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Back to School Placemat Printable Activity for Kids

This fun back to school placemat is a great way to get kids exciting about the upcoming school year. It’s a fun back to school printable activity that kids will love working on before they start the school year.

While I like to call this a back to school worksheet, my kids tell me that using the word “worksheet” is not fun. They say it makes it sound like homework which is boring to them and they lose interest.

Whether you call it a back to school placemat or printable worksheet for back to school, it is still fun. It’s a great way to get the kids ready for back to school and they will love working on the activities.

It is a simple one page printable that includes a few fun back to school games. You can print this from home before school starts to help get them ready!

This school activity printable includes 5 different back to school activities that they can complete on the placemat.

  • Word search with back to school words.
  • A fun backpack drawing so they can color and decorate their own backpack.
  • Fun games of tic tac toe for them to play.
  • A fun and challenging maze for them to complete.
  • School icons for them to color.

For teachers or homeschool parents, this would be a great first-day activity for kids to work on! Even if you are participating in remote learning, you can print this out beforehand and have them work on it.

You can even print this out before school starts so that they can get excited about school. Use the tic tac toe spaces for you and them to battle it out in good fun.

The kindness activity worksheet is also great to help remind them of how important it is to be kind to others.

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Back to School Placemat Printable Activity for Kids

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