Remote Learning Resources and Tips for Parents + Remote Learning Tools

Remote learning resources and tips or remote learning tools can be a little tricky to find. As the school year begins though, you want to be sure you are prepared to start with your remote learning journey.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of remote learning. Our family has learned a lot over the last few months so I wanted to share our favorite remote learning tips and tricks.

What is Remote Learning?

Remote learning is where the children and the teachers are working together remotely instead of in the traditional classroom we may be used to.

Remote learning provides a way for students and teachers to stay connected and learn or teach while working from their homes. This is done through various technology-based systems or remote learning resources that are available.

Is Remote Learning the Same as Homeschooling?

No. Homeschooling is where the parents or guardians have full control over what is being taught. There are various ways and homeschool methods that parents use.

With remote learning, the children are still learning through the public school system, only online or remotely from their homes. They are following all of the school guidelines, curriculum, and expectations, just from home.

I currently homeschool my son, however, my daughter attends public school due to various reasons. This year will be a little different for everyone though as she will be taking part in the remote learning that is offered through her school.

Wait?! Your son is homeschooled but not your daughter?

I often get the question of why one child is homeschooled and the other is in public school.

It’s as simple as us choosing what was best for each child.

For instance, my son has a few health issues and learning disabilities. When it comes to homeschooling my son, I have so much more freedom about what is being taught and how it’s being taught. He learns differently, so this works best for him.

My daughter, well she is the outgoing, keep you on your toes, I want to learn about everything kind of child. She’s very social, she’s very determined, and she absolutely loves the whole school experience.

Remote Learning Resources and Tips for Parents

If you are new to remote learning, these tips should help you get prepared for the journey.

Set A Schedule or Daily Routine

Having a set schedule and sticking to a daily routine is important when it comes to remote learning, distance learning, or homeschooling. That can be easier said than done at times! However, it’s important to make a schedule and stay on schedule as much as possible.

Many schools treat remote learning just like they would a regular school day. Having a set schedule of hours or specific times that needs to be dedicated to schoolwork or classes might be part of remote learning. Set a schedule to follow these times.

Tip: Keep the daily routine as normal as a regular school day as much as you can. It might be helpful to have the children practice and get used to their schedule before the remote learning starts. They can get up, have breakfast, and get their schoolwork or books ready to go before they start.

Stay Connected and Communicate Often

It is important for parents, students, and teachers to communicate often and stay connected throughout the remote learning or distance learning process.

Having students checking their emails multiple times a day for important information from their teacher is also important. Logging in at least once a day is important to keep up with any news or new lessons/homework added. Speaking with the teacher if there are any questions or concerns about the lessons or problems.

If they can participate, having students participate in the class will help them better understand what is being taught. It can also help them feel more comfortable with reaching out to their teachers if they need it.

Stay Organized!

Have a weekly calendar up at all times so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the school day schedule. Set up an organized space for your child to learn.

Set reminders for any upcoming important events, tests, or projects that have been assigned. You can use sticky notes or have your child set a reminder on their phone.

The schools may also set specific times for breaks. It is important to take breaks because it can help keep kids from getting overwhelmed while they are remote learning. This can be extremely helpful while distance learning or even homeschooling.

Keep your remote learning area organized with some kind of school supply organizer.

Tools and Apps for Remote Learning Students


Spritz scans the written content of any website and visually reads it back to you. The app will stream individual words through an isolated display window. This will help minimize eye movement and fatigue and help you read faster.

Screen Shader

Screen Shader applies a shade to the screen to ensure your eyes don’t get hurt. It can reduce the brightness to extremely low levels to help prevent eye strain.


Brainly can help students combine their strengths and talents to tackle problems together. Students can ask questions and get help from teachers and other students for a better understanding on how to solve problems.

Dragon Dictation

Dictation tools like Dragon Dictation will allow you to record audio and transfer them to text. This can be helpful when your child needs to take notes.

Chegg Mobile Apps

Chegg offers a few apps to help students are they are distance learning or learning remotely. It’s a nice resource because students will find helpful flashcards, get answers explained, and more.

Instagrok App

InstaGrok is a helpful tool when it comes to researching. It presents the topic as a visual, interactive graph, allowing students to quickly grasp important concepts and key facts.

If you are looking for some great remote learning resources and tips for teachers, I love the apps and resources Angie at Lucky Little Learners provided.

Remote Learning Resources and Tips for Parents Remote Learning Tools

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