Free Printable Summer Bucket List To Help Get The Kids More Active

A printable Summer bucket list is the perfect way to get kids outdoors and more active.

With school out, it can be hard to get the kids out of the house (it seems like that in our area anyway). It’s like as the kids get older, there aren’t many that enjoy going outside to play anymore.

Video games seem to be all kids really want to do this Summer. Granted, there are a lot of kids that do enjoy the sunshine and don’t like to be cooped up inside all Summer. Which I certainly encourage!

I remember not being able to play many video games at all during the Summer. We lived in the country and had to find ways to entertain ourselves. So, my brother and I would run around the yard for hours making our own outdoor games, swinging, climbing trees, walking through the woods to find rocks, and making our own binoculars to play with.

But what do you do when your child just wants to sit inside all day and not enjoy the outdoors?

Give them this printable Summer Bucket List!

Go on! You may get a funny look when you hand this to your child. Or the dreaded “ugh!” sound, but it’ll be worth it! They’ll thank you later.

There are a lot of fun activities they can do on this checklist. There is even a section where they can list other things they’d like to do this Summer, activities that aren’t listed.


As you can see there are a lot of activities that involve kids getting out of the house and enjoying the warm weather. There are also tasks that will help them with chores and getting involved with the community by volunteering.

A few items on the list include Summer crafts, which can be such a fun experience for kids. It’ll help them learn (even though they won’t know they’re learning), it will encourage creativity, and giving them hands-on experience with building and creating different things.

Need some crafts ideas for Summer?

Download the Free Summer Bucket List HERE


Free Summer Bucket List for Kids - Free Printable Summer Checklist For Kids


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  1. Ooooo so many fun activities on the bucket list!!! I’m so happy summer is finally here. My favorite time of year!

  2. This is a great list! Thank you for making this printable, I know it will be so handy this summer for my family!

  3. Seriously, these kids have no more interest in outdoor games nowadays! As kids we used to play teacher-student a lot apart from swinging, dancing or playing hide n seek ???? These are great ideas, thanks for sharing this printable ☺

    1. I know! No one wants to go outside anymore! I remember playing teacher-student a lot before as well. I forgot about how much fun we used to have doing that!

  4. This is such a great idea! Especially if you hear “I’m bored” a lot! Or you need some ideas!

  5. I’ve never thought to do a summer bucket list with my kids. This is such a fun idea!

  6. This is a wonderful idea! I love all the bucket list items. My little one is too small for some of these, but there are many we hope to do before the end of the summer!

  7. I love this idea! We have done a few already including fishing and we caught lightning bugs when we were on vacation last week! We head to Florida for Disney and the beach soon, so lots of time outdoors!

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