Rainbow Crafts for Kids To Help Learn Colors

These fun rainbow crafts for kids can be used for a wide variety of different learning activities.

Rainbow crafts can be used for St. Patrick’s Day, spring crafts, to help teach colors, and more.

Rainbow Crafts are Educational

  • They can be used to help learn colors and color recognition.
  • Used to help teach children about patterns.
  • Since a rainbow has different sizes of strips, rainbows can help with shapes or measuring.

Use Rainbow Crafts for Holidays & Seasons

  • These rainbow crafts can be used as a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity.
  • Spring crafts can include rainbow crafts.
  • Summer crafts can incorporate the colors of the rainbow.

Enjoy these tasty rainbow foods and rainbow treats as you do the crafts!

10 Fun Rainbow Crafts for Kids

These fun rainbow crafts include a variety of different activities for kids. Crafts like paper plate crafts, popsicle stick crafts, and more are included.

Rainbow Coffee Filter Craft

Easy to make and fun, this rainbow coffee filter craft is perfect for preschoolers or young children.

Rainbow Crafts for Kids To Help Learn Colors

1 Quilled Rainbow Craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom

2. Rainbow and Shamrock Popsicle Stick Craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom

3. Rainbow Paper Plate Tambourine Craft from Kids Craft Room

4. Easy Popsicle Sticks Rainbow Craft from Mombrite

5. Rainbow Rice from The Best Ideas for Kids

6. Paper Plate Rainbow from Arty Crafty Kids

7. Rainbow Slime from The Best Ideas for Kids

8. End of the Rainbow Paper Plate Twirler from Crafty Morning

9. Rainbow Chain Craft For St. Patrick’s Day from Crafty Morning

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