Inventors That Changed the World for the Good

Inventors That Changed the World for the Good

It is important for your child to know the inventors that changed the world and their inventions. Many of these inventions would come to change the world in different ways.

They helped people, solved common problems, and were just a stepping stone for us to have some of the best technology we have now.

Many of us use educational apps and YouTube channels in our homeschool, but without many of these inventors, that technology would not be around. Plus, it is important for children to learn about some of those who changed the world.

Inventors That Changed the World

Johannes Gutenberg – The craftsman and inventor who invented the printing press.

Garrett Morgan – Known for creating the first three-position traffic signal.

Alexander Graham Bell – The first to be awarded a patent for the electric telephone.

Thomas Edison – A renowned inventor who created the light bulb and first functional lighting system.

Alessandro Volta – Discovered the first practical battery that has allowed us to use battery-operated gadgets.

Eli Whitney – Invented the Cotton Gin which revolutionized the cotton industry.

Richard Trevithick – A British engineer that created the first locomotive that used high-pressure steam to drive the engine.

Wilbur and Orville Wright – Known as the Wright Brothers, together they create the first working airplane.

Robert Fulton – Known for inventing the steamboat and helped improve transportation.

Samuel F.B. Morse – An American painter and inventor who developed the electric telegraph. In addition, Samuel Morse developed the Morse code.

Philo Farnsworth – The creator of the first television.

Gaston Planté – Invented the first rechargeable battery.

Lumière brothers – The two brothers are known to have invented the cinema. They also patented the cinematograph.

George Washington Carver – Some of his inventions included crop rotation and alternative ways to use peanuts. 

Granville T. Woods – Induction telegraph system that allowed moving trains to communicate. That technology would help them avoid collisions and would help dispatchers locate the trains.

Frederick Jones – Invented the first automatic refrigeration system for long-haul trucks and railroad cars.

Medicine and Health Inventors That Changed the World

Louis Pasteur – A microbiologist that invented the principles of vaccination and pasteurization.

Wilhelm Roentgen – X-rays

Alexander Fleming – Came up with one of the first antibiotics that would become widely used in the health field, and is still used today; Penicillin.

William Morton – Create the Anesthetic which we continue to use this day for surgeries and other procedures.

René Laënnec – Invented the stethoscope.

While there are so many different inventors that helped revolutionize the world we know today, these are just a few.

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