Essential Life Skills for Teens to Know Before They Become Adults

There are many life skills for teens to know before they become adults. As a parent, you always want to make sure they have the best opportunities they can, and teaching them essential life skills will help them.

You also want to know that they can do well on their own when they move out. Teaching your children important life skills will help them as they get older and become more independent.

Important life skills for teens to know before they become adults.

Basic Hygiene

It is extremely important for everyone to practice good hygiene. Having poor hygiene can really make life tough and can be harmful to both mental and physical health.

As girls start to get more mature, they need to know that sanitation is important to keep up with because their body is going through so many changes. Our pediatrician had told us around the age of 8 is when girls could start to mature. I was late to the game and didn’t explain it until she was 10.

Basic Cooking Skills

You don’t need to teach your child to be a chef, you just need to make sure they have the basic cooking skills and meal prep skills down so that they can independently cook their own meals when they are out on their own.

Having some cooking skills under their belt will help them make healthy and delicious meals for themselves. Teaching teens how to prep and plan meals and shop with a grocery list can help them too.

Their interest in cooking may also peak leading them to want a career in cooking, growing their own food, or even gardening.

Basic Household Management

It may seem like it can be hard to get your teen to do the household chores but stick to making them keep up with their chores. Even at a young age, teaching kids basic home management skills can be done with chore charts and then eased into more responsibilities as they get older.

Teens will need to know the basics of cleaning their apartment or house so that they can live in a healthy environment. In addition to cleaning, it’s good for them to know how to do laundry, small maintenance around the home, and teaching them how to do a bit of outside work or landscaping isn’t bad either.

Money Management & Financial Skills

This is one of the most important skills teens need to know. Soon, they will be out in the real world and will need to have basic financial skills and know-how to manage their money.

Being able to manage your money is something everyone should know. As kids, they may not see how important it is now, but knowing how to manage their money and balance a checkbook is extremely important as they become adults.

Budgeting is important when it comes to being able to pay bills and afford the things they want so that they don’t end up with a lot of debt or bad credit. Learning how to budget meals is also important so that they can learn to survive when money is a little tight.

Good Manners & Social Skills

We try to teach our kids from the get-go that having good manners is something everyone should have, like saying “please” and “thank you”. It’s important for kids and teens to respect others and having good manners will help.

Having good social skills is also important. Knowing how to carry on a conversation will help them make friends, get better jobs, and do better on interviews. It will also help them be able to talk to their professors while in college.

How to Deal with and Respond to Emergencies

When an emergency happens, it’s not uncommon for you to freeze up in shock and not know what to do. If you help your teen know how to respond or handle emergencies, it could save their life.

How to Manage Their Time

As children and teenagers, school often sets their schedules for them and takes care of what needs to be done. Once school is over and kids are thrown into adult life, it is then up to them to learn how to manage their time.

Learning how to manage their time will make them be more productive and proficient at work, stick with a schedule, and learn how to prioritize.

How to Manage Disappointment

While we don’t want to think about any disappointments our children may face, it is certain that at some point, they will face it. Knowing how to handle themselves and how to manage their feelings and reactions when it comes to disappointments, is important for their well being.

To help manage disappointment, teach your teen how to think positively, how to turn a negative situation into a positive one, and how to overcome negative situations.

These important life skills for teens to know will help them as they grow to be adults and throughout adulthood.

Essential Life Skills for Teens


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