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Free Fall I Spy Game Printable To Help Teach Numbers and Counting

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This Fall I Spy game is probably one of our favorite games around here. I should say just about any I Spy game is our favorite but the fall-themed one is on the top 3!

When the kids were younger we would play it all the time. At the doctor's office, to help calm their nerves and of course during road trips to help pass the time on our really long trips, like to Disney World in Florida.

That was such a long trip! It was an 18-hour drive for us to get there, but we had friends and family we could visit with while we were down there so we knew Florida is where we wanted to go.

By the way, if you're traveling to Disney or are like us and are obsessed with all things Disney, I love love love these Disney themed travel accessories.

I also recommend for long trips, you either get the free trial of Disney+ or have the subscription. It's so worth it! If you're not familiar with it, you can see my post on Disney+ and everything it has to offer.

If you are looking for some I-Spy books to take with you on a trip or to have around the house, here are a few that I love and recommend.

  • I Spy Letters - This is a great I-Spy book to help them with learning and recognizing their letters.
  • A page of I Spy Numbers - A fun I Spy book to help with learning and recognizing their numbers.
  • Fun I Spy Animals - This is a fun book for learning and seeing animals with the I Spy game.

We would play iSpy when we are at the store even as we would go through each of the aisles. For example, if we were in the fruit section, I'd simply say "I spy something yellow" and most of the time they would choose a banana or sometimes a pear.

It was such a good learning activity.

Not only did it help with color recognition, it also helped them practice sounding out the words of the items they found. As we would go over things items that we spied, I'd have them sound the word out until we got it right.. or close enough.

As we started going to the store, they'd be able to go up and tell me what an item was for the fun of it, or if they wanted bananas, they could say banana or point to what they wanted.

Still today, we will be waiting somewhere and my son, out of nowhere, will say "I spy with my little eye..." Everyone still jumps in to play, even us adults!

As they got older, we would still play I-Spy, only I would incorporate counting with it.

Free Fall I-Spy Printable and Counting Game

Now, on to the free printable I-Spy game you can download. This is a great game for the fall and kids will enjoy looking at the cute fall pictures in the game.

With this printable, kids not only get to play the I-Spy game, but they can also practice their counting skills as they are playing.

Free printable Fall themed I-Spy game

How To Play the Fall I Spy Game

Download the free I-Spy printable below.

On the printable, there is a section at the top where the images are. On the bottom is an image with a box next to it.

It's kind of like a matching I-Spy game. You can say "I spy with my little eye an orange leaf." Have your child find all the orange leaves on the game and circle the ones that match the orange leaf in the bottom section.

Then, you can have your little one count how many of them there are and write down the number in the box. Continue the same way with the other icons/images on the bottom.

Easy Peasy!

I've done a few projects for the Kindergarten and 1st-grade classes locally. As the kids have gotten older, I've been requested to do some other thing. It usually involved different games or activities for the kids to play. Halloween bingo is usually a must during October, the kids always love it and have fun with it.

I'm also usually in charge of making desserts! The last treat I made for the class was these Mini Donut Spiders. They were learning about spiders so it worked out perfectly, although it would also work for a fun Halloween treat. The spider treats were a huge hit!

I've had many moms ask me for this printable so their kids could play the game at home. It's nothing fancy, but it is fun and kids love to play. It is also a good way to help with counting and writing numbers.

I know I keep rambling so I'll stop! You can click the link below to open a PDF of the I-Spy printable game. Then you can print however many copies you'd like.

I'll be doing one for each holiday coming up so be on the lookout!

In the meantime, you might like these other free printables and crafts that you can do with the kiddos.

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