Easy Turkey Leaf Craft for Kids Made with Fall Leaves


This easy turkey leaf craft is the perfect fall art project for kids. It is also a great Thanksgiving craft the kids will love putting together and the supplies were all purchased at the Dollar Tree!

During our fall activities outdoors, we love enjoying the beautiful colored leaves that have fallen to the ground. The kids will start collecting their favorite leaves by color and unique shapes.

Not only are the leaves fun and colorful, but it is also a great way for kids to learn about nature, science, and art.

When we are making crafts with fall leaves, we research and learn about:

For older children, they can research the answers and use them to write in their journals. You can also use some of these as a fall journal prompt.

  • Why the leaves change colors in the fall.
  • Where leaves go when they fall off the tree.
  • How long it takes for fall leaves to decompose.
  • Why it is cooler in the fall but not as cold as winter.

Leaf projects can also be a great way for kids to get creative. As they are creating their fall leaf craft, they are working on art concepts, practicing their fine motor skills, and learning about science. By placing the leaves on the turkey, they can visually see how it is coming together as they mix and match the colors.

To throw in a little math we count the number of leaves, how many veins they have, and we measure the leaves to see how big they are. It is a great art project that goes well with a fun fall-themed I-Spy game.

The possibilities of creating crafts with leaves are endless and provide a ton of opportunities for them to learn.

Easy Turkey Leaf Craft for Kids


Turkey Leaf Art Craft for Kids

What you need to make this easy leaf craft:

All of the supplies for the fall turkey leaf craft were purchased from the Dollar Tree! If you can’t get to the Dollar Tree, you can find the supplies on Amazon for pretty cheap so I have included links to those.

Easy Turkey Leaf Craft for Kids Made with Fall Leaves

How to make the fall turkey leaf craft:

  1. Paint the turkey ornaments. We chose to paint the turkeys orange and yellow but you can choose any colors you’d like.
  2. When the paint is dry, glue the leaves to the side of the turkey as the feathers.

That’s it! It is an easy fall or Thanksgiving craft that is perfect for an educational art project and school activities.

Easy Turkey Leaf Craft for Kids Made with Fall Leaves

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  1. I used to love to use leaves to make crafts when we lived up north. There was never a shortage of them this time of year, that’s for sure.

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