Family Fun Night Ideas and At Home Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

At home activities can be fun! There’s nothing better than getting the family together for a fun night of games and activities.

With the COVID-19 virus, many states are urging everyone to practice social distancing. This is to slow down the rate at which the virus is spreading.

We have talked to the kids about what is going on with the world right now. While it’s a scary place right now, I don’t want them to be too worried or scared. I want them to enjoy our time together. So, we have multiple family fun night ideas we will be putting into place in the next few weeks.

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing is a way to help prevent the spread of a virus. By social distancing, you are distancing yourself from large crowds or gatherings. Many events get canceled because they draw a large crowd where the virus can be spread quickly.

For example, people are encouraged to work from home if they can. Recreational activities and sports events are postponed or canceled. Schools or workplaces have shut down to help slow down the rate at which is virus spreads.

Many schools have encouraged homeschooling while the kids are out of school. They have even put in place online earning opportunities. Colleges have even shut down and will be doing online classes only.

It is also recommended that we avoid large stores the best we can. Avoid playgrounds or playgroups, and try to do as much as we can with limited interaction with others.

Social distancing isn’t much fun, especially when we all want to be out. The weather is warm so being with friends and family is something everyone wants to do. We also want to attend events and enjoying ourselves. Kids are also wanting to run off their energy at the park and play with their friends.

While social distancing isn’t something a lot of people want to do, it does have it’s benefits. Plus, it can help slow down the spread of germs and keep you safer.

At Home Activities for Family Fun Night

There are plenty of at-home activities that you can do while you are at home. At-home activities are recommended for everyone to practice social distancing.

Plus, this time at home with our family, can be something special. Our kids grow up so fast. It seems like we often miss many of the little moments that are important because of our busy schedules.

When I found out they would be canceling schools and events, I thought was this could be a good thing. It could be a good way for our family to reconnect and have fun together while staying safe.

We have been brainstorming and searching online a lot when it comes to what activities we can do at home.

Luckily, our list of activities is long and continues to grow. We all have been coming up with different games or fun activities we can all participate in.

I will continue to update the list as we find more, so come back to see the new additions! These are a few of our favorites.

Family Togetherness Activities

  • have a few board games nights where each night a different person will pick a game to play.
  • card game night with the same rules above
  • have a movie night where we each pick different movies we want to watch
  • bake a pizza together or mini pizzas where everyone gets to make their own
  • make cookies together
  • have a nerf gun war (these are some fun nerf gun games we’d love to try)
  • start a rock collection from the rocks you find. This can be rocks in the back yard, side street, or by a creek. If you have a wooded area, this would be even more fun!


Free Printables & Fun Activities for the Kids

These are just a few of the things we have thought about doing. I did throw some ideas in there that you and your family may enjoy doing.

I will be adding to the list as I find more groups. Since there are so many resources, I want to continue to update the list for you as I find them.

Family Fun Night Ideas and At Home Activities

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