20 Awesome Easter Activities for Kids

Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It symbolizes the defeat of death by Jesus Christ and now Christians can have eternal life. Therefore, you must explain this to your children as you celebrate and engage in fun activities. So, what fun activities can kids do during Easter? Your kids can engage in drawing, painting, watching Easter movies, and planting a tree. Here are the 20 Awesome Easter Activities for Kids.


20. Planting a Tree in Your Home Garden to Symbolize New Beginnings

Easter represents the defeat of death and the beginning of eternal life. Therefore if you have a garden at home you can buy tree seedlings for your kids. You can also help them plant the tree and give them instructions on caring for it. Allow the kids to get dirty when tending to the tree. Keep assessing their progress and check if they are following your instructions. As the tree keeps growing, explain to them the symbolic meaning of the tree and how it is related to Easter. Additionally, if you feel they have done a good job tending to the tree you can reward them.

19. Cooking a Special Meal Together as a Family to Celebrate Easter

You can engage the kids in cooking their favorite meal to celebrate Easter. It would be best if you were in control of the kitchen because kids are messy. You can give the kids lighter duties such as washing the vegetables, mixing flour, adding a specific ingredient, or stirring a mixture.

You can also give them tasks like setting the table and serving. By giving them lighter duties, they feel their part of the process. Additionally, cooking allows you to bond with your kids and develop deeper intimacy.

18. Watching a Movie on Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

You can buy a movie on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Animation version movies are the best. Kids find them entertaining and easy to understand. This is the best way the kids can understand why people celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. After your kids watch the movie, you can ask them a few questions about it. This will help you determine if they have understood the movie. You can also allow them to ask you questions about the movie. In addition, watching the movie will improve their concentration and listening ability.

17. Buying Painting Materials for your Kids to paint an Image of Jesus Christ Resurrecting

If your kids love painting, you can buy them painting materials to paint an image of Jesus. This is an excellent way to boost their creativity. As they paint, they may be messy, but encourage them to finish the painting. Additionally, you can help them mix colors. When they finish painting, you can help them to put the painting in a shade for it to dry up. You can beautify the house using the painting. Moreover, the advantage of painting is that it will improve the creativity and imagination of your kid.

16. Engage the Kids in Spoon and Egg Race to Boost Their Physique

The spoon and egg race is an activity that kids love so much. The best place to play this game is a backyard area. According to The Family Education, the spoon and egg game was invented in the 1800s. For the game to be less messy, hard-boil the eggs for your kids. The kids can use a wooden or a metal spoon. Furthermore, this game increases the physical fitness of your kid. As the kids’ race, they will learn the importance of concentration and coordination.

15. You Can Read the Kids Storybooks about Easter

Kids like listening to stories. Nothing fascinates the mind of a kid like a story. Therefore, if you are good at storytelling, you can read Easter stories to your kid. As you read these stories, ensure you use dramatization to keep your kids engaged in the story. You can also pause for a second or ask rhetorical questions in the middle of the story. Doing this ensures your kids follow through with the story up to the end. Additionally, it improves your kid’s creativity, concentration, and critical thinking skills.

14. Engage Your Kids in Devotion as a way of Celebrating Easter

The best way to start celebrating Easter is by engaging your kids in devotion in the morning. You can give the kids different roles such as bible verse reading, praying, and at least one worship song. For the preaching part, you will do it. In the preaching part, you will explain to the kid’s importance of Easter and what you need to celebrate. The devotion will also bring the family together, and the bond will grow. Additionally, this is the best way the kids can learn about Easter.

13. Requesting your kid to draw a Picture of Jesus Resurrecting

If your kid likes drawing, you can request them to draw Jesus resurrecting. You can also visit stores and buy drawing materials related to the resurrection of Jesus. Besides the kid drawing Jesus’s resurrection image, they can also draw the tomb and soldiers guarding it. Drawing improves the creativity of your child. It also helps to improve your kid’s concentration and ability to remember things. After the kid has finished drawing, post the picture on your refrigerator or frame it and hang it on the wall.

12. Engaging the Kids in Easter Bunny Sack Racing

Sack racing has been of the most practiced outdoor activity by children. It is fun to play; the fantastic part is that all age groups can play it. According to Blue Ribbon Kitchen, it is the perfect activity for kids, and it helps to burn off some energy. The beauty of bunny sack racing is that you can do it as a family. Especially in your backyard if it has nice cut grass. Additionally, apart from burning off energy, sack racing improves your kid’s coordination and concentration ability.

11. Taking the Kids to the Zoo to See their Favorite Animals

Kids love visiting the zoo and marvel when they see big animals. Some zoos allow you to feed the wild animals. However, most zoos allow feeding of the giraffe because it is easy to feed. As you visit the zoo, you can also take pictures of the animals for your kids to put in their rooms.

As you stroll the zoo with your kids, observe all the rules. Do not feed animals that you have not been permitted to feed. Additionally, it is important to observe the different safe distances provided when viewing animals like monkeys, baboons, and the cat family (leopard, cheetah, and lion).

10. Taking the Kids to Easter Camp offered by the Church

Church camps are the best place for your kid to learn about Easter. In the camp, your kid will get a deeper understanding of Easter. Additionally, the kid will learn the importance of eternal life in a Christian’s life. Also, the kid will learn to socialize and relate well with people. The other benefit of your child attending the camp is to learn how to be a team player. Therefore you can be sure your kid will not only be equipped with the word of God but also life skills. Furthermore, camps are an excellent place for your kids to explore independently.

9. Participating in Charity Events or Community Service during Easter

The best way to celebrate Easter is by allowing your kids to participate in community or charity events. Community service helps the kid understand the importance of serving others in your community and caring for each other. You can allow your kids to participate in charity events that help improve the community. These events include runs, walks, and campaigns to feed the poor or the homeless. Your kids will develop a heart for giving and caring for people through these activities.

8. Engage the Kids in Hula Hoop Aiming Game

The Hula Hoop aiming game needs a lot of accuracy. It also improves the creativity and concentration of the kid. According to Good Housekeeping, you will use five hula hoops and assign values or points to each. You will arrange the hula hoops on the floor, following each other vertically. The closest hula hoop will have fewer points, and the furthest hula hoop will have more points. You will use plastic eggs, and you will toss the eggs in the hula hoops and check who gets the most points.

7. Making Crafts of Jesus Resurrecting and the Tomb

You can buy craft materials for your kids to make an image of Jesus. The kid can also make a tomb where Jesus was buried. Such crafts will improve your kid’s creativity, coordination, and concentration. You can also help your kid in case you feel you have more innovative ideas. Making the crafts together will help strengthen your bond and help to get to know your kid. Moreover, craft-making helps your kid quickly understand the importance of Easter.

6. You Can Prepare a Packed Meal and go with it to the Public Park for a Picnic

Kids love picnics, especially if you allow them to bring their pets. A picnic will help you connect more with your kid. You can also walk around the park as you enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful scenery. As your kids enjoy playing with their pet by running up and down with it, they will be burning a few calories. This helps to improve the fitness of the child. Furthermore, you can also take pictures as you enjoy spending time in the park with your kids.

5. You Can Engage Your Kid in Coloring Activities

You can buy some Easter coloring materials if your kid is good with colors. These materials are drawings of Jesus, the tomb, and the soldiers that were guarding his tomb. You will be surprised how kids know match colors. Coloring is a good activity that helps nature skills such as critical thinking and creativity. You can also help your kids color. Nothing brings more joy to a kid than doing coloring or craft work with a parent. Furthermore, after your kid is done coloring you can mount the picture on the bedroom wall.

4. Going hiking and bird-watching in a National Park

If your kid likes adventure, you should consider visiting a national park. Some parks have easy hiking terrain for children. Also, the park provides a tour guide who helps the kids navigate through the park and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Some parks are wonderful for bird watching, depending on the season. Therefore, apart from hiking, they will also enjoy watching different bird species. Additionally, hiking is a good physical activity for your kid to burn that extra energy that comes with the excitement of Easter.

3. Making a Paper Bunny Craft for Easter

You can engage your kid in making a bunny for Easter. It does not have to be complicated; you can use paper material. According to Easy Peasy and Fun, you only need paper, scissors, googly markers or eyes, and glue. You can help your kid to make the bunny. It can take any shape, provided you make a paper bunny. Doing this activity will help you bond more with your kids. After you are done, add it to your kid’s collection of artwork.

2. Teaching your Kids How to Recite Bible Verses

You can read the bible together with your kids about Easter. Look for scriptures that talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can take turns to read the bible whereby you read one verse your kid reads the next. By doing this, your kid will feel more involved. As you read the bible together, you can teach kids how to recite verses. You can start by teaching simple Easter verses which are easy to memorize. Furthermore, reciting verses helps to improve remembrance and creativity.

1. Acting Out the Story of Jesus’s Resurrection

You can write a small play for your kids. Assign each kid a role to play. You can also develop costumes for the play. Being part of the play will help to ensure that each plays the role they are given well. In addition, you will be in control of the play to ensure each is performed well. It would be best if you also embrace the kids’ ideas when they have a suggestion. The importance of acting about Jesus’s resurrection will help the kids to have a better understanding of Easter. Moreover, it helps improve their creativity and concentration.

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