Free First Day Of School Printable

Ah, the first day of school is coming up quickly for us. It’s always bittersweet for us. Each year, Summer seems to go by quicker and quicker. Before we know it, it’s time to start shopping for school supplies and getting back into a structured routine.

This year, the kids will be going into 6th grade. Do you ever sit and think “Wow, where the heck did the time go?” It feels like just last week we were getting ready for 1st grade.. now we are up to 6th grade!

My son is homeschooled, but my daughter still attends public school. My daughter thrives in public school but my son needs more attention and detail than public school will give him, so that’s why we do it that way.

Free First Day of School Printable

Free First Day of School Printable Sign

I made a couple of different options for our back to school printable sign. I just can’t decide which one to go with so I’ll let the kids decide.

Even though we homeschool our son, I still take his picture each year. I love to see how they change throughout the year and this is one of my favorite ways to do that.

Sure, there are school pictures that are taken but I refuse to pay the $60, twice a year, for a package. The price increases each year so who knows what prices will look like this year.

That’s a lot of money I could be saving! Plus, my daughter likes to volunteer me for class parties! Then I have to bring snacks, juices, and games (check out this Halloween bingo game we knocked their socks off with one year).

Here are a few first day of school printables you can download.

Fun first day of school printable sign - free download.
8.5×11 (Standard Letter Size)
first day of school sign
8×10 Landscape Sign
First day of school printable sign

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