Girls First Period Pack – What To Include

A girls first period pack is something that I think every parent should put together for their daughter. I went over how my 10-year-old is going through the beginning stages of puberty.

We went over everything that was happening to her body and even read Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. A book a highly recommend. Another great book would be The Period Book: A Girl’s Guide To Growing Up.

Anyways, I wanted to share some ideas of what I will be including in my daughters pack. I’ll also share some pre-made girls period pack products that you can find if you’d rather go that route. The pre-made packs are just as helpful and a little easier than making your own.

Ideas of what to include:

Put everything she needs in a cute stylish and cute bag so she can leave it in her backpack until she needs it. These can also be great because she can refill as needed.

  • Female hygiene pad
  • Midol or Tylenol (those cramps can get pretty painful)
  • Extra pair of underwear – put in a zip lock bag so she can put her old ones in when she changes
  • Cleansing wipes
  • A note letting your daughter know that everything is ok, that you love her, proud of her, and that she can call if she needs to talk about anything. Let her know that it can be a scary at first but everything will be ok.
  • A piece of her favorite chocolate or candy.

Pre-Made Girls Period Packs

These pre-made packs are all from Amazon. I use Amazon for most of my shopping simply because sometimes it’s cheaper and the free quick shipping with Prime is awesome.

I really like this Dot Girl First Period Pack. It’s cute, small, and handy. It’ll fit perfectly in her backpack and includes the essentials.

One of my favorites is this Menstruation Kit. It’s small and fashionable. It’s discreet enough that it doesn’t look obvious as to what it is.

Another really cool looking pack I like is this Lil-Lets Teens Starter Pack.

I haven’t made a decision yet as to which one I will get for my daughter. I have asked a lot of my mom friends and these were the three they recommended and purchased for their own daughters.

what to include in a first period pack

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