20 Amazing Disney Activities for Kids

Disney Activities

There are very few children who do not enjoy watching Disney television series, cartoons, and films. Most have a favorite Disney film, series, or character, and many also love the accessories and toys associated with the media and entertainment company. Therefore, using Disney as a theme for activities with your children is a fantastic idea. So, what are some fun Disney activities that you and the kid can enjoy together? Here are 20 amazing Disney activities for kids.

20. Watch a Disney Movie Together

One of the most obvious Disney-themed activities to enjoy with your kids is watching a Disney movie together as a family. There are plenty to choose from, as the studio has released more than 60 feature films. The earliest film by The Walt Disney Company was the 1937 animated fantasy movie ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. There are various extended activities to consider after watching a movie. You can discuss topics such as the relationships between the characters, the costumes, the sound effects used, and how they impact the viewing experience and contribute to the storyline.

19. Make a Snow White Mirror

Snow White is one of Disney’s most-loved princesses, and a mirror is an object that plays a significant role in the storyline. Draw a mirror design on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Next, glue some aluminum foil over the cardboard to create a mirror. Then, decorate around the edges by sticking on colored paper, beads, sequins, or any other craft materials you have at home.

18. Use Printable Worksheets

There are plenty of printable worksheets available that you can print off for your child, and there are options for all ages and ability levels. Some examples include missing word sheets, crosswords, word searches, number games, and coloring sheets. Print off a selection so that you have some to hand ready to use to keep your child entertained on a rainy day.

17. Read Disney Stories Together

If you want to add an educational element to your Disney activities, you can read a book with your child. There are books for all the Disney films available, with options to suit different ages and reading abilities. If you do not have the money or space to buy lots of books, go to the local library to read a book together or to loan the book. Alternatively, look online for eBooks your child can read.

16. Make a Castle or Princess Tower from Boxes

Save some household junk you can use for creative Disney-themed activities on a rainy day. Empty boxes, cardboard from toilet rolls, cereal boxes, and empty plastic tubs are ideal. The Nerd’s Wife suggests making a castle or a princess tower using your junk. Choose the junk items according to the shape you are trying to create and hold the items together with glue or tape. If you want to build a large tower or castle and it is a nice day outside, consider going out into the garden. Not only will you have plenty of space for the activity, but you can also take advantage of the fresh outdoor air.

15. Play Disney Guess Who

Guess Who is a popular family game, and you can make your own version of the game at home using picture cards. Find images of different Disney characters to create your cards, and make sure each player has a card with each character. The first player chooses a character they want the others to guess. Then, the other players ask a yes/no question about the chosen character, such as ‘Is it male?’ or ‘Do they have blonde hair?’ The players then put down the cards that do not apply to the answer given until they are left with only a few characters and can begin guessing who the other player has chosen.

14. Make Princess Bracelets

A craft activity suggested by Activity Mom is making princess bracelets. Multi-colored plastic beads and beads featuring letters of the alphabet are affordable craft items. In addition to the beads, you will need some string or wool. Children can make pretty and colorful designs or use the letter to spell out their name or their favorite Disney princess. Similarly, you can use the beads to make a friendship bracelet featuring the name of your favorite superhero or even one of the villains if they appeal more to your child.

13. Play Disney Bingo

Although bingo is originally a numbers game, you can make your own version with images of Disney characters or Disney-themed words that you can play with your kids. It is a game that is suitable for all ages, especially if you use pictures. Create bingo cards by drawing gridd on paper and adding various images or words into different boxes. You will need to create small cards with each image or word you can draw out of a bag and shout out so the players can mark them off their bingo cards. Decide at the beginning of the bingo game if there are prizes for completing lines or if you are playing only for the house.

12. Make a Paper Plate Mickey Mouse

The Gray Ruby Diaries suggests making Mickey Mouse using paper plates. You will need two paper plates to make Mickey Mouse, along with black and red paint or coloring pens. Use a full plate to make Mickey Mouse’s face, then cut the second paper plate in half to make the ears. Position the halved ears about an inch behind the first paper place and glue or tape in place. You don’t need to limit yourself to only one character, as you can create almost any Disney character using paper plates, so get creative with your paper plate designs.

11. Discuss the Morals Behind the Storylines

Many Disney stories have morals embedded into the story that aims to teach children something about how to become a better person. Some morals are an obvious part of the story, while others are included in a very subtle way that you might not pick up on at first. After watching a movie or reading a book together, discuss with your child any morals they have picked up on in the film and how they relate to real life. It will open up a deeper conversation about society and attitudes that you can use as a basis for further activities.

10. Host a Disney-Themed Quiz

Get together as a family and host a Disney-themed quiz. There is plenty of information about the company and movies online, so you can create your own quiz if you want. However, if you want to save some time, you can print out a quiz from the Internet. When creating your own quiz, tailor it to the ages of your children, and cover any information you have researched together. For younger children, you may want to stick to questions about the names of the Disney characters or questions such as ‘What type of animal is Dumbo?’ For older children, you might like to make things a little trickier with questions such as ‘What year was The Walt Disney Company founded?’ or ‘Who provided the voice for Mike in Monster, Inc.?’

9. Educational Disney Activities for Kids: Research the Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company, which was founded by Walt Disney, has a long and fascinating history. Do some research with your child about the founder, the company’s history, the movies, and the associated tourist attractions. You can tailor this activity to the age and ability of your child. Due to the nature of research activities, you can spend as little as an hour on the task or spread your joint research over several days, learning about different aspects of the company.

8. Play Disney Matching Cards

Matching cards is a game that children of most ages can play, so it is a great activity if you have children of different ages and want a game that everyone can play together. You can get printouts of cards that you print off and cut up, or you can create your own cards. Turn all the cards face down, and then the first player turns over two of the cards. If the cards match, they keep the cards, but if the cards do not match, they turn them back over. When everyone has taken turns, and all the cards are collected, the winner is the person with the most cards.

7. Design a New Disney Character

Although there are already plenty of Disney characters on which you can focus an activity, your child might enjoy creating a new character. They can choose whether to create an animal, princess, prince, superhero, or villain. Your child can then give them the characteristics they want, design their outfit, and give them personality traits. As an additional activity, they can write a story using their character as inspiration.

6. Create a Disney Comic Strip

A way to combine literacy, art, and fun into one simple activity is to get your children to create a comic strip. It allows them to express themselves in various creative ways in one activity. They can use a Disney character on which to base their comic strip or use an existing Disney storyline and add their own artwork.

5. Cooking Disney Activities for Kids

Cooking is something with which many children love to get involved, and it is also an opportunity to teach them some basic yet important life skills. Furthermore, you can incorporate some educational elements into cooking. Reading the recipes, understanding the science behind the cooking process, and learning about measurements are all subjects you can cover. It is easy to attach a Disney theme to cooking. Make a meal that features in a film, create a princess tower cake, or bake a Mickey Mouse cake are just some ideas you can use.

4. Creative Writing Disney Activities for Kids

There is a current trend in the movie industry to create alternative endings to a well-known storyline or create prequels that give the backstory of why something has happened. A fantastic example is the 2014 Disney film ‘Maleficent,’ which starred Angelina Jolie. It showed the wicked godmother from a different perspective, showing viewers why she had acted in the way she did towards Sleeping Beauty. Try setting your child a creative writing task where they must devise an alternative ending or a backstory for their favorite Disney movie.

3. Act Out a Disney Storyline

Some children love performing, and Disney is the perfect inspiration for the performing arts. Use a Disney storyline to create your own mini-play. Or, just act out one scene from your child’s favorite Disney movie. Many Disney films have musical elements. This allows your child to sing and dance if they wish, in addition to their dramatic performance.

2. Make a Disney Costume

If you and your kids are creative, you can try making some Disney costumes yourself. Even if your sewing skills don’t stretch to designing and creating an entire outfit, it’s alright. There are some simple ways of making items of clothing or accessories with minimal skill or effort. For example, adapting pillowcases, old duvet covers, and potato sacks will not require much sewing. Alternatively, you can make smaller items like face masks, purses, or jewelry.

1. Play Dress-Up

An activity that appeals to younger children is playing dress-up, and you can get them to dress up as their favorite Disney character. Plenty of outfits are available online, or you can dress up in the costumes you make. Get involved and wear an outfit yourself. Over time, you can gradually build a Disney-themed dress-up box with a choice of different costumes. You can add any costumes or accessories you make yourself or with the kids to your dress-up box.

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