Fall Writing Prompts for Kids in Elementary and Middle School Free Printable

Having a few fall writing prompts for kids is a great way to get them interested in writing. The colorful season can bring on some great questions that you can ask. Not only are they fun but they are also educational.

Since I went over a few fun prompts for middle school, I wanted to make sure we covered the fall season. One of my kiddos is homeschooled, so having writing prompts has been a great way for us to get him more interested in writing.

It just makes writing more fun and the fall writing prompts are a great way for us to start the school year.

Benefits of Fall Writing Prompts

  • Prompts can be used to get their imaginations going and encourage thinking.
  • For younger children, prompts can help them practice and improve their writing skills.
  • For many, school starts in the fall so it is a fun way to start the year.
  • Older kids can learn and research information to answer questions in the autumn prompts.
  • It can help kids practice their creative writing.

Elementary School Writing Prompts for Fall

  • What is your favorite fall game to play? Why do you like it?
  • Fall is a colorful season. What is your favorite fall color?
  • If you could carve anything into a pumpkin, what would it be?
  • For Halloween, I want to dress up as _______.
  • What is your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving?
  • Have the kids read an adventurous book and then they can write their own story or create their own ending of the book.
  • Imagine drinking a spooky Halloween potion, what is something weird that could happen?
  • Make a fall sensory bottle and have them describe, in detail, what they see.
  • Which is better, apples or pumpkins?
  • If there was a fall superhero, what would he or she do? What kind of superpower do they have?
  • What is your favorite fall holiday and why?
  • Have the children create this easy turkey craft and then have them write a story about it.

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Middle School Writing Prompts for Fall

  • Write a poem to describe how fall looks where you live.
  • Your friend thinks that summer is the best season. Write a persuasive paragraph that will convince them why fall is the best season.
  • What would you do if you could be a ghost for a day?
  • Research and find out why the leaves change colors.
  • Write a story about what would happen if a turkey could talk.
  • Imagine owning your own pumpkin patch. What kind of games or fun things would you have there?
  • Write a Halloween show or make a Halloween movie with your favorite movie or T.V. characters.
  • Research and explain why the amount of sunlight decreases during the fall.
  • Pick a country and see what fall looks like there. How is it different than where you live?
  • Why is the season called both fall and autumn? Which one do you like better and why?

These Thanksgiving writing prompts are also a great fall writing activity!

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These are just a few fall themed prompts that can be used to get kids writing this fall. With the new seasons, it is always fun to mix it up a bit. You can change up any of the fall themed prompts to fit a style your child will enjoy.

If you’re looking for a journal, I highly recommend one that’s called Rip The Page! Adventures in Creative Writing. I recommend it because it really helps them get their imaginations going. It was something that really helped my son during our writing sessions.

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Fall Writing Prompts for Kids in Elementary and Middle School

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Fall Writing Prompts for Kids in Elementary and Middle School


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