20 Awesome Camping Activities for Kids


Keeping kids entertained during the whole camping trip is not an easy thing. Some people prefer going camping solo without carrying their kids. If you are not familiar with camping trips, this is a normal thing. However, people who have gone camping with their kids will tell you that there are many things kids can enjoy on a camping trip. Camping serves as the best time to unwind and re-bond with your kid. It also acts as a perfect moment to remain active and explore nature.

Keeping your child active and happy during your camping trip does not require magic. What is so important is that you prepare adequately, and you will discover how fun it can be camping with kids. Little creativity might also be important to keep kids busy and happy in the campground. Changing the environment they are used to help the kid learn new things and appreciate nature. In this article, we look at some awesome camping activities that will instill unforgettable memories in your child.

20. Go for walks or hikes

There is no better way of allowing your kids to enjoy nature than hiking and going for walks. Besides exploring the natural landscape, hiking is also an exercise activity and a perfect chance for bonding. Once your kids come of age, you can involve them in the planning process. Allow the teenagers to take roles in leading the hike and make some decisions. According to Active for Life, this will enhance their outdoor skills and independence. For the little kids, remember that their feet are not strong enough for long walks. You should choose routes that are not steep and allow for a slower pace with several rests in between.

19. Let the kids try some watersports

Campsites with water proximity are ideal for water sports like canoeing, skiing, and rafting. If you are looking to make your kids comfortable around water, canoeing will be a good sport for kids. It boosts the kids’ confidence, especially when introduced early. Please note that water sports require prior preparation. Water activities like canoeing might get the little one wet. As such, you will want to get them some wetsuits. You might also be required to have some shoes that you don’t mind even if they get wet if kids participate in water sports.

18. Bike, scoot, or trike on the campsite

It is fun rolling around your camping site on a bike or scooter. These are common activities that keep kids engaged during a camping trip. Let kids circle the camping ground on their bikes as they play made-up bike games. Such will help kids to exercise and remain busy for hours. Campsites are also ideal places to teach your kids how to ride a bike. This is because the roads here are often flat and have less traffic.

17. Participate in a real-life treasure hunt

One of the biggest treasure hunts in the world is geocaching. People will hide caches, containers with log books, and other valuables for some people to locate. To locate these caches, you will require devices that are GPS-enabled. There are more than 350000 caches all over the world. Many campsites will have these caches that wait to be discovered. Let them participate in geocaching if you want to keep your kids out, move, and enjoy the camping trip.

16. Teach the kids how to fish

When fishing with kids, patience is not something to compromise for the parent and the child. Besides teaching kids where the food they enjoy comes from, it is a good and quiet time for bonding. Fishing is a camping activity that is popular among teenagers during camping. If you are taking your kids to fish for the first time, spot a location with plenty of fish. According to Sunshine Whispers, this will maximize their chances of getting a catch. Get your small kids the nets with handles to try catching fish at the edge of the waters.

15. Go on a night walk

Night walks are a fantastic camping idea, especially with your kids. It is the best time to star gaze. The campsite is a quiet and empty place that will give you the best sky view. Grab your flashlight and take your kids for a nighttime walk around the campground. The experience is exciting for kids, particularly when the stars shine bright. Your kids will enjoy the interesting insect and animal sounds during the night. Encourage your kids to use all their five senses while exploring the camping site at night.

14. Go Forest Bathing

You are probably wondering how one can bathe in the forest with their kids, right? Forest bathing, in this case, simply refers to spending quality time taking in nature. This is a very calming exercise for kids, especially when they need some time to reset. To fully enjoy forest bathing, you should assist your little one find a comfortable and quiet sitting area in nature. Some kids would prefer movements as opposed to sitting in one spot. If this is the case, walk them slowly through nature.

13. Scavenger Hunt

During scavenger hunting, simply look for local plants and wildlife in the area where you are camping. This way, you will help the kids to identify nature. For instance, some forests are dominated by Willow, Scots Pine, and other trees. Including these in your scavenger hunt will help kids identify nature at a tender age. Make sure you write down a list of the things you wish to collect in your scavenger hunt. For small kids, a color hunt will be a good exercise as you find items that match a certain color.

12. Test your balance skills on a Slackline

Slacking is a good way to improve your balancing and stability skills. If you are really into balancing, this is an activity that you and your kids should participate in. A Slackline is simply a long nylon webbing anchored between two points. Most outdoor sports stores have these products at affordable prices. Slacking is convenient for camping because it is easy to pack and set up a Slackline.

11. Master the art of skipping stones

Kids always learn the joy of throwing rocks into the water from a young age. You have probably done that as a kid. According to Childhood 101, the little stones make a small plop, while the bigger stones make a mighty splash. Skipping stones will surely keep your kids entertained on the camping grounds. To skip a stone, find your kids flat round rocks and throw them parallel with the water. Skipping stones might require practice for your kids, but it is worth all that effort.

10. Practice nature yoga

At times, camping could bring huge emotions for kids. It is not unusual for young kids to feel sad or frustrated when they enter an unfamiliar environment. When you realize your kid is experiencing emotions during the camping trip, try to slow down and engage in nature yoga with your kids. You just need to locate a spot at the campsite and try different yoga poses that boost the mood.

9. Gather wood to build a fire

Camping is never complete without campfires, right? You might need some fire to keep warm or for other purposes on the campsite such as meal preparation. When you need to build a fire, involve your kids by allowing them to help you collect wood. When gathering wood, make sure they help you chop it before lighting a fire. Knowing how to start a fire is a general survival skill, which is therefore important for the kids. Teenagers can be taught how to safely chop and saw wood while the younger ones are busy gathering sticks.

8. Play Ball Games

This is an activity that most of us relate to. Balls arrive in different sizes, which means you can find a size that is easily packable during your camping trips. If your kids love balls, ensure to pack balls or balloons for them to spend time with in the campground. According to Good Housekeeping, the campgrounds are ideal locations to teach your little kids how to kick a ball away from the busy and crowded estates back at home. Parents can also join the kids in their ball games to psyche them up.

7. Allow the kids to participate in the cooking process at the campsite

Kids with a passion for baking will find this an awesome idea. It does not have to be tedious because you are far from home. The best way to do it is to research some awesome camp recipes for the little ones. For instance, you can try out chili cheese fries and campfire cones. You can consider packing pizza toppings and naan bread to teach your kids how to assemble pizzas. If you love sandwiches, you should consider packing the sandwich cooker for the trip. Involving kids in the cooking process at the campground equips them with kitchen skills at an early age.

6. Enjoy some music together

If everything else is not working, music will be a good option. Most kids love music, and hosting a dance party could be a good idea for the little ones. According to Koa, this will help to keep the kids busy as you cook or perform other camp chores. Level up things by allowing the kids to select the music. Let the kids enjoy the music by jumping and dancing on your air mattress.

5. Glow sticks can bring so much fun

Once the sun sets and the campground turns dark, you can consider having fun with glow sticks. There is a lot that you can do with glow sticks. For instance, you can place them in clear water plastic bottles for night bowling. You can clip these glow sticks into a large circle to allow kids to enjoy hula hoop fun. Ideally, there are so many ways that you can get creative with glow sticks. If you are looking to have camping fun with glow sticks, ensure to pack the rechargeable glow sticks.

4. Charades

This is a game that your kids will enjoy playing in your camping tents. One player acts out something without making any sound while other players guess what they are trying to mimic. To get the most out of this game, try playing the game as a team with points. Do not expose your young kids to too much overthinking. Just make it easy for them by making simple suggestions such as swimming or brushing their teeth. This is a fun activity you can do in the evening around campfires.

3. Discover Letterboxing

Letterboxing is almost similar to geocaching from the perspective of a real-world treasure hunt. The unique thing about it is that letterboxes are hidden. These letterboxes have a stamp, an inkpad, and a log book. Upon discovering a letterbox, you are supposed to make an imprint of your stamp in the log book. There are more than 90,000 letterboxes worldwide; some can be discovered using the Geocaching app. The interesting part of Letterboxing is that your kid can make their signature stamp from a piece of branch.

2. Rock Painting

If your child has never tried rock painting, camping will offer the best opportunity for that. First, the activity will keep the child busy for a considerable time. Apart from that, rock painting presents a chance for fun teaching moments. You can write messages like ‘smile’ on the rocks. From that, the child learns to do something nice for other people. If there are no rocks at the campsite, simply use what is available. People have even painted bricks. To make the activity better, pack some paint markers during the trip.

1. Read Books

It is important to have some quiet time when camping as well. According to Personal Creations, the best way to keep kids occupied during a time like this is to have them read books. It would even be better to have books that have so much focus on camping experiences or nature. For toddlers, get them coloring books that are camping-related. Make sure you carry enough torches to ensure everyone, including the kids, has their own.

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