Halloween Invitations and Treat Bag Tags – Free Printable For Parties

Halloween invitations and treat tags are kind of an obsession of mine! Halloween has to be my favorite time of the year when it comes to creating printables.

There are so many different cute Halloween characters and graphics you can use. Most of the characters are more cute and cuddly rather than scary. The ones I like anyway!

The kids always have a Halloween party. Well, actually, the school quit calling it a Halloween party and instead call it a “Fall Party”. They had their reasons for this but I don’t see what’s wrong with kids celebrating Halloween in school.

I remember having a Halloween party and wearing our costumes to school that day. We would parade around the school with our costumes on and teachers would have fun activities and goodies they’d pass out. You were free to participate if you wanted, but it wasn’t a mandatory thing.

Anyways, unlike the last time I was volunteered to be the bringer of treats and games for Halloween (luckily, I came up with this Halloween Bingo game on short notice), this year I’ve decided I’m going to be prepared for every holiday they celebrate.

HAHA.. well, we will see how that goes. I’m off to a good start with these Halloween party invites and treat tags and soon I’ll be working on the other party activities and some fun Halloween games.

Halloween Invitations and Treat Bag Tags – Free Party Printables

Free Printable Halloween Invitations

These were approved by my sixth-grader, the queen of “everything needs to be perfect”. She actually really liked them and has some ideas for treat bags already. As time get’s closer, I’ll be sharing the treat bags that include one of these Halloween treat tag printables.

One thing my daughter insisted on getting is glow sticks. I have no idea what her obsession is with these (and slime) but I told her we could add some glow sticks. We chose these Multi Color Glow Sticks (aff link) from Fun.com.

I think glow sticks will actually go nicely with our potion theme!

Invites & Treat Tag Instructions

The Halloween Invitations are sized at 5×7. It’s recommended to print on card stock but I think regular copy paper might be ok.

The treat bag tags are a regular 8.5 x 11 standard size document. These can be printed on regular copy paper. I might do a card stock though to see how they turn out.

I think with the treat tags I’m going to punch a hole in the top of the bottle part and use ribbon or yarn to tie them to a small bag filled with goodies. If you’re short on time or want it simple, you can always just toss them into a Ziploc baggie with candy or other treats.

Spooky Halloween Invitations
Printable Halloween Party Invitations

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