20 Awesome Super Bowl Activities for Kids

Super Bowl

Super Bowl parties have traditionally been adult-oriented gatherings with beer, hot wings, and tailgating foods and activities, but what about the kids? Bringing up a new generation of fans can be just as entertaining for the kids if you add a few fun and interesting activities to keep them occupied and rooting for their favorite teams. To make it a kid-friendly event, here are 20 awesome Super Bowl activities for kids to make it an all-family event.

20. Set them up with Football Beanbag Toss

Life Mama suggests getting creative with a new take on an old game. Create bean bags with fabric from your favorite teams’ logos, and make your own game of bean bag toss. You can easily make them out of felt in the shape of footballs. Create the throwing area from a long piece of green felt and make it look like a football field, complete with markers and official yard lines. Set up the field goals and have a toss-off to decide any tie-breakers for hours of fun. You can use chalk on the felt to make the yard lines and make the field goals out of popsicle sticks.

19. Play Football Bingo

Football Bingo is an excellent game for kids that have an idea of how football works. Create the bingo cards ahead of time using card stock, a ruler, and colorful markers or stickers. Tell the kids the rules of the game before the Super Bowl Game begins. Everyone watches the game and scores a marked point whenever a box corresponds with something happening in the game. You can fill the spaces with any Super Bowl-related item you like, replacing the Bingo Call numbers. For example, when someone from a certain team scores a touchdown, gets tackled, commits a foul, or gets penalized. The cards can also include Super Bowl commercials and any other related things that can happen during the game. Use beans to cover the spaces on the cards or use markers. Offer a prize for the winner. A great idea is a football or a jersey.

18. Glow In The Dark Football Ring Toss

You need a dark room for this activity. It’s usually done outdoors but in wintertime, some areas are too cold to play outside in the dark. It’s an inexpensive game that allows you to make up fun activities with cheap glow-in-the-dark necklaces that you can find for $1 each. Set up a few cones with luminescent markers outlining their shape. Set them in the far corner of a room where you can turn the lights out with total darkness. Snap the glow stick necklaces to activate the luminescence, then form rings to use in the ring toss. Turn out the lights and see who can get the best score in the dark. To make it, even more, Super Bowl-oriented, Place footballs in stands in place of the cones to toss the rings onto, for a higher level of difficulty for older kids.

17. Help preschoolers make paper plate footballs

It’s easy to make toy footballs from paper plates. All you need are paper plates, tape or staples, an old newspaper for filling, and finger paint. Cut the paper plates in the shape of a football (use 2). Fill them with crumbled newspapers, then staple the two sides together. Help your toddlers and preschoolers finger paint them brown, then add the famous white laces. It’s a fun project that gets them into the game while keeping them entertained with something to do. You can help them put their names on their Super Bowl art projects.

16. Make a football catapult game

Kids of all ages love making crafts, and the football catapult game is not only fun to play, but it’s also fun to make. Have the kids help you as a part of pre-game activities. You’ll need a pile of popsicle sticks, rubber bands, plastic spoons, finger paint, and pom poms. You’ll also need a length of green felt and white chalk or paint. Cut the felt into a long piece and pint white lines on it resembling a football field. Make goal posts that stand up out of popsicle sticks, using hot glue to hold them together.

Paint the goalposts yellow. Next, make the catapults. Wrap three sticks tightly with a rubber band on each end to hold them in place. Set the bundle on top of a popsicle stick, then place another stick on top, fastening them together at the front with a rubber band. attach a plastic spoon to the other end. Crisscross rubber bands in the center, holding down the plastic spoon and securing it to the bundled sticks and again toward the front part near the spoon. Load with pom poms and shoot toward the goal line to make great passes and field goals. You can also paint the catapults if desired.

15. Hold a face painting pre-game session

Parent Map suggests getting everyone into the spirit of the game before Super Bowl with face paints. Kids love to participate and engage in activities that represent their favorite teams and players. Have plenty of face paint in your favorite team colors to create unique face-painting designs for each kid at the party. You can also paint their favorite players’ jersey numbers on the cheeks to make the event even more supportive for the teams they’re rooting to win. It’s optional, but you can have adults do the face painting or have older kids join in the fun and help. It’s an activity that everyone can join in as it’s not just limited to younger kids. It brings fans of all ages together in showing team spirit.

14. Make pom poms in your favorite team colors

Making pom poms is a craft that kids enjoy, and it helps them to get into the spirit of the event. Pom poms are cheap, easy, and fun to make. Purchase streamers or ribbons from your local dollar store that have a stapler, a stick for the handle, and some duct tape on hand. Cut the streamers into one-foot strips, then gather them together, and staple them firmly into place. Wrap the base with masking tape or duct tape to create a handle and cover up the staples securely to avoid scratches.

You can make the pom poms big and fluffy, or more sparse. They can be made ahead of time and distributed at the Super Bowl party, or you can invite the kids to join in the fun as an excellent pre-game activity to get everyone in the spirit of the game. While you’re at it, make plenty to go around for the adults as this is a fun accessory that everyone can enjoy. You can make the pom poms out of any material, from ribbons to crepe paper streamers, or bright and shiny mylar strips. The only limits are those of your imagination.

13. Build teamwork with an indoor activity station

Some kids love to watch the game and see their favorite teams in action, but some others are not interested in sports and may become bored during the hours-long game. It’s easy to set up an activity station for kids to come and go to have fun if they become bored with watching the game. One great idea is to set up a gaming console with football-related games loaded, and let them take turns playing, or set it on two people to form teams. If you’re having guests for Super Bowl and they have kids, have them bring an extra console and controllers so four players can play at once.

12. Play Super Bowl Hide and Seek

You can find miniature footballs at your local dollar stores. Buy one for each kid that will attend the Super Bowl party. Hide the footballs when the kids are not looking, or before they arrive. If they become restless or bored with the game, gather them all together and tell them that there are a certain number of footballs hidden throughout the house. Set the rules about where they are allowed to look, and where they are not allowed to enter. Turn them loose and let them have fun searching. It’s even more fun when you let them know if they’re getting warmer or colder. Keep track of how many footballs you hide and where you put them. Let the kids each take a football home as a prize for their efforts.

11. Play Super Bowl Trivia games

Put the kids’ knowledge of the Super Bowl teams to the test. This game is best for older kids who are avid fans of their favorite teams. It’s fun to have a contest for prizes, asking them simple questions about the players, the teams, and all things related to the current Super Bowl. Pre-teens with a working knowledge of the game, teams, and players can show their expertise while winning prizes. Keep the questions for trivia on their level, and throw in an occasional hard question to make it more interesting. For example, you could ask them to name the quarterbacks of the team, the player’s jersey numbers, and similar questions.

10. Give younger kids a painting station

Pop Sugar recommends setting up a finger painting station for younger kids, to give them something fun to do during the game. Set up a table with chairs, and spread butcher paper over the top. Give the kids construction paper to make pictures of the Super Bowl players, the field, and other related symbols. It helps them to express their creativity. They’ll have fun projects to take home with them for those who are visiting on game day. The good idea is to have them make handprints by placing their hand in the paint, then putting them on the paper. It’s a keepsake their parents will treasure.

9. Make a prediction scoreboard for the kids

Before the game starts on Super Bowl Sunday, gather all the kids at the party around, and have them make their best guesses about the outcomes of the game. Kids love to predict the future. You can ask them to choose which team will score first, what the scores will be after each quarter, at halftime, and at the end of the game. You can also ask them to predict if the game will go into overtime, based on the history of the two teams competing. It’s even more fun when there are small prizes awarded for the kid that comes the closest on each prediction on the board.

8. Have the kids decorate Super Bowl Cupcakes

Super Bowl Sunday is a traditional day for pigging out on wings, and other tailgate-oriented foods and cupcakes are always a welcome addition. You can pre-baked a few dozen cupcakes, and set up a decorating station to let the kids show their artistic flair for creating decorations with frosting in the colors of their favorite teams. You can also find football-shaped candies to place on the top.

7. Organize a kid-driven halftime show

There are usually some breaks in the action on Super Bowl Sunday. While the halftime shows and commercials are part of the excitement, why not have the kids put on a 10-minute halftime show? It’s a great opportunity for them to get involved and perform an act of a play that you help them create with a football theme. It’s a great way for them to get involved and show their team spirit while telling a short story through their favorite characters.

6. Make Super Bowl Snack Bags

Go to the local dollar store or order football-themed snack bags in advance, to give kids an exciting activity to do before the Super Bowl game. They’ll have a great time helping you fill Super Bowl snack bags before the game begins. Set out 5 or 6 items that kids enjoy snacking on and have the kids place one of each item in the bag. They can make a snack bag for everyone at the party, then distribute them just before the game begins.

It’s a lot of fun, and it also helps them to work on their sorting and organizing skills, and it teaches them to include everyone as they’re handing them out to the people at the party. It helps them to feel like they’re a part of the organizing team by doing their part to make the party a success. You can also use plain bags and have the kids put stickers on the bags or stamp them with football-themed images.

5. Have your kids make Super-Bowl invitations

When planning your Super Bowl party, bring your kids in on the fun and have them help design invitations to the event. Love To Know recommends getting the colors of the teams playing, construction paper, and having the kids help you plan out what the invites should look like, what they should say, to make them a part of the process. Have the kids help you make the invitations and send them out to the people you want to invite. You can also design them online and send them electronically.

4. Have the kids come in football jerseys

There’s no better way to get into the spirit of the game than wearing a football jersey representing your favorite team or player. You can invite your guests and the kids to come in their favorite jerseys to make things more interesting. This activity works best when you plan and give guests plenty of time to get jerseys for everyone.

3. Make Super Bowl cookies with the kids

Another great dessert is Super Bowl cookies. You can bake the cookies in advance and let the kids decorate them with frosting or tubes of icing. Let them show their artistic side by making football shapes or other symbols of the football game. Have the colors of the two teams playing available and turn them loose.

2. Make Super Bowl decorations for the house

Have the kids help to prepare for game day by making decorations to hang around the house. Find inspirations for your favorite team, and buy streamers in those colors and other licensed decorations. Have the kids help put up the streamers and make the place festive for the event.

1. Let the kids make team pennants

Buy the materials to have the kids make team pennants on the big day. While the adults are having fun talking and socializing before the game starts, the kids can get to work at a crafts station and make handcrafted pennants for the teams. It’s inexpensive and fun. All you need is construction paper, scissors, markers, some glue, and the creativity of the children’s imaginations. Ask them to make pennants for everyone at the party, then pass them out so everyone can wave their pennant to cheer their team.

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