20 Awesome Art Activities for Kids

Art Activities

Do your kids adore drawing, painting, coloring, or doodling? Do they enjoy DIY projects? If that’s so, they are spatially and visually intelligent. Visual/Spatial thinkers include Ben Carson, Albert Einstein, and other luminaries. These are renowned people in History with incredible problem-solving abilities who can visualize objects in three dimensions. When your kids start turning 3 or 4 years old, it is exciting for the creative parents as this is when the kids are curious about so many projects, especially art. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the 20 awesome art activities for kids.

20. Playdough modeling

Kids like to get their hands dirty; through art, they can channel that energy into creating different things using playdough. According to Left Brain Craft Brain, this is an activity for kids to do in groups as it is more fun this way instead of when alone as there has to be the spirit of one kid outdoing the other. Creating fantastical animals, employing poke-ins, using playdough mats, building letters, and pretend play are just a few of kids’ favorite imaginative playdough ideas. The only item needed for this activity is the playdough. The activity allows the kids to explore their imagination and create marvelous things.

19. Creating a Natural Collage

Parents can participate in this art project to lend a hand to their kids whenever they are stuck. The kids will need a photo of themselves, glue, leaves, barks, and twigs for this project. To begin, the parents should help the kids print out a full body photograph of themselves and go outside to collect natural art resources from the environment. This means collecting twigs, flowers, bark, and leaves. Then, with the resources, the kids can create a unique collage to put in their bedroom or home by sticking the collected things to the picture using glue. Doing this allows the kids to focus on art and love the idea of having a natural environment and the sense that it should be nurtured.

18. Making Paper Bag Masks

Since kids are playful, this is the perfect art activity for them. The kids can create paper bag masks embellished with paint, washi tape, pom-poms, glitter, and straws. A Paper bag, glue, scalpel, paint, and straws are among the things you need for this activity. On the paper bag, paint it here and there, if you please, all around it; after the paint dries, stick your straws on it using glue and add other effects like glitter.

Using a scalpel, create two holes in the area meant to fit the eyes to have a complete mask. This is a great after-school activity to engage with your children before starting their homework. As a result, their minds will be prepared, stimulated, and fully capable of tackling challenging math issues. It can also be a tradition you stick to between you and your kids, which makes it a fitting bonding time activity.

17. Splatter Painting

For this activity, ensure your kid is not wearing their favorite clothes as it is about to get messy with all the paint-splattered. Just as the words suggest, Splatter is an art activity involving a lot of splattering, and the youngsters cannot get enough of this project. All you need for the project is different types of paint, paint brushes, and cardboard or manila paper that is big as this is how the art will manage to look great. Dip the paint brushes into a can of paint and splatter the paint all over the large manila paper. The kids do this repeatedly using different paint to create a colorful piece of art. It is effortless, super enjoyable, and messy!

16. Making Cardboard Houses

Parents should participate in the activity of making cardboard houses with their kids. This activity will require boxes of different sizes, paint, markers, and glue. To create communities and cities, paint doors and windows and layer them on top. You can use glue to stick them together if they cannot stand independently. You might even give the kids the idea of building their neighborhood using the boxes. They will also acquire vital cooperation skills as they collaborate with their pals on these art projects. Watching their little hands handle such tasks with their friends is fun.

15. Creating a 3-D Portrait

3-D features improve this simple kid-friendly art exercise! No kid will pass the opportunity to carry out this type of project, as most are obsessed with 3-D. You need particular items for the project, such as the card stock, cereal box, crepe paper, and glue. Begin with doodling a candid picture on the front of the cereal box. Once done, the crepe paper scraps are balled up, and sticky glue is used to bind them to the canvas. There you have it, a 3-D portrait your kid made.

14. Pastel Scribbling

Do you want a toddler art project? Well, here is one that is not difficult for toddlers to master as all they need to do is run their paint blush on a piece of paper. Given that the toddlers are undertaking this project, it’s mandatory for the parents to be there to guide them. The project requires watercolor, a white sheet of paper, oil pastel paints, tape, paint brushes, and water. Guide your child to use oil pastels to cover the paper in drawings after taping it to a surface. The paper can then be painted with watercolor paint that is diluted. This means there will be a mixture of paint drawn as it is simply an activity where the toddlers run the paint brush all across the paper however they please.

13. Painting a Thumbprint Picture

This is an excellent parents-kid activity as you can create art that relates to you. You will need watercolors, paint, a piece of paper, and your thumbs. To start, all the art project participants will put a small amount of water on every paint color to prime it. Once they do this, they will put their thumbs inside the paint container and place them on the paper. On the paper, there will appear the thumbprints. Once it dries, you can add lines to it, making a human thumb or something more creative.

12. Making Tracks

Kids have toys that can be used in different art projects. The kids will need some paint, a paper plate, and toy trucks or automobiles to make this activity a success. For this activity, the kids should start by pouring a little tempera paint onto a paper plate, and once done, take several compact automobiles and trucks and run them through the paint. This step will allow for tracks to form, and when done, it is enjoyable to create a car wash where you will wash the toys stained with dye. This sure is a two-in-one activity for the kids.

11. Making a Collage from Recycled Things

Parents should keep some recycled materials like plastic bottles and egg cartons. The kids can make a collage using these materials as they will look amazing painted and make an intriguing cardboard collage. Some items needed for this project are egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, paint, straws, and any other recyclable materials around your home. On the cardboard, attach your egg carton to the painted toilet paper rolls together with painted straws, popsicle sticks, and buttons. According to Fun a Day, there are countless options on the materials you can use in this type of college. You can juice it up, and every time you and your kid are making this collage, you use different materials.

10. Creating Bell Pepper Prints

This children’s art and craft project use an ordinary object: a bell pepper! The kids must have a knife or scalpel, acrylic paint, a paper plate, and bell pepper. Remove the pepper’s bottom by cutting using a scalpel or a knife. Parents can do this for their kids to avoid injuries; the kids can end up hurting themselves with the knife. Try pouring acrylic paint on the paper plate before dipping the cut piece in it, then pressing it onto the surface of your choice. You can use this technique to adorn a tote bag, a pillow, a t-shirt, and other items. You’d be proud to show the finished product, a sweet flower pattern, in your house! Remember to leave the project to dry overnight.

9. Making a Timed Line Wonder

Kids would love the anticipation that comes with this art project. Some of the things needed for this activity include a marker and paint. Set the timer in your kitchen to one minute. Draw with a marker, but don’t put the marker down. Instead, make a long line that goes up, down, across, and around. Fill in the blanks with paint after the timer goes off. You can decide to use different paint colors to make it even more enjoyable. This is one of the art activities that create unique art that will be part of the kitchen.

8. Making Stamped Napkins

Need new tablecloths? Let your kids create them using this enjoyable art project! According to It’s Always Autumn, the kids collect materials they will use as stamps as leaves, sponges, or making shapes from potatoes. They will also need a piece of cloth and paint suitable for the fabric you are using. Apply fabric paint on the improvised stamps, and then press these onto your cloth. After taking off the stamp, give the fabric time to dry. Follow the manufacturer’s washing directions when drying the stamped tablecloth.

7. Creating Stone Succulents

Isn’t it fun to have succulents that you don’t need to water? It is for kids, and they have a way of making succulents. For this activity, the necessary items are rocks, both small and slightly large, acrylic paint, sand, and pots. The project begins with the kids collecting rocks, painting them to look like cactuses using acrylic paint, and combining a few stones to create more enormous cacti. The DIY artificial succulents should be arranged on a small sand-filled pot. After the completion of the project, the stone succulents can be used as an addition to the home décor.

6. Creating a Silhouette

With just a few basic materials, your youngster may quickly recreate their silhouette! The kids will need a pair of scissors, a frame, one sheet of white paper, glue, two sheets of black or colored paper in two different colors, a camera, and a lamp. Take a side view photo of their head, increase it to the necessary size, and print the black-and-white image.

Place the image on a piece of black paper, then cut it all around the head and shoulders, making sure to cut both the photo paper and the black paper with the scissors. Place the silhouette in a frame for exhibition after adhering it to the big sheet or patterned card stock. Finally, you can hang the outline on the living room wall.

5. Pressing Flowers

Are you aware that pressing flowers at home is simple? A thick book, a pair of scissors, paper, and bricks are all you need. Have your kid collect flowers when you go for a walk. According to Babble Dabble Do, the most delicate flowers for this art project are ones with a reasonably level surface, like violets or pansies. Open your thick book towards the middle page at home and shield the covers with white paper. Trim the flower’s stem to flat, insert it into the book, and then carefully close it using your heavy items (such as bricks). Remove the delicate blooms after a week and utilize them according to your preference.

4. Connecting the Dots Project

This is almost the most accessible art project for kids as it is not demanding. The kids will need paint brushes, paint or markers, and paper. Make dots on the paper by dipping the paintbrush’s end opposite the filaments in tempera paint. Then, create a network of lines connecting the dots using paint or markers. Colorize the empty spaces. This activity can take your kid about ten minutes to complete if they are conscious of the patterns they want to create. The kid doesn’t need to make a particular shape as they can explore other forms that are non-existent.

3. Making Salt Watercolor

Making a salt watercolor may dawn on most as a strenuous project when it is not. This project requires; paint, watercolors, a big piece of paper, and salt. Paint the paper with watercolors, then immediately sprinkle on coarse salt. Get rid of any extra salt when the paper has dried, then ogle your lovely, ethereal design! The paper can wrap flowers, presents, storage containers, and more. Teach your kids how to wrap up gifts with these gorgeous paper creations. How big your paper will depend on how big the paper you will use in the project will be.

2. The Big Reveal Project

This kid-friendly painting project requires watercolor paints, crayons, painter’s tape, watercolor paper, a paintbrush, and stickers. Please encourage your child to embellish the watercolor paper with stickers or crayons after tapping it on a flat surface. Then they can use watercolors to cover the entire sheet of paper. Please wait for it to dry before gently removing the stickers and tape. These products will leave dazzling white patterns on the paper! According to Artful Parent, the crayons also oppose the watercolor, leaving unpainted “negative space.”

1. Creating Handmade Tiles

To succeed in this kid-friendly art and craft project, all you’ll need is the sun’s energy and a few simple supplies, including acrylic paint, a sheet tray, a rolling pin, paintbrushes, one and a half cups of water, one and a half cups of flour, and three quarter cup salt. In addition, small objects, rubber stamps, and cookie cutters can be used to decorate the tile. Begin by kneading the flour, salt, and water in a mixing basin for two minutes.

Knead a ball of dough into a square shape on a lightly dusted countertop; this will be your tile. Make impressions in the soft dough with your rubber stamp or another object, and use a pencil to add details. After this, you can place your tile on the sheet tray with direct sunlight. Give it a few hours to dry, and use the acrylic paint to color it. This is an ideal activity for parents to take with their kids.

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