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Rainbow Foods and Rainbow Treats Desserts Cookies Candy and More

Rainbow foods and desserts like cookies, candy, and other fun treats are perfect for parties.

You can make rainbow foods for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, birthday parties, and more. I actually came across a lot of these rainbow desserts when I was searching for fun birthday cupcakes.

We always enjoy making them for our summer celebrations or to go with a fun unicorn-themed party.

Speaking of unicorns, these unicorn pretzels and unicorn bingo will be a great addition to your party!

Don’t forget to check out these fun rainbow crafts for kids! You will find a lot of fun crafts like this coffee filter rainbow craft.

Rainbow Foods and Desserts

Rainbow Foods and Rainbow Treats

Rainbow Fruit Loop Cupcakes. Full of color, these rainbow cupcakes are made with Fruit Loops for a tasty treat.

Rainbow Cake Roll. Made with Funfetti cake, this colorful rainbow cake roll is sure to be a hit.

Rainbow Cheesecake. Colorful and pretty, this rainbow sherbet cheesecake dessert is delicious.

Rainbow Whoopie Pies. Easy to make and delicious, these rainbow whoopie pies are fun.

Rainbow Cookie Bars. Topped with a colorful frosting, these rainbow cookie bars are easy and delicious.

Rainbow Cookie Dip. A tasty rainbow dessert that is sure to be a hit, this fruity cookie dip is tasty.

Rainbow Candy Cake. Perfect for parties, this rainbow cake is topped with candy for a tasty sweet treat.

Fruity Pebble Treats. Made with Fruity Pebbles cereal, these marshmallow treats are fun for kids.

Rainbow Popsicles. Colorful and delicious, these rainbow popsicles are made with fresh fruit.

Rainbow Party Treats and Cookies

Rainbow Cookies. Shaped like a rainbow, these colorful cookies are easy to make and delicious.

Rainbow Grapes. Fun and sweet, these grapes are transformed into rainbow colors.

Rainbow Chia Pudding. Naturally colored, this rainbow chia pudding is bright and colorful.

Rainbow Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Perfect for parties, these rainbow pretzels are easy to make.

Rainbow Donuts. Fun and colorful, these rainbow donuts will be a hit with the kids.

Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies. Topped with rainbow sprinkles, these cookies are fun and tasty.

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