk on school life. What will you tell them?

Counter-Argument Writing Prompts

According to Your Dictionary, after 8th graders have given their opinions, their peers can counter-argue them. The same way they can write about the counter-argument. Examples include:

60. Some individuals think that talent is more important than education. Why do you disagree with them?

61. Those who own cats think they are prettier than dog poets. Why do you disagree with them?

62. Some people argue that the voting age should be lowered. Do you agree that some children in 8th grade can make sound political choices?

63. Some schools have adopted the wearing of uniforms as one way of making all students feel that they are equal. However, others argue that there are better ways of enhancing equality. Take your position and make arguments on it.

64. Some parents support the idea of their kids having smartphones in school because they can enhance their access to online schooling. Take a different position and counter-argue.

65. Many people think that the earliest bird catches the warm. Argue on why this may not be true.

66. Some people say that you can still be smiling but fully stressed. Could you explain why you disagree with them?

67. Your parents believe you can do better in Mathematics than in English. Why will you disagree with them?

68. Kindness is better than honesty. Write about why you think it is more important to be honest than be kind.

69. People believe that boarding schools are better than day schools. Why is it that you do not have the same opinion?

70. Domestic animals are more beneficial than pets. Why is it that you do not agree with this statement?

In Conclusion

These prompts have been developed with a lot of consideration for the writing strengths of 8th graders. Each learner should pick prompts from different categories to enhance their writing abilities. The good thing is that they are easily available, and you can guide your child even when they are at home to pick any of them.

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