20 Awesome Water Activities for Kids

water activities

Undoubtedly, taking your kids swimming seems like the ideal strategy when it’s hot and you want to keep them amused and cool. As fun as this can be, creating activities at home with the freedom to try out new activities is a bit more fun.

Creating educational games and activities for your children is a terrific concept, but it’s rarely feasible. Let’s face it; creating these activities requires significant time and effort, precious resources that most people cannot access.

As much as the activities are meant for children of all ages, adults can also be Part of them. Here are some fun ideas for the 20 awesome water activities for kids.

20. Water Painting

Water painting is an easy and enjoyable outdoor pastime depending on the child’s age. Bring your kids out for this incredible activity, as they will need ample space. The kids will require a bucket of water, natural materials like leaves, paintbrushes, and chalk.

The chalk is essential for homes with a walkway made of asphalt or cement. According to Parents, the children will enjoy dipping their feet and fingers in the water and using them to create a drawing or leave impressions on the driveway.

In addition, children can create an activity out of drawing a chalk outline around their masterpieces. They must do this before the water evaporates.

They can do this over and over again and make this an amazing activity to do on the weekends. As a precaution, due to the heat, before going outside, you and your kids must wear SPF, and when outside, it is the parent’s duty to keep a close eye on them to avoid minor accidents.

19. Ice Cube Painting

Kids are curious about almost everything, which is why this water activity suits them. They will need paper or fabric, ice cubes, a freezer, and watercolor for this activity.

These are easy-to-access things that make this activity’s success much more possible. On the ice cube trays, occupy them with water and set them aside. The kids should then add some watercolor to the trays with water and stir vigorously.

Once done, let the trays spend a night in a freezer. Later in the morning, the kids will find their ice cubes ready so that they can make original artwork.

They should use paper or fabric to make different drawings. Kids are advised to use fabric because its colors can hold up better. Children will have the opportunity to create designs from their imaginations as the ice begins to melt. Upon completion, the kids will be happy about the creation they will have made.

18. Spray Bottle Game

This game is energizing as it is an activity where the kids run around as they play. The items needed for this game are water bottles, food colors, water, and white t-shirts. Mix the water, one type of food color to a set of water bottles, and another food color’s type to other water bottles.

This is because you want the water to be of different colors to differentiate the teams. This is because the game requires a group of two teams. Let the kids engage in a water fight royale with a couple of cheap spray bottles in hand.

According to Taming Little Monsters, they should wear white t-shirts as they best show the different colors. The game has winners and losers, and if your shirt gets damp, you are out of the game. The winner of the game will be the last color standing.

17. Carry out The Water Relay Activity

This activity is not difficult, as you only need two large sponges and four buckets. It’s necessary to divide the players to fall under two teams. One water bucket, a dry bucket, and one sponge are divided evenly between the teams.

The kids should put some distance between the buckets. The first person will put their sponge in the bucket of water, then run to the other bucket, wherever it is situated, squeeze out the excess water, and run back.

As soon as they return, the following player will have their turn. The winning group is the one whose last full bucket contains the most water. This is such an engaging game for the kids.

16. Do the Cup to Cup Activity

This activity requires only two buckets, water, and plastic cups. Get one kid to sit directly behind a bucket of water placed on the ground. The remainder of the team should then sit behind this first player in a straight line. So that the final two players are placed back to back rather than one after the other, ensure that the last participant in line turns and faces the opposite direction.

Play using a bucket with a defined midway point or a smaller bucket ahead of the last participant in line. Taking an empty cup, the first player will dip it into the fully water-filled bucket before passing it back to the next in line.

They must pass the cup of water until the last team member empties the cup’s contents into the empty bucket. After that, the last in line should return to the front with the empty water cup and repeat the process.

15. Blind Taste Test

The blind taste test requires you to have blindfolds, flavored waters, fruits, and vegetables. The majority of water activities entail getting completely drenched; however, this one is far more chilling than drenching. Have the children taste and determine the summer flavors while they are blindfolded.

Please give them a variety of flavored waters, such as strawberry, lime, raspberry, or fresh fruits and vegetables, and ask them to name the flavors. It’s a superb activity for kids as it helps keep them hydrated.

14. The Balloon Egg Ice Rescue

Although some preparation is required, this project will ultimately keep the youngsters engaged for hours. The task is fairly straightforward. The kids will need a water balloon, toys, a cupcake tray, water, a freezer, and plastic picks.

The task is fairly straightforward. Load the water balloon with water, and then add a little toy. Tie off, and then freeze. The kids may slice and peel off the balloons once they have frozen solid, creating an egg-shaped ice cube with a small frozen treat inside. Put the iced eggs in a cupcake tin and take it outside to the youngsters.

Please give them several plastic picks to help them chisel away at the ice. A kid will be fascinated for hours trying to guess the contents of the eggs while you relax and take in the fresh air.

13. Taking Part in the Water Bottle Flip Game

Kids will love the anticipation that comes with this challenge. To play it, they will need an empty bottle of water only. To participate in some intense summertime competitions without getting wet, consider the water bottle flip contest. Each player will require a water bottle that is only partially filled, flipping it into the air and trying to land on its side.

The bottle needs to rotate at least once. According to Family Education, to determine the winner, use a timer and count the number of complete flips each participant has made.

12. Play the Cup of Chance Game

The supplies required for the game are a table, blindfolds, water, and some Dixie cups. Parents and kids can participate in this game, beginning with the parents lining up some cups on the table. Water should be poured into half the glasses, leaving the remaining empty.

With the participants blindfolded, they should take turns and select a cup from the table. They must spill the cup’s contents on their heads after selecting it. If the cup has water, you will become wet; if not, the participant moves on with the game. The last dry person wins the game.

11. Creating a Foam Water Table

As one of the most exciting activities for your kids, this one is less time-consuming. As for the things you will need to get your kids, they include; dish soap, water, food color, and a water table. Try a vibrant foam water table for a slippery, soapy take on classic summertime entertainment.

The kids will simply need to add a mild detergent to the water table, stir to create lots of bubbles, and, if you’d like, add food dye. It’s a fantastic method to give an outdated toy new life.

10. Create the Toy Wishy-Washy Station

This is a more serious activity for kids as they get to do something to help out around the house. They will need to use two big plastic containers, toys, warm and clean water, soap, tooth and nail brushes, and sponges. Put some soapy, warm water in a large plastic storage container and some clean water in a second one.

Bring over a box of toys that are water resistant and assign the children some work. Put to good use tools like sponges, toothbrushes, nail brushes, and bottle scrubbers. Cleaning off the season’s filth and grit is a great opportunity for youngsters to try out a grownup activity.

9. Creating a Frozen T-shirt

Kids will use t-shirts, water, a baking sheet, and a freezer. According to Play Party Plan, the kids should simply soak the t-shirts, squeeze out the water, and fold them. Wrap each garment in a sheet pan and freeze it the night prior to the game.

Distribute a t-shirt to every participant and have them dress it as quickly as possible. In this game, the champion is the person who can get it on correctly and quickly. What a unique activity this is for the kids.

8. Take Part in Water Gun Fight

As a time-tested favorite, this game seldom gets old. A kid must have a spray bottle or water gun and water. Split everyone up into two groups and start fighting.

Players on both teams try to soak each other’s clothes with water spray. The victor is the participant whose shirt remains dry during the game. If you want to avoid water inside the players’ eyes, spray it on their clothes instead. It’s also less difficult to select a victor this way.

7. The Water Musical Buckets

The participants of this activity need large buckets, one for each participant, plastic cups placed in each bucket, and a loudspeaker for music. There should be one person who doesn’t have a bucket.

The buckets should be filled with water, and each should contain a plastic cup. Please put them in a space that is somewhat near to one another. Start by playing a track on the loudspeaker. Players must circle these buckets as the song plays. Everyone must find a bucket, take a plastic cup inside, and spill water on their head, and once the music stops, they can “claim” it.

Once acquired, a bucket can’t be used for that round. If any participant doesn’t discover a bucket has to be eliminated. Get rid of the bucket and repeat the process until one person is left standing, who becomes the winner.

6. The Bulls-Eye Activity

Accuracy is the key to this activity; kids must have chalk, balloons, and water to continue with it. According to Mommy Poppins, the kids should fill the balloons with water and mark off the sidewalk with a series of circles and points representing the targets.

Allow the participants to throw water balloons filled with water to the targets while standing behind the line. The resulting moist areas are created in the area where the balloons make contact. At the game’s end, the victor is the one who has amassed the most points.

5. Sprinklers Game

This is an engaging activity for kids that involve water. The things needed for this are a whistle and sprinklers. Parents can create a beginning and ending line and place several sprinklers in the ground between them. The pairs of kids must engage in this activity together.

The children must run first from beginning to finish to avoid getting soaked on the whistle’s mark. The faucet will be controlled by a child from the opposing side or an adult, who will randomly switch it on and off. Before reaching the end of the line, the person who becomes wet is disqualified.

4. Visiting a Splash Pad

Visiting the splash pad in the neighborhood park is a fantastic option for those who live in the cities. Children can have a lot of fun in splash pads, which are dynamic play spaces with many features.

The absence of stagnant water at splash pads is its strongest feature. By doing this, the requirement for forms of stringent monitoring at the water park is removed. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to look over your children at all times.

There isn’t any equipment needed when at the splash pad; however, bringing plastic cups or containers to fill could be enjoyable. Ensure your youngster is dressed in a swimsuit and water-resistant, slip-resistant shoes.

3. The Car Wash Activity

One approach to include a water activity with some structure is to arrange for a car wash. It doesn’t matter what you’re using; toy vehicles, bicycles, or anything else will do. You might even decide to clean the household car as a family.

According to Mom Junction, the kids will depend on sponges, foaming soap, scrubbing brushes, and buckets of water for this activity to be a success. When wiping and scrubbing the car, the participants of this activity can throw sponges and soapy water at each other. This is how fun is created.

2. Water Balloon Pinatas

Kids love this activity as it is fun, engaging, and antsy. During the hot weather, those who have birthdays in such seasons can enjoy the water balloon piñatas, which keep the party alive. The activity requires water, balloons, blindfolds, and bats. Add water to the balloons and tie them up, after which you will string them up.

Have the kids try and hit the balloons with a bat while blindfolded. Playing this game means that the kids will be completely soaked, which is the coolness they might need during the hot days. It’s an excellent idea for the kids to come prepared with a fitting dressing for the occasion.

1. Slip and Slide

Nobody can name a child who doesn’t enjoy a good slip-and-slide. It’s simple to improvise if you do not possess one. Making a slip slide will require a plastic tablecloth or tarp, water, soap, and a sprinkler. To start the activity, place the firm tablecloth in your backyard and add water and soap to make it slippery.

Once you have done all these, you and the kids can start throwing yourselves on the slide. Kids love this as they get to compete and see who can slide the farthest. Parents can join in at their conveyance and enjoy themselves too. Serve some snacks after hours on the slide.


Do not deprive your kids of the opportunity to play with water, as they are fond of this. The above activities will have them spent by the time they go to bed at night, but it will be worth it. Parents should embrace doing these incredible activities with their kids during the hot weather as it is a chance for them to bond with their kids.

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