Kids Who Like Rocks: Educational Benefits of Kids Starting A Rock Collection

Kids who like rocks are not weird. It’s actually pretty normal for children to pick up and collect rocks they find interesting on their outdoor journey.

Rock collecting for kids is not only fun for them, but you can also turn it into something fun and educational. You can cover subjects like math, science, geology, nature, and more.

Let’s face it, as homeschoolers and as parents, there is nothing better than something fun turning into an unexpected lesson that doesn’t feel like a typical lesson.

Kids Who Like Rocks

Plus, rock hunting is a great way to get kids out of the house and enjoy the outdoors so you can add it to your summer bucket list.

Learning Opportunities for Kids Who Like Rocks

Let’s see how many things we can teach and explore with that big pile of rocks your child may have accumulated.

Keep in mind that these are just a few ideas.. there are probably a million of ways you can incorporate rocks into your learning and their interests!

Geology & Science

While children are collecting and studying their rocks, you can teach what types of rocks there are.

For instance, kids can learn that rocks are typically classified into 3 different rock types: Igneous, Sedimentary, and metamorphic.

In addition to teaching the 3 different types of rocks there are, you can also teach the basics of the rock cycle and how each type of rock can transform into another rock.

For older children, this can also be a lesson on researching and writing a report about rocks and the types there are. You can even use rock themes as a writing prompt to help guide them.

Experiment Examples

Mohs Hardness Scale – Kids can use the scale to scratch the rocks with a nail, penny, etc to see if it can be scratched. If it cannot then the rock is harder than the nail or other object that was used to scratch it.


For kids who like rocks, collecting them can turn into helping them learn math in a fun way.

You can use the rocks in place of other items to help kids learn how to count, multiply, subtract and more.

Art & Creativity

Kids love painting and being creative. You can set aside a few pieces of their rock collection to encourage them to paint and use different colors.

There is a book called “Stone Painting for Kids” which features different ways to paint and design rocks to spark creativity.

Erica, from Enrichment Studies, goes into a bit more detail of what is covered in the book here.

A few of my favorite ways to incorporate rocks into learning art:


While kids are outside hunting for rocks, they are bound to come across various different insects or fossils.

You can use this opportunity to learn about the different insects or bugs they see. Who knows, kids may come across fun little fossil rocks to!

These are just a few ways starting a rock collection or picking up rocks can turn into something educational. There are so many different things that can be done.

Resources for Kids Who Like Rocks

These are some of my favorite resources for kids who like rocks, collecting rocks, or resources that will help with teaching or rock lessons.

My Favorite Rocks – I like this rock journal because kids can keep information on the rocks they have collected. They can write down how the rocks feel, shapes, colors, measurements, etc.

Rock and Mineral Activity Kit – This kit includes over 200 pieces of Geodes, Shark Teeth Fossils, Arrowheads, Crystals, Gemstones for Kids, Rock Book, Treasure Hunt ID Sheet. It’s a great resource for STEM Science Education.

Rock Hounding & Gem Mining Geology Tool Kit – This kit includes everything an older child (or adult) needs to explore and find rocks.

The best advice I can give is to let kids explore! If kids like rocks and want to collect them, it may pique their interest and to take what they learn about the rocks a step further.

This could, in turn, lead to new interests, learning more about a specific subject or even a career in science or geology.




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