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Preschool Dinosaur Counting Worksheets

These fun preschool dinosaur counting worksheets will make a great way for them to learn a few math activities.

Learning math can be a bit challenging for some. With my son, I had a terrible time because he just had a hard time getting it. To help him, I started creating printables (like this learn the 50 states flashcards) so that we can practice and make it a little more fun.

He did really well with the colorful printables. He seemed to take everything in a little more and it’s much more fun than just a simple black and white paper.

That is how these printable dinosaur math activity came about. I know children learn differently and sometimes we need an option that has a bit more spark to it.

More fun printable math activities:

This free printable dinosaur activity includes 4 math learning pages.

  • 1-8 cut and match puzzles. Just cut out the strips and have your child put together the images by putting them in order from 1-8.
  • Counting dinosaurs. This activity will have children counting the dinosaurs and writing the numbers.
  • Count and trace. With this activity, kids will trace the numbers as they count to 8.



Preschool Dinosaur Counting Worksheets


Download the Preschool Dinosaur Counting Worksheets




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