Third Grade Books That Are Fun and Adventurous

Finding some good third grade books can be tricky. At this age, kids may not enjoy reading which is why it is important to find a series or book that is interesting. If they can find a book they like, it can help them discover their love for reading.

Books that are funny, tend to mimic real-life experiences or scenarios, and those with positive messages are always a great idea.

Books are also a great way to create your own writing prompts. We always have my son read a chapter or a few pages, depending on how long the book is, and then write a summary of what he has read. It has helped him so much with his reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

How To Help Your 3rd Grader Get Interested in Reading

Let them read whatever they want. If they read something that interests them, they will be more apt to continue reading.

Magazines, comics, picture books, etc. These are all great ways to get them started. See what they are interested in and are curious about. Once you find something that perks their interest, you can expand from there.

Best Third Grade Books to Read

Stink Books

Part of the Judy Moody series, the Stink series is all about Judy Moody’s brother. The books reflect the familiar voice of a kid who pictures himself with superpowers to deal with the tricky problems of everyday life, including the occasional teasing of his bossy big sister Judy!

There are 12 books in the series and you have the option to get the physical book, audiobook, or you can get it on the Kindle. Grab the Stink books from Amazon.

The Bad Guys

A funny book series, The Bad Guys follow the baddest bunch of do-gooders in town! While they try to be big and bad, these guys actually want to be heroes, and they’re ready to spring into action when needed. Follow their adventures as The Bad Guys spring into action. Grab The Bad Guys books from Amazon.

Goosebumps Series

An oldie, but a classic! The Goosebumps books have become a favorite series for many kids. The books follow the stories of R.L. Stine and his spooky, bot not too spooky, adventures. Grab the Goosebump books on Amazon.

They even made a few Goosebump movies that your child is sure to love. One of the movies was included in our list of kid-friendly Halloween movies.

Dog Man Books

Dog Man is the crime-biting canine who is part dog, part man, and all hero! Kids will love reading the Dog Man series as they follow along with the crime-fighting series. Grab the Dog Man books on Amazon.

The Time Warp Trio Series

Follow the trio as they travel back and forth through time to learn about historic events and more. Fun and adventurous, kids will love this classic book series. Grab The Time Warm Trio series on Amazon.




Third Grade Books That Are Fun and Adventurous

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  1. Third grade was a tough year for reading for my boys, but the Dog Man books helped turn them from reluctant reader to reading for enjoyment! There are GREAT books on this list, and I think that finding series your kids love makes all the difference!

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