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P.E. For Kids (Daily Exercise Ideas) + 10 A Day Challenge Printable Tacker

Looking for some fun ideas when it comes to doing P.E. for kids at home? This free printable includes a “10 A Day” challenge with daily exercise ideas that kids can take part in.

The P.E. for kids printable is great for using while the kids are home from school, on summer break, or as part of a homeschool curriculum.

P.E. For Kids

We all know that exercise and eating healthy has a lot of benefits and that it is important for keeping us healthy. It is also important for kids to stay active and exercise because it helps their development and growth.

Why you should do P.E. for kids while they are home:

  • It helps keep their bones and joints healthy.
  • Physical activity helps develop muscle strength.
  • It helps maintain a healthy weight.
  • It will help give them more energy throughout the day.
  • Exercise can help kids’ self-esteem and feel better about themselves.
  • It can reduce stress, anxiety, and mood swings.

These are just a few of the benefits of having kids exercise and stay healthy, as they get older there are even more benefits.

With today’s technology and games, it can be hard to get kids motivated but one of the most important ways to get them to exercise is to make it fun.

Kids love challenging each other so making it a fun challenge is another great way to get them to exercise.

That’s why I came up with this “10 A Day” challenge. This has become a fun way to get my kiddos moving and working on physical activities instead of them sitting around playing video games and watching T.V.

With the “10 A Day” challenge, as kids complete their daily exercises they can be rewarded however you choose to do so. When the kids were younger, we would let them earn their screen time by as they completed their chores so you can set it up in a similar way.

Depending on the ages of your children you could reward them with fun activities they are wanting to do or other special rewards.

How much physical activity do kids need?

How much physical activity kids need depends on their age. The CDC recommends the following guidelines when it comes to the amount of activity time children need.

  • Preschool-aged children (ages 3 through 5 years) – be active as much as they can throughout the day. The activity can come from playing on the playground, being active inside the house, or even running around outside while they play.
  • School-aged children and adolescents (ages 6 through 17 years). – moderate to vigorous activity for at least 60 minutes.

The 60 minutes of activity for school-aged children should consist of aerobic activities, bone and muscle strengthening.

Free Printable “10 A Day” P.E. for Kids Challenge

The free printable can be downloaded in the printable library for our subscribers. This is completely FREE and will help you stay in the know about other activities and fun free printables you can download.

P.E. Activities for Kids

If you are wanting a few activity ideas for children to get moving, these are a few fun P.E. activities that kids can do for P.E.

  • riding their bikes
  • jumping on a trampoline
  • playing tag
  • riding a scooter
  • having races
  • going on a walk
  • create and play on obstacle courses or other outdoor games
  • jumping jacks
  • walking the dog
  • playing hopscotch

There are plenty of fun ideas and I plan on posting an entire list of fun and easy P.E. activities that kids can do.

There are also a few educational YouTube channels on physical education that you can check out, these are a few more fun virtual P.E. resources you can use.

Hopefully, these can get you started with incorporating P.E. and some physical activities into your homeschool routine or even while the kids are on break.

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