20 Awesome World Kindness Day Activities for Kids

Every year on November 13th, people worldwide observe World Kindness Day as a holiday. In 1998, the World Kindness Movement created this spectacular holiday intending to highlight the value of kindness and how well it brings people together. Empathy and compassion can boost our self-esteem, happiness, and optimism in general. And when others see or experience our generosity, it might inspire them to perform their good deeds. It would be great if every day were “kindness day,” and people would spread a little extra sweetness. So, to commemorate World Kindness Day with your kids, here are the 20 enjoyable activities.

World Kindness Day

20. Cleaning their Room and Toys

Most times, kids are careless and messy, so the parents are constantly cleaning their messes which can be time-consuming and tiring. On World’s Kindness day, kids should consider cleaning their rooms and toys, saving their parents, or helping the trouble. Although this is an act that benefits the kids, it also shows that they care enough to help out where they can. It is an act of kindness if the kids do this without being told. Parents, on seeing the such depth of compassion, are proud they are raising kids who understand what empathy is.

19. Learn Something New About a Classmate

Unfortunately, kids can spend a whole day together and not know each other, so it is only fitting that on Kindness day, kids get to learn something new about a kid they go to school with. According to Ripple Kindness, they need to put forth a focused effort to gain further information about their classmate and, when doing so, make sure they are not pushy. Once they discover something new about their classmates, they can ask them about it the next time they see each other. This will demonstrate that they participated in and actively listened to the earlier talk. It indicates that they are likewise interested in personal anecdotes.

18. Creating a Classmate Kindness Jar

This is one of the incredible activities kids can carry out in school on this glorious day. Teachers should make a banner that they will use to display the acts of kindness undertaken by the kids. The jar can be decorated with a phrase related to kindness where the kids are encouraged to recall a recent act of kindness that they may have performed for someone else. This is a fun activity where the kids challenge themselves as they record the deeds and individually place a token in the kindness jar after handing in their records.

17. Make Kindness Rocks

As you can already imagine, this is an exercise that rocks. This is an easy-to-do activity for kids as they love painting and collecting rocks, especially for a good course. With this enjoyable (and well-liked) arts and crafts project, kids are inspired to start showing kindness to all. The most important thing for this project is the stones which should be smooth and flat. Kids should also access things like paint, markers, and glitter glue to make the rocks lovelier. The kids will love painting the pebbles and stating encouraging words that they can later scatter around the school once they dry up.

16. Dedicating the Day to Being Helpful

On this particular day, kids can celebrate it by deciding to be as helpful as possible without expecting anything in return. Though encouraging remarks and thoughtful letters are lovely, many people find that assistance with a demanding assignment is the best kind of generosity. Kids can do this by assisting their parents with household duties they can manage, and if they have younger siblings, help them with simple tasks like making the bed. Kids aged six and ten can volunteer to tell stories to the elderly.

15. Go Outside and Feed the Birds

Why don’t we appreciate nature as an act of compassion, given that it is a blessing? Taking the time to feed the birds is one way for kids to understand the beauty of nature. This is a fun morning activity that families may do with their kids. They can visit a bird’s zoo and enjoy observing and feeding different species of birds because birds are beautiful and require the utmost care. Even older siblings and parents can engage in this activity, making it a bonding opportunity for the entire family.

14. Appreciate Your Teacher

Teachers do a tremendous job raising kids as they spend a lot of time with them, molding them to become better people. Consequently, it is just and proper for educators to have respect and esteem. For this, kids can express appreciation to their instructors by composing heartfelt thank-you notes. According to Growing Little Brains, this is a group or individual exercise, as each child has a unique relationship with their teacher. If the kids are stuck, parents can assist them with the activity so that they can put a smile on their teacher’s faces.

13. Designing a Hug Coupon

Nothing feels as good as receiving a warm hug from a kid as they are the most innocent beings. Kids can go about their Word Kindness Day by making hug coupons that they can send as gifts to their loved ones. Hugging possesses many advantages, from fostering interpersonal relationships and improving your spirits to lowering stress. When the kids have the coupons, whenever the recipient wants a hug, they can use the coupons they were gifted. Nothing expresses affection more effectively than a good, old-fashioned embrace.

12. Writing Story about Kindness

Use writing exercises to promote kindness and creativity and honor World Kindness Day. Kids can use words as a method that is best regarded to show compassion. Those with younger kids who cannot write well can urge them to narrate their thoughtful remarks on kindness and record them. Kids are able to comprehend the meaning of the stories they write once they finish writing them. Additionally, each story can be embellished with fantastic Twinkle images and gorgeous, brilliant colors. They are, therefore, ideal for later inclusion in a classroom exhibit with a kindness theme.

11. Creating a Kindness Tree

It’s simple to understand why compassion trees are quickly becoming a popular approach to highlight acts of kindness in schools. The thrill the kids get once they observe the tree getting life due to the good actions added is indescribable. It’s common to equate kindness to seed as this shows that it has the potential to blossom and become something magnificent when given the proper nourishment and care. You don’t need to build a tree, as one can create the tree using simple items like brown paper, green tissue paper, and cardboard. After that, exhort your kids to record each act of kindness they perform on the Blank Fall Leaf Template, whereby they can cut the leaves out and attach them to the tree. This is a tree display that can be done both at school and at home.

10. Scrawl Positive Notes of Kindness in the Playground

Since kids can play various games with their friends on the playground, it is the most popular area of the school. Kids can borrow chalk from teachers and undoubtedly make people smile due to their spreading kindness. According to Total Wellness Health, the kids can make remarks and drawings that motivate people to be better and feel great about themselves. Most people who come across kind writings and drawings feel encouraged and highly spirited by the positivity surrounding them.

9. Creating a Kindness Quilt

Crafting a kindness quilt is an activity that kids can partake in, and have a great quilt with quotes specializing in kindness. For the kids to come up with a well-put and written quilt, they practice on a blank paper to get the word spellings right before transferring the writings to the quilting square. The kids can decide on the proper way of decorating their quilts, and when they are done creating their idea of a kindness quilt, it is laminated, which means that the quilt will last long. This is an activity that can be done both at school and at home.

8. Participate in the Kindness Everyday Challenge

It is a belief that doing one kind deed daily keeps the bad vibes at bay, or at the very least, it is helpful. Kids can participate in an activity whereby they select a kind act they must perform by the end of World Kindness Day. In some cases, this test can last for a single day or prolong to a whole week or month, with each card instructing the kids on a brand new deed to perform. With the cards in hand, every kid must ensure that they achieve the assigned act, and this way, they are motivated to be kind, a virtue that must be part of who they become. There is the option of kids carrying out these activities individually or in teams, making it ideal for instilling values and fostering connections.

7. Smile and Say Hi to People All Day

What are you most likely to do when someone smiles at you sincerely? Most of the time, we’d smile in return. It’s difficult not to. According to Twinkl, never undervalue the impact of a smile, especially when it comes from kids. Even a simple grin has the power to uplift another person. On World Kindness Day, parents and teachers should urge kids to smile as this is a simple way of letting others know that you are aware of their presence. Someone out there is going through some difficulties in life, but a sweet smile from a kid will make seconds of their lives a little bit better than before.

6. Cleaning the Litter around the Block

Kids should consider organizing a street cleanup to contribute to World Kindness Day. Not only will your neighborhood take notice if you are seen cleaning up, but the environment will also be appreciative if rubbish is prevented from entering local rivers. World Kindness Day is about doing things that may seem insignificant to others but are meaningful to you. Children should gather litter in their neighborhoods to improve the environment. This exercise will positively impact the environment because there is no more extraordinary act of kindness than caring for nature. Litter contaminates the air we breathe, necessitating its removal.

5. Sharing with the Less Fortunate

On such a beautiful day, it is only fitting that you pay a visit to the several homeless individuals in the area. Children may request assistance from their parents in preparing and presenting meals. As soon as children accomplish this, they begin to comprehend what kindness is and how it can favorably affect the lives of others. If the children possess items that could benefit others, they should donate them since sharing is caring. Let kids learn the virtue of sharing and being kind when they are still at their tender age.

4. Create Kindness Fortune Tellers

Kids are fascinated by the simplest of things, and a majority would love the idea of constructing paper fortune tellers, which is entertaining. According to Run Wild my Child, a blank fortune teller paper is used as the worksheet is distributed to the kids, where they are urged to fill in the missing numbers and deeds of kindness. After completing this, they can go ahead and cut and fold, showing empathy. This activity keeps them occupied and allows them to learn about different acts of kindness.

3. Study a Book on Kindness

The type of book your kid reads can impact them positively or negatively. Kids can be mean to each other, which is why books on generosity and kindness are highly recommended for their development. In school, teachers can have the pupils read a kind book out loud and explain things that are related to the book. To determine whether the kids have comprehended the story, the teacher can give them a reading comprehension task. How well the kid has understood the report will reflect on their performance on the task.

2. Get Coloring Pages

For a versatile activity for kids to partake in on this particular day, coloring pages are among the most popular. When it comes to helping children de-stress while also fostering positive character characteristics, teachers have adapted to this exercise. The kindness coloring pages contain illustrations and writings the kids can read as they color. Most of the time, the visuals convey a straightforward narrative that kids can identify with, making it easier for them to comprehend kindness.

1. Make a World Kindness Day Display

Making a classroom exhibit for World Kindness Day is a beautiful way to continue teaching kids about kindness. For kids to use as a visual tool to help them remember the value of service throughout the year, create a kindness-themed classroom exhibit. And it looks fantastic! The goal of this activity is to encourage children to practice kindness every day. For those who forget, the show will serve as a reminder.

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